Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Blame Whitey...

Spike Lee is so annoying. Why on earth would he stoop so low as make an HBO documentary claiming the US government blew up the levies in New Orleans?

In a recent interview he said "just because nobody saw it doesn't mean it didn't happen"

Spike Lee figures he can continue to make millions by playing the race card. Instead of taking the time to create an artistic, well-thought out creative motion picture, he takes the easy route which I like to call "blame whitey". That's my generic term for the excuse that everything that goes wrong in America which negatively affects even one dark-skinned American, can be blamed on the white man.

There's not one shred of evidence the government blew up the levies. And what would be the point? To get rid of the blacks? It's insane. And it's not true. There's documented evidence that local, state and federal government KNEW the levies wouldn't hold. But nobody did anything about it. Ray Nagin sure as hell didn't go above and beyond to protect his "chocolate city" now did he?

People like Spike Lee make millions by playing the race card. It works because there are still millions of ignorant people out there who believe that light skinned people in America hate their dark-skinned neighbors. Sure there are whites who hate blacks but those same whites hate everyone else too. They hate Jews, Catholics, homosexuals and anyone not like them. So Spike Lee shouldn't feel all warm and fuzzy that a certain minority group in America hates him because he's black.

New Orleans is a corrupt city, Nagin is a corrupt mayor. I've been to the city twice, and as historical as it was and as much as I liked that part of it, I thought it was filthy and disgusting. I wouldn't have moved there if you paid me big bucks to do it. I wonder how much money and time Spike Lee donated to the people of New Orleans before Katrina? I wonder how much he really cared before he was able to make a buck off them and feed on their misery with his "blame whitey" film.

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