Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The hidden double standard of "teamwork"

I find the double standard of "teamwork" a fascinating thing. You know when someone in charge expects his employees to work as a team but yet he refuses to do the same.

Take a prison for example, a prison which under the direction of a, I mean....dick-tator (yes I said that!) who wants everyone to be part of the "team". It reminds me of "The Untouchables" when Robert DeNiro aka Al Capone is walking around the dining room table with his baseball bat talking about teamwork and all his goons are repeating "team" "team" and then he bashes one of them in the head with the bat.

Hmm so much for team eh?

The dicktator I speak of, oh hell let's just call him "dick" for short (and for good reason), preaches teamwork can't get his correctional officers to show up for work, does random lockdowns because he can't seem to keep the contraband out of his facility, forces his non-officer employees like clerical/administrative folks to work late because it's not "fair" they get to go home and the others don't, and frankly, morale among his employees STINKS! Does he care? Nope. He thinks when he says "frog" they should jump but when they need support from him it's like "f*ck you"

Well at least his floors are shiny. Yes I hear he has "his" inmates spend hours shining up those floors so they can look all nice and pretty. Well at least he has something he can be proud of---because when it comes to the place he runs, he sure can't be proud of much else...

And oh yeah a little birdie told me that dick can take his "you have to work weekends" thing and shove it :)

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  1. Bud's Mom9/14/2006

    This idiot also thinks that holding an Employee Appreciation Day once every 6 months, with a crummy cookout in the parking lot is going to make up for all the hard work he gets from his employees. It's not surprising that he can't keep his officers. Why should they stay when they can work at the State, for more money and less hours!