Sunday, August 20, 2006


Ok I can't get to my transcript because grades haven't been posted but I did get around that by checking my degree audit and yep there's the "A" so now I know, it's official.

Other good news is that since 8/5 I have lost a total of 3 1/4 inches and 8 pounds. Deb and I weigh ourselves Tuesday I'd like to think I will show more progress. I keep walking and keeping close to my points. The good thing is that we're allotted an extra 35 points per week beyond our regular points and I still have 25 left. I went over my allowable 31 per day a few days but because I walk so much, the extra points are pulled from my exercise first. Overall in the past seven days, I averaged 35 points per day in food. Each point is 50 calories so it's about 1750 calories per day. That's not too bad, not at all considering that my 31 allowable points = 1550 calories. I'm really keeping an eye on what I'm eating and trying to keep low points so I can eat more.

I wish DH would do this with me but he has to want to. He's wanting to work out at the gym on weights a few times a week, that's a start. But he loves to drink his beer on Friday and Saturday nights and isn't all that keen on walking with me at 4 am in the mornings. When it gets cooler he'll walk with me in the evenings. He does eat pretty healthy but then again I cook the meals and he's willing to eat anything even if it's "healthy" but as long as it tastes good. That's my philosophy too. One thing is certain. As much as I think it's important he take care of his health (I don't want either of us winding up disabled by Type II diabetes and heart problems later on), I have to do this for me, with or without him. A good friend helped me see the light on that issue. I'll always support DH in his quest to be the best he can be and he's been very supportive of me through this. But I can't put my health on hold waiting for anyone, no matter who it is. I'd like to think I'm a positive influence for him, I have been and I will continue to be. WHen he's ready to join me, he will. After all, he wanted to quit smoking for years and finally did it with the help of a hypnotist back in December and he never looked back. He really wanted it, so he did it.

Thanks Deb for helping me realize that I gotta do what is best for me no matter what others around me are doing!

I still feel energetic, positive and motivated. I am not at all concerned about the six hours I am taking this semester and not at all feeling pressured by the demands of my job. I am responsible for a lot, my students count on me, I solve a lot of problems, put out a lot of fires. I've been at this place for nearly thirteen years, seven in my current position, sometimes it gets to the point where I'm like "do I really want to do this?"

Just a few weeks ago I was ready to give it up, now I'm into the mode of thinking that I have bigger goals. DH and I are utilizing our employee tuition waivers to get an education. He, the ultimate "hands-on" guy wants to be a welder and I want to do something good with my history degree, maybe even pursue graduate school someday. I just want to enjoy whatever it is I'm doing, we both do. So we're trying to use this time working where we are, to pay off our debt, invest in our IRA's, save some money for emergencies, get an education and maybe become better people in our own way.

I know tomorrow when I go to work it's going to be hell. School starts Wednesday and the students are pretty much back already. Last Friday was orientation, there's going to be a LOT of students with questions. There are fires to be put out and problems to be solved, I have them on my task list in Outlook. I won't even know where to begin but I guess I'll start with the first priority and work my way down but it won't be easy. And that will be my life for the next 6 weeks. In the meantime I gotta keep up with the house and my schoolwork and my walking and taking care of me. I began this new life quest during my break. I was pretty much finished with my class and things at work were slowing down. Now the pace will pick up and I have to pick up with it. I'm not going to say "I hope I can do it"...I have to do it.

Going back to my old ways is not an option :)


  1. You realy are doing great. I'm so proud of you!!

  2. Anonymous8/20/2006

    Congratulations! You are doing fantastic. Logan starts classes agian Wednesday. French was really tough for him. He passed, but not with an A. He will have more history classes this semester, so things should be easier. I will know who to contact for advice when he starts the university;)--ST

  3. I am so proude of you. You can do anything you put your mind to.

  4. I'm counting on you to stick with it. There are gonna be days when we both need the moral support. You're doing great. We're doing great. ~D