Tuesday, September 26, 2006

And speaking of Oprah...

My God now the woman is on radio? As if she doesn't have enough airtime gloating about herself, her wealthy Hollywood buds and promoting her friends, Oprah and "Friends" are on XM Satellite radio. The show is hosted by Oprah and her buddies Gayle King, Bob Greene and Maya Angelou. Gee, surprise!

What do you think they'll discuss? Well today they discussed Oprah's humble beginnings in Mississippi, and then she said when she was younger her mother wanted her to get some nice clothes from the white folks she worked for, and how she wished her mother was alive now to see that she "got some good white folks-working for me".

And then Oprah and Gayle continued laughing and talking about the white folks they have working for them.

Which makes me wonder. If a white talk show host had talked about how he has "them black folk working for me" how do you think that would be received?


I thought even Oprah was above this kind of behavior. Guess I was wrong.


  1. I think she is going all Tom Cruise on us.

    I used to love her.

    Loved her show.

    Then her little split personality started getting on my nerves.

    You know...in front of black people she sounds all ghetto and in front of white people she acts like she doesn't use the toilet like the rest of us.

    I don't watch anymore.

    I was flipping channels recently and stumbled across her party thing where she invited all the black celebrities.
    It struck me as so racist and self centered- that was it for me.

  2. No, Oprah isn't above it. She's way into herself. She has no one around with the backbone to tell her when she's being an idiot, which she is most of the time.

  3. Ew. Yeah. I also hate women who think it's okay to male-bash, because, you know, we've been so oppressed by them for so long, so now we should get to dish it out. Nunh unh! If it's wrong, it's as wrong for us as it is for them, and vice versa.

    Unless you're making fun of short people like Kelly.


    Then, it's totally okay. But everybody else is off-limits!

  4. Kelly is tougher than the average bear. She can take it. But good God, can she dish it out when she gets a running start at you.