Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Gotta love capitalizing on being gay...

I heard a clip of former Governor James McGreevey talking about being gay. He said:

"For me, it's no different than having brown eyes or blue eyes."

Ok now if that's the case and being gay is no big deal, why is he on a book tour? Why is he on Oprah? What makes HIM special? Gee can I be on Oprah? I mean I'm heterosexual but see it's no different from having brown eyes and mine are so brown they are nearly black. Doesn't that make ME special?

Who cares if McGreevey is gay? Being gay doesn't define you as a person. McGreevey would have us believe that he stepped down NOT because he is gay but because he cheated on his wife and his affair compromised his ability to govern effectively.

But for me, there is some confusion because first he said that his "secret homosexual life" compromised his administration but then he says "I am increasingly comfortable with who and what I am, and if people pass judgment for being gay, separate and distinct from my actions, I have to be OK with that."

So...I have to wonder. If he doesn't want to be judged for being gay, separate and distinct from his actions, why is he blaming his lack of good judgment on his "secret homosexual life?"


Yep, that's what I thought. You're all thinking what I'm thinking. It's a load of BS, right?

The guy is a creep. The only issue here, at least to people with half a brain is that the reason he couldn't govern effectively has nothing to do with him being gay, it was that the extramarital affair which was the result of really bad judgment, and the favors he did to protect himself from being caught, was a clear abuse of power. He put his own personal gain ahead of his office and ahead of the welfare of his constituents.

In a nutshell, McGreevey compromised the integrity of his office, not by being gay, but by being crooked.

And in my book, that rates him a big fat zero.


  1. He disgusted me yesterday on the View.

    Elizabeth really gave it to him as did Joy.

    The state of NJ is very lucky that he is out of there.

    I hope no one buys his book.

    (not disgusted because he is gay...just because he dismissed the questions about hurting his wife and corruption and all that)

  2. You're dead on. He's a pig, and not because he's gay - if he were straight, he'd still have needed to run around on his wife.