Saturday, September 09, 2006

Lucy, John Wayne, mom and me...

I can thank mom for my appreciation for "I Love Lucy." I've seen every episode and for me they never get old. When I was living back home years ago before DH came along, before dad retired, and before mom went back to work, mom and I would stay up late on Friday and Saturday nights and watch Lucy on Nick at Nite. There were we'd watch it together and times I'd be in my room lying in bed with the TV on and she'd be in the living room, kicked back in the recliner with Buddy on the couch and dad fast asleep on the other side of the house. We always laughed at the same scenes and we could always hear each other laugh, actually it was more like uncontrollable fits of hysteria. You see it was just THAT funnY! My mother would laugh so hard she'd get tears in her eyes and I could always tell that was the case without even going in there.

You have to know my mom. I definitely do!

We both have a favorite episode...the one were Lucy and Ethel steal John Wayne's footprints. That is really a classic episode and what makes it even more so is that in real life John Wayne was a HUGE fan of Lucille Ball so to see him doing comedy with her was a great treat.

Because the show is on at 5 am every weekday morning on TVLand and I am able to watch it. Thank goodness I caught it a few days ago. As I watched it, I was laughing so hard tears came to my eyes and then I realized something was missing-----mom wasn't there to share the laughter and tears with me. She was home, probably sleeping or awake and getting ready for work. I'm sorry you missed it mom, but I know you were there with me!


  1. Me, too. I have loved Lucy all my life. My favorite, though, remains the chocolate factory. And the second favorite is the grape stomping one.
    She was a creative genius and Desi was a business genius. Perfect team.

  2. OH yes I love both those episodes too! The chocolate factory---LOL I still laugh so hard I cry when I watch that one.

    There will never be anyone like her :(

  3. I remember those days sweety pie, and you're right...I am with you.

    My other very, very faorite was Lucy in Graumann's Chinese in Hollywood and William Holden was in the booth behind her. Can you still see her face as he turned around and parted the potted plants that seperated them and stared at her? I thought I'd die laughing!! Boy, those were the good old days and I don't care what anyone says, TV was in it's golden age and it will never be as good again.

    Oh, and lest we forget the episode where they all lived out in the country and Lucy was using the riding mower, which got away from her as she raced down sonme highway in Connecticut, mowing down everything in her path? That was great!! I miss watching them with my little girl.

  4. Sorry, I just happened to recall the other favorite. She and Ethel bring all their baby chicks inside the house because the heaters in the henhouse werent't working!!!