Monday, September 25, 2006

$185 million?

to rebuild a stadium and cities are still in shambles?

Don't believe the hype. The hype I speak of is that restoring the Louisiana Superdome was necessary to bring hope to New Orleans. Try selling that crap to the thousands of people in New Orleans as well across the southeast who lost everything in Katrina and have nothing to return to. Homes, schools, churches, businesses, and government offices, were all destroyed and in the meantime, our government, commits nearly $144 million of FEMA funds, OUR hard-earned tax dollars on a football stadium that many officials including Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco, deem is necessary. She states it is "essential to the state". Which must be why the state kicked in $13 million in taxpayer funds as well.

Kathleen Blanco is a moron.

The only non-taxpayer contribution to this monument was the NFL's donation of a paltry $15 million because commissioner Paul Tagliabue didn't want the Saints to leave New Orleans. Maybe they should have vacated so New Orleans and surrounding areas could have used that money for better purposes.

And we wonder what is wrong in America? When a football stadium comes first? Before rebuilding lives, homes, schools? Sure I can understand the officials and many citizens of New Orleans want the tourists back. After all, the football games and concerts are big revenue generators but at what price? How did the Superdome take such high priority over so many more important things?

Don't know about you but I plan to write to FEMA and tell them exactly what I think.


  1. Dad and I were just talking about that this morning. See what I mean about having morons running the government?? To think of all the familes that money could have helped. Good luck with writing to FEMA. More idiots in action.

  2. "Kathleen Blanco is a moron."

    Absolutely true statement. But Kathleen, being a true politician, values the appearance of everything being back to normal more than the reality of it. Perception is all that matters to politicians. If the rest of the country thinks New Orleans is going good again just because they see the Saints playing on Monday Night Football then Kathleen can claim she's done a great job of rebuilding the city and take credit for it. The fact that she's an incompetent pinhead doesn't matter because people outside New Orleans don't know any better and don't know the truth. See how that works?

    Remember Jesus and the Pharisees? They cleaned the outsides of their cups so they'd LOOK nice, but never worried about the inside. And Jesus tried to tell them how stupid that was. Instead of thanking him for correcting their mistake they just killed him for embarassing them with the truth. And that's how it works.

  3. And it's not like the NFL doesn't have the money to pony up the full amount...