Sunday, August 13, 2006

Stupid people shouldn't park...

Today's local paper had a big write-up about the unfairness of roam towing around town. The front page depicted a picture of a college girl walking away from a tow truck with her friend's brand new Cadillac SUV hooked up and being towed away. In the article certain county commissioners spoke about how the rules of roam towing need to be revised. As it stands, those who have contracts to do roam towing can only charge a maximum of $76 for towing and storage for 24 hours. Most of the companies require cash payments, not credit cards or checks.

There were stories of people who had parked at an apartment complex and run up to a friend's apartment to drop something off and came back to see their vehicle had been towed. There were complaints that people who were towed just didn't see the roam towing sign. (Not paying attention is NOT an excuse!) Another person interviewed in the article complained that college students have particular issues with the payment method because they don't always have cash readily available.

These people make me want to pull my hair out!

We live in an overpopulated college town. Like good paying jobs and places to hang out that don't include anyone under the age of 25, parking spots are hard to find. Apartment complexes and businesses have opted to work with towing companies to tow vehicles which should not be parked there. Granted, some of these companies have occasionally towed vehicles that were parked legitimately but most of the 26,000 cars towed in the past two years were parked illegally. Now commissioners want to revisit the roam towing idea and include more rules like removing roam towing from some and simply being fined instead of towed, requiring tow truck drivers to take digital pictures before they tow(to be sure the vehicle is being towed legally) and companies will be forced to accept credit cards, which frankly I think is crap. A private business should be able to decide what kind of payments to accept.

I have no ties or interest in the towing industry, what bothers me is the mentality of these people who complain. They violate the rules, and then when things don't go their way, they expect the government intervene on their behalf. And the sad thing is the government DOES it!


It's all about the votes.


  1. the mentality of these people who complain. They violate the rules, and then when things don't go their way, they expect the government intervene on their behalf.

    Yep, this creeps me out on a regular basis.

  2. Now Jess, if it weren't for these very people about which you complain, these part-time citizens of our fair city, who bring SO MUCH to us (like traffic, noise, and elitist attitudes, to name a few), we would live in a one-horse town. These students (b/c these are the ones that are doing the bulk of the bitching) have MADE us what we are today. Shouldn't you give them just a small break?? ;-)

  3. Hmmm...didn't I just see an article by these same commissioners complaining that helicopter parents are preventing their kids from learning how to be responsible? Now they have a plan to make it easier on these poor kids who park illegally. I'm sure we can look forward to an article on helicopter commissioners very soon.