Thursday, September 07, 2006

Another great WTF moment...

These moments come along every now and then. They happen when idiots open their mouths and really those of us who are the sane ones just stare at them in disbelief thinking....WHAT THE F*CK?

And so it is that I haven't really experienced a true WTF moment in some time. Oh there are near-WTF moments but none have really excited me enough to rant about them. Until today of course...

ABC is ready to air on Sunday their miniseries called "The Path to 9/11" which is about what led to 9/11 and criticizes among others, former President Bill Clinton for his ineptness in attacking terrorism.

Way to go ABC.

Welp, the Congressional Dems have officially lost their collective "mind" (yes I said "mind" as in the singular) and decided to turn back the clock on freedom of speech and are demanding it be edited or not aired altogether.


Gee, imagine that?

Democratic Senator Harry Reid of Nevada and several other leading Senate Dems wrote a letter to Disney CEO and President Robert Iger urging him to "cancel this factually inaccurate and deeply misguided program."

Where were these concerned citizens when Michael Moore released "Fahrenheit 911?"

(Chirp, chirp)

That's what I thought!

As I recall they were supporting his right to free speech.

What is really funny is who else is complaining about the miniseries---SANDY BURGLAR, er, I mean SANDY BERGER, the man who stole FIFTY, yes I said F-I-F-T-Y sensitive documents out of the National Archives by shoving them down his underwear and in his clothes. And he got a free pass from Bush in the form of a reduced sentence. I'd LOVE to know what he wanted out of those archives. What documents did he take and destroy? I'll never forget his fake apology in saying he made an honest mistake. AN HONEST MISTAKE? I do NOT want to hear a friggin peep out of that slimebag. The son of a bitch is lucky he's not in a federal pen so he needs to just shut up.

I'll be watching this dramatization as ABC calls it. Why? Because the Dems don't want me to see it and the louder they scream the more likely the rest of America is to watch it. I have NO earthly idea how close to any truth it will be, but we should allow ABC the opportunity to air it, after all free speech is about ALL speech, even unpopular speech.

There are those in Congress very concerned. This is an election year and all they need is we, the American people, revisiting the issue of what led to 9/11. George W. Bush, as much as I like him or don't like him at times, was not responsible for 9/11. That event can be blamed on the terrorists, an inept CIA, FBI and other government agencies who could not seem to work and play well together, on every politician in Congress who did not support a war on terror years ago when it was necessary and finally Bill Clinton who as our President, failed us in the area of fighting terrorism, and should take responsibility for the actions or shall I say non-actions of the persons working for him.

Oh hell yeah I'll be watching. If nothing else, this is about free speech and ABC/Disney has every right to air this miniseries. If the Congressional Dems don't like it, tough!


  1. Anonymous9/07/2006

    I think ABC will edit alot of it before it airs. I probably won't watch, so I will depend on you to review it for me.--ST

  2. LOL on come on ya gotta stay up Missy!

  3. I will definitely be watching. Jess, I apologize for not chatting and/or my availability. Crazy past week for me. TGIF!