Friday, September 15, 2006

Ok so I'm just a little strange...

Ok, I've got to stop listening to Coast to Coast AM right? I mean it got a little bit out of hand the other morning when I was doing my daily 4 - 5 a.m. walk and George and his guest were talking about ghosts and ouija boards and stuff like that. The guest talked about these Wisonsin college students who, in 1990, decided to use a ouija board for the hell of it and then the kids learn about a man who back in 1920 had been an albino and blind and wound up killing a bunch of people and put their eyes and tongues in this bag he would carry and because he was blind the stuff in the bag became his "friend" and this guy turned into a monster and if you said his name he would find you. Well thank GOD that George's guest didn't say his name. I was really worried. See if you know his name then you'll hear this whistling and then he'll get you.

I'm not ready to be got yet, know what I mean?

Ok by now Deb, Susan, DH, mom, dad and sis have read this and think I am certifiable. Ok maybe not, because they are all certifiable too maybe that's why we are all so close. But I'm telling you, you get your happy butts out on Deer Run Place at 4 in the morning and listen to this stuff and tell me if you don't start feeling oh just a LITTLE BIT CREEPED OUT?

I didn't think so.

Did I mention we live next to a cemetery? Oh and get this, there's a microwave tower behind the cemetery. I know, I know, years ago my mother joked that the tower was used by the dead folks to communicate with the living.

Thanks mom, now I have to deal with that too when I'm on my walk!

I once played with a ouija board, it was mom's ouija board and I don't know if she still has it but man it would take a rather strong six pack of something or just a bottle of Chilean Pisco to make me use it again. With this family, there's just no telling WHO might decide to come back and haunt us.



  1. Snort! Ok,step away from the ouiji board! Check out today's entry on my blog, it is appropriate how you are referenced, as it turns out after reading this post!

  2. Anonymous9/15/2006

    I never listen to coast to coast. It freaks me out. Nor am I brave enough or crazy enough, whatever the case may be, to go walking by myself at that time of the day. You can just call me chicken.--ST

  3. Actually, what I used to tell you kids was that the microwave tower was used by the spirits there to contact other spirits in other cemeteries. I didn't know you would really believe me!!

    I've been told my someone who is very close to me (RC) who does indeed have psychic abilities that you've got to be very careful how you use a Ouija board because you can contact a malevolent spirit who many times will make you think it is the person you were trying to make contact with.

  4. Ooooh, no way would I do that! Not that I would be skeered or nothing, um, I just don't have the time. Yep, and those things aren't real. That's it, that's my story!