Thursday, August 03, 2006

Welcome to hell...

Ahh it's Thursday, but it feels more like Friday. I had my bi-weekly Wal-mart experience today which I like to refer to as "Welcome to hell". Now this Walmart is in the very rural area of North Florida, I mean very rural, where married couples look so much alike one begins to wonder if you know what I mean. Well, there's something I noticed today that I hadn't noticed before. Maybe it's a trend or maybe there's just a lot of handicapped people in this area but nearly every other person, mostly women, in that store in the age range 55-80 were in their own personal motorized scooter things.

I know a lot of people have mobility problems and it's hard to stand up for long periods of time and move around so I completely understand their need to get around. And it's better that they use a scooter to get around than be homebound and dependent on others right? But so many? How could so many younger people, and I think 50's is young, be that unable to move? I'm just saying that around the first of the month when the checks come in it's like a scooter convention in there. And some of them are so rude. One woman damn near ran over me and looked at me like I was in her way. Hey lady, I got my own problems ok? And then I looked at her with that "I'm medicated, don't fuck with me" look and she turned around and went the other way.

Wow, that psycho look thing really works! I love to do it to kids in the aisles who are running around taking groceries off the shelf and flinging them, blocking the aisle and being bratty. One look sends them crying to momma, who ironically isn't minding them, no, she's halfway across the store in the juniors department insisting to the sales person that yes she can fit her size 22 ass into a size 7 jeans.


Alas, like most anything else, this scooter thing could just be a trend, and I'm just behind the times. I mean I don't even know what an Ipod is, I don't have a blackberry and I don't have a cell phone with music on it--- hell I don't even have a cell phone. So maybe I just missed the boat on the scooter craze.

And finally, you know, I was thinking about watching "The Patriot" today, yes I have it on DVD and watch it often because for all you sudden Mel haters, I LOVE MEL GIBSON MOVIES. In fact I have found the more cursing he does the better the movie. And then "it" hit me and so I did a photo search online and found what I was looking for.

Sorry Mel, nothing personal but this is really funny:

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  1. Anonymous8/03/2006

    You don't have a cell phone! I can't believe it. I thought I was the only one left without one. How do we survive?

    Now on the Walmart thing. I went Monday before the welfare checks came out. Praise God! You are right. The scooters are getting out of control. Maybe we should require scooter drivers license because some of them will run you over. Can we sue if we get hit? After all, pedestrians have the right away.

    And finally, I have refrained from commenting on Mel. Mainly because I don't give a care. However, you are right. The pictures are funny.--ST