Thursday, August 31, 2006

The people are onto you...

Well I'm at it again because they're at it again. Our esteemed elected officials are out to ensure the American people receive no accountability in exchange for their votes.

Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) has placed a hold on a bill that would allow U.S. taxpayers to see where their tax money is going. If passed, the American public would be able to do a search online to see where their money is being spent.

You remember Ted Stevens don't you? He's the one who backed $223 million in funding for a bridge from Ketchikan, Alaska (pop. 8,000) to the island of Gravina (pop. 50). The bridge also called ""Bridge to Nowhere" would have improved access to Ketchikan's International Airport. Senator Stevens also backed the funding of $1.5 billion Knik Arm Bridge which was to cross the Knik Arm portion of Cook Inlet, north of Anchorage, allowing the population of Anchorage to expand.

Now this FREE database which would be operated by the Office of Management and Budget, is a wonderful idea. Here the American people would have some serious accountability for their tax dollars, what a concept! But the federal government seems to think that once the people hand over their hard-earned tax dollars, it no longer belongs to them but they are wrong. The American people who work hard and pay their share have a right to know how that money is being spent. The federal government has no right to "carte blanche" with our tax dollars. No, we elected them to represent us, they need to be responsible, they owe us answers.

You have to ask yourself why Ted Stevens would stall this bill. Perhaps it's because there might be some wording in it which would mislead us and he wants to clarify it? Doubtful. My guess is that as soon as the database opens up, millions of Americans will be flocking to it and find out what he and the rest of the "pork princes and princesses" in Congress are all about. And they sure as hell don't want us to know.

You should be contacting your elected officials and letting them know you want this passed. Demand accountability now. You don't work for them, they work for you!



  2. Demand accountability? Egads. Would you settle for a chat maybe tomorrow? Haven't seen you in some time. I don't work tomorrow. Let's hotmail chat. Best, Maria

  3. You go girl! I'm with ya. ~RQ