Sunday, August 27, 2006

Here we go again! (Click on the pic to share the joy!)

This chart is very different from the one we saw last night. Last night it was headed towards New Orleans/Mississippi and now this thing is coming up towards us? Well so far they have it making landfall south of us but crossing over towards Jax. In the meantime, it's trek across the state would be just southeast of us and frankly I'm not too keen on that.

Great. Yeah I know, it's early but it was hell being hit by two of these f*ckers two weeks apart two years ago.

Guess DH will be getting out the generator today which is about a 5500 watt Coleman. He'll be changing the water in our barrels today, fill sandbags to put on the porch so the water doesn't get blown in the front door, and I'll start storing all the photos and things in a safe place. Thank goodness we're more than a foot off the ground and not in a flood zone. We have renter's insurance, this place is pretty solid, let's hope there are no problems. I hate this, I really do, it just throws your whole life out of whack when one of these hits. And even though a person's home is insured doesn't mean they're ok because all it takes is ONE claim and you get cancelled in this state. And if you're cancelled and cant get insurance (as most people in mobile homes whether they are newer like the one we live in or older like the one my parents have), then you have to go with the insurance of last resort which is Citizens Insurance and run by the state. The premiums are always much higher than private companies to force people to use it ONLY as a last resort. Most folks who live in these areas could not afford to go with citizens. The guy who owns our place lives in Orlando and he had to go through Citizen's. It's costing him quite a bit. I hate to see people who can't afford insurance have to choose between homeowner's insurance and medication ya know? Well there's a lot of people in this area like that.

I am very concerned about this and other storms for many reasons. I worry for those who are not able to handle the excessive heat if the power goes out and those whose homes are damaged during these storms and lose their insurance and can't afford either a new company or the state's insurance plan.

Well all we can do is be prepared. Plywood for windows, plenty of water for drinking, toilets and washing, canned food, and a gas stove helps. We don't have a gas stove but we have a barbecue grill and will use it. If the power goes out you just start using the perishables first. And have plenty of medication on hand. Those who lose power who have medical conditions have to find a cool spot somewhere, anywhere. And there's the pets, don't forget the pets, they need to be sheltered, fed, watered and kept out of the heat too.

If this thing comes this way it would be Thursday night, let's hope it just fizzles out or winds up just being a really light rain and a little wind.

Sometimes I really hate being in Florida!


  1. Well, the Gulf this time of year is like bathwater. That means ripe conditions for a hurricane to strengthen. let's just keep our fingers crossed...

    Good luck with your preparations!


  2. You got another BBQ grill? heh heh heh...

    Seriously, keeping my fingers crossed for you...

    HEY, my word verif is joyqfu - gotta be a good omen if joy is in there. Hang tough!