Monday, August 14, 2006

Da semester is over!

Someone, let's just say it's YOURS TRULY finished her final exam and my overall average is a 92.5% and that my friends is an "A". Bye bye ancient Greek and Rome, Venuses of Laussel and Willendorf, Stonehenge, Lauscaux, cave paintings, Prehistoric, Neolithic, Paleolithic, Near east, Islamic, Asian, Aegean, Etruscan, Near East, Gothic, Romanesque and Gothic art and architecture. Bye bye to staying up all hours of the night reading and researching the Parthenon in a quest for the perfect term paper. Wll it was damn near perfect, I did earn a 98 on it!

Hello Social Problems and Biology, my fall courses.

Someone actually laughed at me (yeah at me, can you believe that?) when I said I was taking this particular Sociology course so I could learn how to find solutions to problems. I was told "man if you want a skate class take a lower level sociology with an easy professor" and I said "I don't want a skate class, I want challenging". I also don't want an "easy" professor who doesn't require to work, how am I going to learn if I'm just given a grade? I want to earn it.

I'm taking this course with a good solid professor with a real background in social work. I'm not taking this course because it might be easy, actually it is a very challenging course. I'm taking it because I'd like to think in broader terms, see things from a new perspective and perhaps gain the knowledge that will enable me to make change. Social problems are important to me and understanding the root and learning to think in terms that will allow me to embrace viable and even alternative solutions is important to me. It should be important to everyone in college. Unfortunately it's not.

You get out what you put in. I am a consistent "A" student. I write strong research papers, I put a lot of effort into assignments and readings. I take this stuff seriously. It isn't about being rich or famous, it's about the knowledge which gives me the tools to go forth in the world and do incredible things.

Isn't that what education is all about?


  1. Anonymous8/14/2006

    I'm so proud of you.--ST

  2. I wish.

    My 7YO was disappointed with his state test scores because he didn't make any 100's - only 5/7 99's. He was slightly consoled when I assured him 99 was the highest grade on those kind of tests, but the system we have for primary education works that kind of eagerness out of so many children.

    Social Psychology is an awesome course, too - if everybody had to read Aronson's The Social Animal text, we'd understand each other so much better. It's very readable.

    Good luck!