Thursday, August 17, 2006


Today I was thinking of some milestones that hit this year which are rather important to me (in no particular order)

1) DH quit smoking 9 months ago
2) Dad won his case with social security disability
3) I began my successful battle against depression, am losing weight and feeling great
4) DH and I moved into a bigger place
5) I hit 12 years at this institution, the last 7 of them in my current position
6) My sister got a great new job which makes her happy
7) My papaw died back in May at the age of 91
8) My grandmothers are both still living...mamaw in Georgia is 85 and grams is 89
9) My mom is getting her "creative" talents back after many years on hiatus
10) Eight months after their falling out, my DH and my family still do not get along
11) DH and I have been married five years
12) I earned A's in the night classes I took this year
13) I have become closer to my best friend Deb
14) I left a couple of discussion forums I was a member of for years and never looked back.
15) Reconnected on a deeper level with my friend Susan (aka ST on my blog), we've known each other since 8th grade (1983).
16) I finally figured out what I want to do with the rest of my life... be HAPPY!
17) I've been blogging continuously nearly every day since January 1st and it has really helped me get things out that I normally would have held in!

All of these things had a major impact on my life so they were worth noting.

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