Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Elvis has not left the building...

Considering the fact that my father was THE Elvis fan in our family, and that I actually remember where I was and what I was doing when he died, I am surprised I missed the anniversary of his death which is today. I mean given all the stuff I have to do in my life it's amazing I didn't have time to fit in some kind of tribute to the "King".

Ok so here was August 1977 and I was two months short of my 8th birthday. We lived at the house on 185th street in Miami. I remember my mom telling me Elvis had died and when dad came home from work he put on his Elvis records in tribute.

I liked Elvis, well I didn't actually know him, I liked his music, especially his gospel music. Who wouldn't like his Gospel music? I think it was his best stuff because it's the music he put his heart and soul into. Oh his rock and roll was great, but his Gospel was the stuff of his youth, what was in his genes, he was born to sing it.

Only hours after his death, Elvis was resurrected by God so he could travel the world in search of the perfect peanut butter and 'nanna sandwich. In that quest he has been spotted in the UNLV Library in Vegas, Nashville, Roswell New Mexico, Vologda and Moscow Russia, the North Pole, Calais France, shopping at an Oklahoma City Walmart, North Carolina, NYC, Ft. Wayne Indiana, Norway, Disneyland in California, walking on a road in West Bend Wisconsin, sitting in a hot tub at a Super 8 Motel in North Dakota, fishing in New Brunswick Canada, a woman's bathtub in Lancashire England, a Chip and Dales nightclub, a trailer park in Tennessee, the Boston Lobsterfest, Burger King in Duluth Minnesota, the canned vegetable aisle of a grocery store in Tesco England, in a van with a woman and six kids in Huddersfield England, a high school cafeteria in Farmington Utah, a 7-11 in Ontario, a cafe in Edinburgh Scotland, Karaoke night in Preston Idaho, a polo club in Colorado, McDonald's in Kalamazoo, Charlotte County Florida fairgrounds, the Rocky Mountain Oyster Bar, a Goodwill store in Ohio, running down the street outside a mall in Birmingham Alabama, a Circuit City in Port Charlotte Florida, Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago, Sonny's pit barbecue in Florida, shoveling camel feces in Asuncion Peru, and at the juice bar in a fitness center in Fort Worth Texas.....

Woah there!

Ok folks now I'm pretty damn sure of one thing, Elvis would not have been at a juice bar in a fitness center, no way. That one someone DEFINITELY made up! How can somebody think we'd buy that one? Geesh!!!


  1. You just outdid yourself!!!

  2. Well you finly got me. I have nothing to say. How ever he could have been in that juice bar, we will never know for sure.

  3. I was living with my mom, age 10, in a small house when I heard.

    I loved Elvis.

    I remember playing my 45's over and over and crying my eyes out.

    His daughter and I were the same age.

    You always had the feeling that he was singing just to you.

    My grandmother met him once. He was touring with the Opryland stars and was unknown at the time.
    She worked in a downtown restaurant and they all came in before the show.
    The other singers shunned him (she thinks it was a racial thing because they saw him as a "nigger lover".
    He was sitting alone in a booth and she had a nice conversation with him because he seemed so lonely.
    No doubt he was missing his Momma and home.
    The funny thing is that no matter how big he got, my grandma always talked of him like he was just a young man she met at work.

  4. I spotted Elvis just two weeks ago in Bangkok, Thailand standing outside in the parking lot of a local rock-n-roll club on Ratchadapisek Road!

    I think he was eyeing the fresh seafood in the restaurant next door.

  5. Anonymous8/18/2006

    I saw Elvis in a UFO;)--ST