Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What goes around

A person I was once friends with got the shit she gives to others thrown back in her face by women who were until recently, her friends. These women finally figured out what she was really like and no longer cared to have anything to do with her. It was like deja vu when I heard about it because I had that same experience with her. In short, I was chastised by this one former friend and another former friend because I'd decided to take the high road and be friends with someone who I hadn't really liked before. They thought I was traitorous but frankly I learned to like this person, she really was a kind and decent person (she had flaws like the rest of us) and they didn't like her and as such they really gave me hell.

The person who I am talking about thinks she is more intellectual than everyone else. She uses terrible profanity to curse people out enjoys berating people, calling them filthy names, and oh yes, because she doesn't believe in God, she chastises others who do by calling them ignorant and stupid.

Life is just too short for this kind of crap and I for one am thrilled beyond words that washed my hands of the few people I was friends with who behaved in that very same manner. I am not perfect, never have been, never will, but that kind of behavior is not for me, and when I realized when I was becoming like that, I had to stop in my tracks and go in the other direction.

I never looked back and couldn't be happier!


  1. Anonymous9/28/2006

    Have you truly let go of your "past" if you still keep up with what's happening with your former friends that had such a negative impact on your life? The person passing info about them is doing you no favors and you're not doing yourself any by visiting a certain website.

  2. Yep I truly have put that particular episode behind me. I don't wish anyone ill will, I just can't be a part of that kind of thing anymore.

    Actually I was surprised to hear about it. When the person who told me said she had something to tell me, she prefaced it with "I just want you to know that you really did the right thing" and then she explained. You see, the person who told me, had been very surprised at the way I handled the situation by cutting off not just all contact with the people who didn't like me but also those who did. But I felt like I had to start fresh and get some perspective on my life and a new focus. She was just an acquaintance to me and not involved in this but couldn't believe that I really could do it. Why? Because it's normally my nature to "make up" but this time I didn't. She didn't have any malice or fun telling me what happened, she just told me because it made her realize I was right and so she apologized to me for doubting the way I had handled it (by walking off and not looking back).

    Life is a strange thing because friendships sometimes change as we evolve personally. Doesn't mean we're bad or good, it is what it is. I did realize though that the negativity of that former aspect of my behavior was really affecting me, I guess that's when we know we have to call it quits and straighten up. At least it's what I chose to do.

  3. Christie9/28/2006

    I know what you are talking about. Sometimes we have to let things and people we care about go. It is not easy but for our own sanity we have to do it. I have had to do the same thing but the curious person in me has often wondered what has happened to those people and if anything has changed. I sometimes will ask common friends about these people because I suppose that at one time they had an impact on my life and I can't help but wonder if they got over their anger and moved on. We are only human so being curious or wanting to know even though we have moved on, isn't a bad thing. So don't feel guilty and good for you for not having bad feelings towards those people. Not being someone's friend doesn't mean they are a bad person it just means you have different ideas about the friendship. I had to do this twice in the last three years and it was difficult but had to be done.

    Smiles, Christie--

  4. I've had friends like that. It's taken me way too long to finally realize that I don't need friends badly enough to put up with that kind of crap. Congrats to you for dumping her first.

  5. Ew.

    I was chastised by this one former friend and another former friend because I'd decided to take the high road and be friends with someone who I hadn't really liked before

    These kinda people are not true friends. True friends will say, "I think you're crazy, but you have the right to live your life as you see fit, and I love you anyway."

    I hear that a lot, you know!

  6. Sam does hear that a lot, it's true. :)