Thursday, August 03, 2006

Close-minded people...

**Edited...I really hate useing the word "stupid" anymore and I'm trying to get away from it, so I changed the title to "close-minded" and edited the reference to stupid and asshole. There has to be a reason people who don't believe in God or religion chastise those who do...but I guess it doesn't make them "bad".

If there's one thing that bugs the crap out of me it's people who think THEIR way of thinking is the only way of thinking, especially when it comes to religion. I ran into someone I used to work with who was preaching to me today there was no such thing as God and it reminded me of a discussion forum I used to belong to that was mostly women. I recall that every now and then there was a discussion about religion. And every time the discussion came up, one specific individual who prides herself in her so-called scientific mind and college education usually degrades those who "believe" and tells them what morons they are for believing in God, Jesus and the Bible. She thinks people are stupid for not using what she calls "scientific reasoning" and she comes right out and belittles and degrades their beliefs. I always found it appalling that such an intelligent person could be so close-minded.

I am not a Christian. I was not raised one way or the other, but I was raised to respect all religions. My father was raised Christian and my mother is Jewish, her paternal grandparents having been Orthodox Jews. I'm still trying to find my way but one thing is that I believe there is a higher power. I am not sure exactly what it's all about yet but for everything in this universe to have been created and laid out like it is, that's one hell of a coincidence, one hell of a plan coming together without something in charge of it. Then the question is "if God created it all, who created God?"

I have varying theories for the creation of our universe, but I am trying to find my way. But you will never hear me telling someone I disagree with that their "religious" beliefs are shit. I wasn't brought up like that.


  1. Anonymous8/03/2006

    It always amazes me how the atheists can call Christians close minded. I definitely have my beliefs and can not be swayed from them, but I don't belittle others who disagree. I pray for them instead. Maybe that's what scares them. The big "What if I'm wrong?" question. Let's face it, this is one subject that you can not get wrong. It really matters. So why do I think my beliefs are right? I have read the Bible for myself cover to cover. I have investigated who Jesus is from the book that was written about/by him. I believe it and I accept it by faith. There are somethings I will never understand on this side of heaven. Like where did God come from. That makes my brain hurt to think about it. You know Christians say, "God created the universe and everything you see." The atheist says, "Well where did God come from?" The evolutionists have the same problem. Where did the first bit of matter come from that started the whole big bang and where did the power come from to make it explode? So you see, they both require faith. I believe I came from God, atheists believe they came from rocks!--ST

  2. Anonymous8/03/2006

    "But you will never hear me telling someone I disagree with that their beliefs are shit. I wasn't brought up like that."

    You mean, now. You won't belittle peoples beliefs now.

  3. Hey if I ever belittled a Christian for their beliefs, I can't recall. I can recall disagreeing with them but not belittling them. If you're referring to the Muslim religion, I have no problem with Muslims until they use their religion as a means of killing innocent people. But I guess that goes for any religion. Doesnt' it seem that so many wars are fought over religion?

  4. Anonymous8/04/2006

    Your right about most wars being fought over religion. That's basically what motivates the terrorists right now. They hate Israel and the US because we are infidels aka non-muslims. Radical islam believes if someone doesn't convert they should be killed. How do you live peacefully with someone like that.

    By the way, you have NEVER belittled me for my faith and I've known you for about 24 years.--ST

  5. My God has it been that long? Yep since we were in the 8th grade!!

    I love ya Susan, both of you!