Saturday, August 12, 2006

Latest UN resolution a sham...

I'm disgusted and angry over this UN proposal. Not because I don't want peace, but because I do want peace and appeasing terrorists is not the path to peace. It's the path to eventual destruction.

Fifteen thousand UN peacekeepers aren't going to solve the real problem. Sure they'll buffer the zone but that doesn't get to the heart of the problem. And that problem is terrorist groups targeting Israel for the purpose of complete destruction of the nation and the people.

While I feel terrible for all the innocent lives lost in this on both sides, a nation who concedes to terrorists is a nation who will eventually fall. My conscience will not let me agree with this UN resolution. The UN is useless, resolutions are useless unless enforced, which in most cases, depending on how beneficial it is to the UN, they are not.

We refuse to pull our troops out of Iraq because we don't want the deaths of all these soldiers, US, Iraqi civilians and those of other nations who have died there, to be in vain. We want to accomplish the mission which we are told is to rid Iraq of the terrorist faction and help the people establish democracy and secure their own country. Using the same mode of thinking, the US can't possibly support the UN's latest resolution to halt fighting between Israel and Hezbollah. It would mean that Israel's defense of itself, the killing of so many on all sides, was all in vain, all for nothing.

It wasn't for nothing. Fighting for freedom from terrorism can't be for nothing and there can be no compromise. The extremist factions of Islam who terrorize the free world are not radical religious groups, they are a political movement hell bent on the destruction of the Jewish people, and the enforcement of their own archaic civil code upon the governments of the free world.

How can our own President back this resolution when he tells the American people at least once a week that we will not give in to terrorists?


  1. Well, the rules that apply to us are not the same as the ules we want to apply to everybody else.

  2. Anonymous8/12/2006

    You are absolutely right.--ST

  3. My son is a Marine, and I agree completely with you...