Saturday, August 19, 2006

Hell hath arrived...

Well, seasonally speaking, the summer is still upon us and it's hot as hell here in Florida, which by the way is a place I affectionaly nicknamed "hell" so really the weather is perfect. Technically though, for educational purposes it's now fall term, public schools and colleges are back in action and isn't it interesting that I refer to that as hell too?

People who live and/or work in a college town can relate to the nightmare referred to as fall semester.

It's upon us. Oh God, where's the valium?


  1. We just left Lowe's, Target, and Wal-mart. Yes, we are crazy. Avoid Butler Plaza at all costs! We also almost got broad-sided by some punk in a Lexus who apparently thinks that stop signs are merely for decoration. Yes, folks, the students are back!

  2. Thanks for reminding me why I decided to bid adieu to UF in 1992. It's so nice to get in the car early in the morning and head north when I get to Hwy 47, instead of south. I don't miss anything about Gainesville or UF.
    And every afternoon when I leave Lake City to come home, I just slip those old Charlie Rich CD's in and let them take me home, no traffic, no lights, just an hour of peace and quiet. Ahhhhh...I love the country.