Tuesday, September 12, 2006

You can keep your hate

Just when we thought we'd seen it all, we find out British producer/director Gabriel Range has just released a film about the assassination of President Bush. Oh but the hype isn't just in Britain, it's in the US too beacuse you see a Newmarket films, has just bought the distribution rights to release the film in America.

How would you feel if it were your father, brother, son, or husband in political office and someone made such an awful film about his fictional assassination? How do you think the President's family feels about this film? Exactly how you would feel. I would be mortified and I would be doing everything in my power to see that it wasn't released, not in my country, not in America.

Producer/Director Gabriel Range on his film:

"We’re thrilled to be screening the film at Toronto. It’s a striking premise which may be seen as highly controversial. But it’s a serious film which I hope will open up the debate on where current US foreign and domestic policies are taking us.”

Debate on foreign and domestic policy? Please!

This is about Range making money on his hatred of our President. This film has nothing to do with opening up dialogue. Leaders of countries have been subject to assassination for their policies since the beginning of time, Bush is no different. I don't buy Range's reasoning for this film, I think it goes far beyond that. It's just plain vicious and I wouldn't waste my money on it.


  1. Anonymous9/12/2006

    I agree.--ST

  2. You nailed it, Jess. It's simply his grab for cash while President Bush is in office. This hasn't been done before and he is thriving on the publicity, whether it is bad or not.