Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Today was a great day...

Today was a great day.

I got up at 4 am and took a 39 minute walk on the grated road outside our house. It's off the main highway so it's safe, there's only about a half dozen of us that live on this stretch. It's wide, flanked by trees on both sides and there was a blanket of stars to guide. me. The only thing that sucked was the moon wasn't out so I had to carry a flashlight. In the old days when I lived at home with mom and dad, the moon would light my path and I'd walk the long circular path on the front half of their property. I measured this distance I am walking and one way is 4/10 of a mile. So, if I'm right it would mean that means four round trips would be 2.4 miles. (right?) LOL.

Had a lot to do at work but got much of it done. If I'm not going to feel guilty about taking yet more time off at the end of this week, I really want to clear up all the loose ends. School starts in a few weeks, we've got new students coming in and I want to be ready. I am usually farther ahead of my game than I am right now but I'm not behind. It's been a good but busy summer. People know me to be ahead of the game, I don't want to disappoint them but I want them to understand even I need down time. Even I need to back off being so efficient and good at what I do. I don't mean be a slacker, I just mean don't be so obsessed with being a perfectionist esp. at work.

Deb and I had lunch today and it was positive, productive. We make a terrific team. We both know that, other people have told us that. It's like this, she's the thinker, I'm the doer. It's not that she can't do and I can't think it's just that she is the creative one and I can take her ideas and apply the details and together we come up with one hell of a finished product. We can both say "we knew each other when" and there's no friggin way one of us can get anything past the other. I know damn well I couldn't pull the wool over Deb's eyes (and why would I?) I really want one person on this earth who knows when I'm bullshitting them--why? So I don't bullshit them. Does that make sense? Deb keeps me honest and I hope I keep her honest too LOL.

Anyway we had lunch today and discussed some strategies for our lives. I tell ya at the end of our lunch, I said "ya know Deb this is the first time in a long time we've had lunch and not complained about something" and we both laughed. It's true! Usually I'm bitching about an argument I had with DH or him not getting along with my parents, or my dad's health or something that's on my mind and she complains about her job and other things going on. Today we were totally focused on the positive and we didnt' even set out to do it that way, it just happened. We have a common goal, actually many. But one thing is that we both want to be happy.

I used to just think we were on our way, now I know we are.


  1. Good morning, Sunshine! Yesterday was indeed a great day. We are on the way. We DO make a great team, for all the reasons you have said. Not only do we complement each other's strengths, but our long friendship let's us be honest with each other. Maybe most importantly, we each know we can depend on the other. I'm excited.

    Have a great day. ~Deb

  2. Yeah I feel completely renewed!!