Thursday, August 10, 2006

CBS stoops to another low...

There are so many fascinating people in America and around the world to interview. There are people who help others, who promote freedom, teach in schools, start businesses, overcome incredible disabilities, fight oppression, invent new products, fight corruption....the list of people who do amazing things in this world is endless.

So why is it with all those people he could interview, Mike Wallace would choose to interview Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? A man who promotes the complete destruction of two nations--Israel and the United States. Is this what television journalism has come to? Interviewing terrorists? Giving them a voice over the American airwaves?

By interviewing this lunatic, CBS has essentially implied he has something worthwhile to say. I don't think any person who promotes terrorism and the complete annihilation of any country has anything worthwhile to say. I for one will not be watching that interview.


  1. Anonymous8/10/2006

    I agree with you.--ST

  2. It's amazing.

    MSN had a big story last week about the terrible war in Beirut.

    Imagine if we let a terrorist organization use our country and resources to bomb and terrorize other countries.

    Can you imagine?

    It's almost like the media is forgetting the bombings that killed our innocent sons all those years ago.

    It is harder for me to forget...I live about 35 minutes from Camp Lejeune, home of the Beirut memorial.

    The sad part? The sheeple of this country will believe whatever crap they air.