Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mel the antichrist?

I've known for a long time that Mel Gibson was just one screw-up away from being crucified by the media. I mean let's face it for the most part he's a devoted husband, father of eleven children, and he's a staunch Catholic, and has never really gotten himself into any trouble. But just because his chosen profession is acting, the media thinks they have the right to hang him out to dry.

The media does this crap with all celebrities and I for one am sick of it. I am sure as hell glad I'm not hung out to dry for some of the stupid shit I've said in my life. The difference between me and Mel though is that he's a celebrity and I'm not. And somehow the media (and many people) believe that celebrities have to be held to higher standards. I say bullshit! Where in hell did that mode of thinking come from? Mel is just a man, a man whose job requires him to portray roles for money. He's rich because many of us enjoy his movies. But he owes us NO accountability. He's not an elected official, he is in no position of authority over the American people. The only people he needs to account to are himself and his family. But instead of letting him live his life and face up to his mistake which is drinking and driving, every major media outlet is running stories ranging from whether or not his wife is angry at him to Hollywood being split on his fate to whether or not anyone will ever hire him again.


It's Mel Gibson's life and his problem. Alcoholism is a disease and it requires treatment and it seems like this latest made him realize he hit rock bottom. His treatment is his business, his relationship with his family is his business, and whether or not he makes another movie in Hollywood is his business. It's not my business or your business or the business of the media.

I'm not defending Mel's behavior by any means, the man needs some serious help. But I am more outraged at the media circus (not just for Mel, but for all celebrites) and I knew that the first time he stepped out of bounds the media would be all over him like flies on shit and I was right. It's been that way since he made "The Passion of the Christ" when Jewish groups and some others came out and said his movie was anti-semitic. They've been waiting for a weak moment and they got it.

Mel Gibson is only human and humans are prone to weakness at times and making mistakes. Mel screwed up big time but so have I, so have you. Many of us have said and done some pretty bad things in our life. But it was our business and we handled it as we saw fit. Mel should be able to do that too without the media hounding him.

If Mel Gibson has issues with Jews, he needs to work them out. From what I have read over the years about him, he has never shown an hate or aggression towards Jews and no one in his profession who has worked with him has ever claimed he has shown anti-semitism. Obviously Mel Gibson is angry about something and given recent events in the Middle East, something very well could be raging within him. Who knows? The bottom line is that if Mel truly wants to get through this and be a better person he will and I hope for his sake he does. Perhaps he can understand what has made him so angry and he can get past it.

I will say this. It was nice of him to apologize but does he really owe the Jewish community an apology? No. Why should he owe any of us anything? I don't even think as a fan of his movies he owes me an apology. We're nobody to him, the people who matter most to him are his family. If he can get their forgiveness for his behavior then he will be able to overcome his alcoholism and his rage and become a better person. And if he never made another Hollywood movie that's fine, nobody needs fame and fortune to be a good person.

And one more thing for the record and this has been a long time coming.

Harvey Levin is a schmuck. That's right a SCHMUCK.

I have had this opinion for a very long time. This former attorney and legal reporter turned tv personality turned head of a celebrity smut and gossip site considers himself to be a journalist.


Walter Lippmann, Edward R. Murrow, Upton Sinclair, Walter Cronkite, Martha Gellhorn, I.F. Stone, Joseph Pulitzer, now THOSE are great journalists. Harvey Levin is a big fat joke to think he can put himself and his smutty website in that category.

Levin is a worthless slimebag who gets his rocks off reporting on the miseries, troubles and heartbreaks of famous people. He says he does it because he says people have a "right to know". But he really does it because he's a morally bankrupt piece of human crap who makes money capitalizing on the misery of famous people.

Oh, I'd love to know what skeletons Harvey has in his closet.


  1. I feel the same way and have posted a couple of Mel related things myself.

    After all, we DO live in America.
    Freedom of speech and all that.

    It is not against the law to be a bigot. Many of us are.

    And if he never works in Hollywood again? I don't think he will starve.

  2. It's that whole "pot calling the kettle black" thing. People seem to think that it's ok to bring attention to other's inevitable mistakes (no matter how ignorant and misguided they might be) without first turing the mirror on themselves. We are all not infallible.

    On the other hand, celebrities put themselves in a position to be scrutinized, and should accept that, and act accordingly (i.e., keep racist comments private and keep nipples and other body parts firmly secured in undergarments).

    JMO :)

  3. Anonymous8/03/2006

    How is it possible that a DUI stop causes more outrage among Americans than the many real horrors occurring in the world? This is insanity. Why is it important that every comment Mel Gibson made is included in a DUI report? Why is this "big" news? He was drunk. He admits that. He broke the law by driving in that condition. That's what belongs in the police report.

    Celebrities are naturally subject to more public scrutiny than the rest of us. Thank god that all the stupid remarks we make - intentionally or not - aren't a matter of public record. Was leaving those remarks out of a DUI report a cover-up? Oh please. Maybe the officer left them out because they are totally irrelevant to the crime, which was drunk driving.

    You are right on target, Jess. ~D

  4. Thank you, that made my whole day!

  5. Kudos. Articulate and cringe-worthy article for hypocrites. I agree wholeheartedly with every word.