Thursday, September 07, 2006

Give us news, not bullshit...

Hmm let's see, I can think of a THOUSAND stories more newsworthy than the out-of-wedlock child of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. I mean, HELLO? Who the hell cares?

When I turn on the news (and it's NOT CBS news trust me) I want to hear about real news, stories going on around the world, the good and the bad, the bare truth. I don't want to hear about celebrities, I just don't care about what they're doing in their lives, I have enough going on in my own life. Save that crap for MTV, VH1 and E! networks.

It's bad enough Katie Couric is now in primetime (thank God I don't watch CBS news) but it's even worse that her very first broadcast was wasted on such trivial bullshit like Tom Cruise's kid. Great, he's furry-headed, he's cute, and he actually exists, now let's move on.

Enough already!


  1. Anonymous9/07/2006

    I think he is actually a she, but I'm not sure.LOL--ST

  2. well aren't we full of piss and vinegar today :-)??

  3. And he's a she! But still, who cares? Really, I don't consider pictures of a child born 5 months ago to be news. Sorry, I just don't.

    I didn't watch either...I'm actually not exactly a fan of network news, to tell you the truth. But, if I were to watch it, I'd much rather watch Brian Williams and his oddly orange-tinted complexion over Katie Couric.