Friday, September 29, 2006

Irresponsibility on your part

does not constitute an emergency on my part...

I often wonder what it is that makes morons in pick up trucks (sometimes cars, usually trucks) drive 80 mph and pass other motorists on hills, single and double solid lines, railroad tracks, intersections and such. And I wonder if they drive like that alone, do they also do it with their children in the truck with them?

DH andI used to be amazed at the number of morons who would pass us on the way to and from work (mostly on the way to work and in the dark I might add) weaving in and out of traffic and generally making a nuisance of themselves. Mind you, we used to be amazed, now we're not. It's the norm around here.

Take this morning, three--count it THREE morons passed us on either a hill, a railroad track or solid double line. One guy who was passing on a hill was so close to the driver coming the opposite way, they almost collided. This idiot must have passed three or four other people till he finally got to the light, where he had to wait for traffic to go through the intersection.

This is where one of us usually shouts "how far'd ya get asshole?" With our windows up he can't hear us but still it makes us feel better!

The funny thing is that when we get to campus every day, we spot at least half a dozen or more of these dumbasses turning onto campus and they almost always drive into one place--physical plant. With the exception of a dumbass cop on campus who drives like an asshole in his private vehicle daily (nearly causing accidents himself), the majority of the people who drive eratically from the country into town work at physical plant.

Go figure. I won't even address that...just think driving erratically, NASCAR numbers on the back windshields, pick up trucks and well you get the picture.

Those with common sense would think: "let's see, I'm having to drive 80 mph to work every day to get there on time, hmm...perhaps I'm doing something wrong here? Perhaps I should leave EARLIER?"

Ok, ok I can dream can't I?


  1. Anonymous9/29/2006

    How about driving on the interstate and having people weave in and out. They get on peoples bumpers and then whip over in front of other cars with about a foot of space between them. That is exactly what causes accidents and backs up the interstate. Then no one can get where they are going.

    If some people can tell real life from Nascar, they need to quit driving.--ST

  2. The worst part about driving like a bat out of hell to work each morning is that you usually get there at the exact same time you would have if you had just driven normally. The fact that they fly by you and yet you still catch up with them as they're pulling into the parking lot is case in point.

  3. I find it terribly funny when we wind up meeting these jerks at the next red light. I have an idea for a bumper sticker to that effect...

  4. I have them passing me early in the morning on the way to LC driving on Hwy 47 north. Why is it always the pick-ups that do this? There's a stretch of straight road that's miles long, but they always pick the same spot to do it, on a hill with a double-line. I just wish a trooper would be coming the other way one of these mornings. There's never a cop around when you really need them.