Sunday, September 03, 2006


I'm talkin' about all sorts of stuff today...

Sometimes it'd be nice to say I gave DH a fat lip but really I would never do that so you can't blame me for the one he had last night. Out of the blue yesterday afternoon he winds up with this weird puffiness above his upper lip and several hours later, the left side of his lip graduate swelled up and by late that night and next morning, the entire top lip was swelled up. It was not painful but it was strange. When he got up this morning, we put vitamin E on it and he took a couple of echinacea with breakfast. A few hours later it was gone and his lip was normal. Strange to say the least. He didn't eat anything out of the ordinary. I wonder what it was.

I was pleased to see the previews for Kevin Costner's latest flick "The Guardian" after all isn't it about time that the United States Coast Guard is recognized for their hard work and sacrifice? You betcha! For those people out there who are still ignorant enough to think the USCG isn't a military service, let me, a former Coastie remind you:

14 USC 1. Establishment of Coast Guard

The Coast Guard as established January 28, 1915, shall be a military service and a branch of the armed forces of the United States at all times. The Coast Guard shall be a service in the Department of Transportation, except when operating as a service in the Navy.

According to the Department of Defense:

"The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG), sometimes referred to as "America’s Shield of Freedom,” is the nation’s oldest continuous seagoing service. The USCG traces its history to 1790 with the introduction of the Revenue Cutter Service, whose mission was the enforcement of the first Congressional tariff laws enacted under the Constitution. Today’s Coast Guard is actually a combination of five former Federal agencies. In addition to the Cutter Service, these agencies include the Lighthouse Service, the Steamboat Inspection Service, the Bureau of Navigation, and the Lifesaving Service.[Footnote 1]

The multiple missions and responsibilities of today’s Coast Guard can be traced back to these initial agencies with five strategic goals today—maritime safety, maritime mobility, maritime security, national defense, and protection of natural resources.[Footnote 2]

In March of 2003, USCG jurisdiction changed from the Department of Transportation (DoT) to the Department of Homeland Security. Even though the USCG is not situated in the Department of Defense, it is at all times an armed force—a full-time military organization with a true peacetime mission. During times of war or at the direction of the President, the USCG functionally transfers to the Department of Defense under the Secretary of the Navy. The Coast Guard’s priorities shifted in the aftermath of the September 11th terrorist attacks and funding shifted from its traditional mission to support large-scale port security operations.[Footnote 3]"

Those who dispute this ought to do some serious reading up on military history and then get back to me.

Ok so DH and I played Monopoly twice today. Why I played a second time I have no idea but I thought oh hey what the hell and I was in a pretty good mood.

He kicked my ass--both times. No he didn't just kick my ass. He kicked my ass and then flogged me while I was locked in stocks in the town square, that's how bad it was. In fact I think being flogged in the town square might have been a more pleasant experience. There are two people I hate losing to---my dad and my husband, not that I don't love playing games with them, I do but when they win, oh LORDY they win. Let's just say when we kids played dad in Monopoly years back, he'd always win. In fact, he won so bad the bank owed him money! I remember him saying "uh hey I can loan you a few bucks" uh yeah right dad, let me have SOME dignity LOL. Well DH is just as competitive but it was a fun game, just like when I used to play dad.

DH has this thing about Boardwalk and Park Place. Maybe it has to do with the fact that a mere few houses on each one can bankrupt even the richest person in the game. Well the first mistake I made in game #1 was I passed on buying PP and he wound up with both. That killed me, in fact in the end he owned every piece of property on the board with houses on half AND $3900 cash. In game #2 we each owned half the board, I was conservative in placing one house each on most of my properties, he however, spent most of his winnings buying 3-4 houses. HE kept saying "I'll trade you such and such for Park Place" and it was one thing I would not do and that was let him get his grubby little hands on Park Place, no friggin way.

And not till the end, when I was broke, owing him some $1200 on some property with four houses (he had so many houses, we were out of houses and had to use hotels in their place!) did I finally mortgage everything I had and he said "oh Goody now I can buy Park Place from the bank" and I was like "oh hell no!" and I held on to Park Place and kept playing until the very end when I gave it up. I stayed in till the end, you'd be proud :)

Hey let him have his moment in the sun, karma's a bitch and we're playing again tomorrow morning!

Hmm well I was sucked into "The Simple Life" again today. Ok most who know me know I hate reality TV, it irritates me to no end. So why is it I love watching Nicole and Paris and their silly antics? I thin one of my favorite shows was when they were still friends and they went to work in a fast food restaurant and when they couldn't hack it inside the restaurant, they were sent outside to change the sign and when they made it something really dirty, the manager on shift made them put on these silly "mascot" costumes and go out on the busy highway and advertise the restaurant. It was so hot, they wound up in a local grocery store stumbling around in what I think were really oversized chicken outfits. They couldn't walk far in them and couldnt' see well and were knocking over displays and shit in the store and they were laughing. They were so awkward in the costumes that they fell down in the store and couldn't get up. It was then the manager had tracked them down and brought them both back to the restaurant. I'm just saying it was hilarious. You know I think I'd like them if I met them in real life, especially Paris. I don't like their clothes or anything like that, it's just I think they're probably really smart in real life and their show is a hit for a reason. Id' say smart move Paris and Nicole. Keep up the good work, God help me but I'll be watching next season...


  1. Anonymous9/03/2006

    Good luck in Monoply! I'll be pulling for ya!

    And scary on the fat lip. I hope he isn't allergic to something. Robert busted my lip once in the middle of the night. He flung his arm over while sleeping and hit me in the mouth. At least that's his story;)--ST

  2. Yes, the Guardian movie does look good. Costner and Ashton Kuchner were here to promote the movie and screened it for a local group of Coast Guard and their families. They did a nice thing.

  3. LOL Susan, there are times I am a lite sleeper and many times I could tell DH would be rolling over with his elbow and I covered my face to prevent a black eye!

    Karen, doesn't it look good? Bout time somebody recognized the CG for their efforts!