Tuesday, October 31, 2006

John Kerry sucks...

Everybody's talking about it so I figured I would make mention. Today, the ever so eloquent John Kerry said:

"You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. And if you don't, you get stuck in Iraq."

What was he thinking? HELLO? Does the man NOT have a PR person there (like Dan Quayle SHOULD have had years ago) to make sure he doesn't commit major FUBAR?

Many men and women join the military for a VARIETY of reasons. I joined when I turned 18 not because I was this grand heroic patrioc but because I was from a small country town, there were no jobs, I had no money to go to community college and my parents couldn't afford to send me, and I had no prospects for a good future without some sort of discipline, training and education. For me, the military served a purpose, it gave me discipline, it gave me training, and it made me a better person.

All day long I've been hearing talk radio hosts spouting that all the men and women who join do so because they are patriots. I disagree. I think people join for very personal reasons--to get away from home, to travel, to get a college education, to meet new people and have new adventures, to use big weapons, to get specialized training, the list goes on and on, and yes there are those who join because they want to kick enemy ass. Does it matter WHY they joined? ONly that they joined and they understand the risks, which I believe they do. You don't go through such rigorous training without knowing the risks.

Joining for reasons other than wanting to kick enemy ass doesn't make our service any less honorable does it? If course not! Our joining served a purpose, to us, to our service, and to our country. It gave to us, we gave to it. TO be honest, when I was 18, it was NOT my time for college, I was a good kid but not quite altogether in what I wanted to do with my life, show me an 18 year old that has their life planned out at that age and I'll tell you that is RARE! It wasn't till I became older that it became my "time" for college. I would not have benefitted from college twenty years ago like I am now. And part of that, a large part of it is the experiences I have been through which help me directly apply what I am learning in school.

I can't believe Kerry would actually imply that only the poor, uneducated, illiterate kids join the military (and then say "oh I was actually making fun of the President) The fact that the military is full of morons is UNTRUE! The Heritage Foundation came out with a report that states 98% of the people currently serving have higher educations than 75% of the overall US population.

Things that make you go hmmmm.....eh?

Regardless of what the Heritage Foundation or any other think tank says, I know the military is made up of all kinds of people from all backgrounds, who joined for all sorts of reasons. Right now joining the military is a CHOICE and while a person is serving they are gaining something for themselves and their country gains something from them. What's wrong with that?

John Kerry's freudian slip just came back to bite him in the ass and confirms what I already knew, that he is a jerk. I wonder if he just cost his party the election.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

My strange dreams...

I have the strangest dreams of anyone I know. I used to think that it comes from being the family I am in, I mean we are all a little insane at times. Oh man the stories I could tell you!!

Well, the other night I had a dream I left my DH for Richard Gere. Now of course I like many of Richard Gere's movies but am not an overly huge fan. I mean, I could take him or leave him. In the dream I felt terribly guilty about leaving DH. I mean I kept saying "he's such a nice guy" and felt so torn...I woke up before I had to make a final choice.

Last night I dreamed my teeth were falling out. I was worried that I would need false teeth and when I would wear them and how I would keep them in.

My coworkers know I have these insane dreams and tell me it's that damned talk radio I listen to at night. I told them it's Halloween and tonight is Art Bell's annual overnight "Ghost to Ghost" program and I would love nothing better than to pull an allnighter outside listening to it.

You think I'm strange now? Wait till AFTER that program!

Ok fine you can blame my strange dreams on Art Bell & George Noory but I'm sticking with the family excuse!!!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Irritating husband habits...

My husband has this irritating habit of insisting that everything must be in its place (well most things that he deems important) and that if a task needs to be done it should be done at that moment and finished.

Take a simple garden hose for example. Now, I use the hose a few mornings a week to put water in the various birdbaths on the front lawn. Sometimes I roll it up, sometimes I'm just not in the mood and like "screw it". I mean really what HARM is it going to cause if it sits out there. It's not in a place where anyone drives over it and it's not causing anyone harm. But DH has a hissy fit if it's not rolled up. So, the other night I'm sitting in my recliner, eating my "big salad" yes I make my own big salad piled high with tomatoes, spinach and romaine lettuce! ANyway when I'm in the midst of my big salad with ranch dressing, don't bother me. I am real serious about my greens and do not want to be disturb when I am grazing on them. Well I have my feet up, eating my dinner, totally relaxed and DH comes in the house and casually mentions how the hose is not rolled up. I'm ignoring him, just watching TV and hoping he'll go away. But then he repeats "when you going to to put that hose away?" and I said "when I get the chance". In reality I didn't give a flying rat's ass if the hose got rolled up or not. I wanted to eat my dinner in peace. He bugged me about it no less than half a dozen times and I figured if I just keep ignoring him he'd do it.

And of course I was right. He rolled it up. But not before he walked through the kitchen and out the back door muttering "we'll see how you like it next time I drag mud in the house" . Now that of course he is referring to the many times he comes in the house through the back door right into the kitchen without taking off his shoes. This of course results in me having to sweep the friggin kitchen floor several times. One day I recall sweeping it at least four times, all because he just couldn't take his damn shoes off. So his revenge at me for not rolling the house would most likely be dragging mud into my clean kitchen.

This morning when I used the hose I did roll it up because well, sometimes I just don't want to hear him. And he ought to KNOW by now that the more he bugs me about something, the less likely I am to do it. I mean this is basic children's psychology. Bug me about something, I just get irritated and think "screw you". Not that I want to be bitchy or anything but ya know men can be really nutty about stuff like that.

He's going golfing tomorrow with some friends. So I am wondering if I should make his day by rolling the hose up when I am done using it or if I should be a real pain in the ass and not roll it up. It isn't that I love pissing him off, but sometimes he acts so damn arrogant and bossy I just want to piss him off. It's like a mission of mine to just make him insane at times. Is that bad?

See that's the cool thing about marriage. You get to spend the rest of your life bugging the shit out of someone. Isn't it awful that I revel in it?

My life is a sitcom

Now it's true that there have been events in my life related directly to my family which come right out of episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld, All in the Family, just to name a few. I don't know why my life sometimes turns out like a TV show, it just does.

Today, I damn near pulled a "Debra" which relates directly to an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. In one particular episode, Debra's mother-in-law Marie is searching for a favorite cannister to use for Easter and when she can't find it she insists Debra never gave it back to her after having borrowed it the previous year. Well Debra insists that she gave the cannister back to Marie, to the point where Marie apologizes to Debra for accusing her of not giving it back.

Fast forward (oh you KNOW what's coming right?) Well....later that day Debra finds out one of the kids had stored their crayons in the cannister and had it in their room the whole time. In the meantime, there they are, in the kitchen--Ray and Debra and then Robert, who is like "OH MY GOD" cause he KNOWS what's coming. Debra had made such a big issue of Marie being wrong and now it turns out she wasn't. Well Debra wasn't going to open THAT door with Marie so she decided to throw away the cannister and swore the guys to secrecy. She throws it in the trash can and hours later one of the twin boys walks into the house with the cannister which he had found in the trash. Well Ray and Robert were taking it as a sign but Debra--she was deathly afraid Marie was going to find it. So they devised a plan in which they would sneak it into Marie's house however in the process of doing it, Debra's father in law Frank caught her with the canniseter in her hand. And then he proceeds to tell her "you're gonna get it" in so many words. But because he loves Debra, he yanks it out of her hand just as Marie enters the room and Marie sees is, goes apeshit over it and then Frank proceeds to cover for Debra and tell Marie he wanted to piss her off so he had been hiding it from her. And then they argue and all is well again in the Barone household.

See, most of us women KNOW what would have happened to Debra if Marie had found out she really had it. And so this leads me to today's latest.

My grandmother had a book, an old paperback titled "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" and months ago she asked me if I had it and I immediately replied "of course not" and she insisted I hd to have it and I insisted I never had it. But then after our phone call I kept hinking "shit, that book sounds so familiar, I sure as hell hope I didn't have it and wound up donating it to Friends of the Library with all those other books I sent" but I said to myself "no way, I never had that book" and so I forgot about it because I just figured I didn't have it, what could I do? I knew my grandmother was heartbroken over the loss of her book (at least it seemed that way), I mean you'd think she lost her best friend the way she missed that book.

Somewhere deep down inside, I have a feeling she KNEW I had it somewhere.

Well guess what? A few months ago I was looking for another paperback on my shelf when I came across that book of grams and I said "OH SHIT" I knew I was in so much damn trouble. How on earth was I going to get her this book? I thoguht of sneaking it in, I thought of giving it to her and saying "Oh look what I found at the thrift store--another copy of your book" but something told me that she'd know. Oh yes, grams has this way of just knowing. And I knew that if she found out I'd had the book the whole time, I would NEVER forget it. IN fact she would probably begin asking me for every single item that ever went missing in her house thinking I borrowed it and never returned it. Or in the future, if I ever borrowed anything and really did give it back, she wouldn't be able to find it and would be looking at me as the culprit.

Today I bit the bullet and called grams and said "now before I tell you this, don't get mad" and I proceeded to tell her I found her book and I thought for sure she'd do a "Marie Barone" but she didn't, at least not on the phone. Thank goodness. And when mom and dad came over and I gave them the book, I told them the whole sordid story and while dad didn't quite get it, mom did. I can't tell you how many times mom has borrowed something from grams, usually related to cooking or eating utensils, pans, etc and on most occasions has returned them only for grams to years later asking her if she could have that item back. And if you know you returned something to grams and she insists you didn't you might as well go out and buy it and just give it to her and say "oops yes I did have it" because you are going to lose this one my friend. Oh yes. Sometimes it's worth it not to argue with her.

I still do NOT know how that book got in my house, but I can guarantee you that if I ever borrow anything from her again, when I return it, I will get a receipt for it. Cause I know what's coming if I don't!!

Friday, October 27, 2006

When good days go bad...

I arrived at work in a pretty good mood. Oh I needed my usual morning cup of coffee but for the most part I was actually looking forward to a good day. Fridays are good at work, I use that day to wrap up loose ends from the week so I can start fresh on Mondays.

In good humor I printed out a sign that read: "I declare today, Friday October 27, 2006 to be a CRISIS-FREE day" and taped it up in my office so everyone who entered could see it. I thought it would encourage some positive vibes and a good way to start the weekend.

I must have jinxed myself because yesterday sucked! It sucked so bad I just didn't have the energy to go to my friend's dad's house and clean it as I do every Friday night for two hours (he has Parkinson's and can't do it himself and she's busy with school). The $85 bucks to do some light cleaning of a kitchen, three bathrooms and run some polish over wood floors in a brand new house (which only takes me about two hours) is some nice extra $$ every week but...I just couldn't do it yesterday. I was mentally and physically exhausted--physically exhausted because I hadn't been walking my usual walk every morning and mentally exhausted because I had to take care of a major student-related problem at work which drained me. I can't privy you to the details, all I can say is that a good day went downhill quickly and I had a headache for the rest of the day.

I'm currently working on a 750 word essay for Sociology which is due December 1st. Isn't it like me to put something minor like that off till the end? I have over thirty days to get it done but the assignment requires a lot of research. I am sure that I will do fine but I want to read a lot about my subject before I write about it. How in the world am I going to keep it to 750 words. The prof was pretty specific about that. Guess I'll just have to get to the point and not overkill it ya know what I mean?

Well I'm off....I need my sleep, mom and dad are coming over for a few hours tomorrow!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Kitty kat runs wild!

Hmm....how does one actually blog when one's kitty kat is sitting on the keyboard? We'll try this later because dear Pebbles has decided that it would be fun to place herself on top of the keyboard between the monitor and me!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Justice served,years late...

I have to ask myself what I was thinking when I turned on "Court TV" to see their coverage of the pre-execution of Danny Rolling. I tuned into Catherine Crier's program and had to sit there and listen to her go on and on with ridiculous audience pandering made up crap about the crime scenes. They were little things added in to her statements that were clearly NOT true (I know because I lived this horrific moment in time) but were inserted for shock value. As if the facts of the crime weren't horrific and shocking enough? Perhaps Catherine Crier needed to spend more time going over the facts of the case before she opened her big fat mouth. But truthfully how many media personalities (besides 20/20's John Stossel) actually DO that?

I shouldn't be surprised.

We were thinking of having what I refer to as a "Danny Rolling takes the Eternal Celestial Dirtnap" party at work tomorrow but we're supposed to be real quiet about it lest we offend those at work who are against the death penalty. Oy vey.

A lot has happened to these families since 1990. The fathers of Christa Hoyt and Sonja Larson both died before they could see their daughters killer executed. The Larson family suffered even more devastation when seven years after their daughter Sonja's death, their daughter in law Carla Larson was murdered in Orlando. These families will never get over the deaths of their loved ones, who could? Today's execution really shouldn't be a celebration, it doesn't bring the victims back, I don't even know if it brings anyone any peace. All we can say is justice was done.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hours till Rolling's execution...

I recall that sunny Monday morning was August 27, 1990 when I was on my way to work and heard the news on Kiss 105 that the bodies of two young college women had been found the day before. Those were the first....Sonja Larson and Christina Powell in Williamsburg Apartments. Soon after, the severed head and body of Christa Hoyt were found in her home. And finally the bodies of Tracy Paules and Manny Taboada were found in Gatorwood Apartments off Archer Road.

That was sixteen years ago and now the pathetic bastard who murdered them in cold blood is going to die tomorrow. I've always had mixed feelings about the death penalty but if you lived here when I did, in an apartment at Casablanca with three friends, if you went through living in an apartment where every time the door rang, you brandished a knife in the face of whoever was at your door, you would understand why I think the son of a bitch has to die for his crimes.

I hope God doesn't look too harshly upon me when I say that at 6:10 p.m. tomorrow night, ten minutes after the execution of Danny Rolling begins, I will breathe a sigh of relief when his heart beats its last beat, when he takes his last breath, it will finally be over. Maybe that moment, the families and friends of the victims, and those who lived here as I did and remember the terrible fear, will finally be able to put that awful memory to rest.

For anyone who cares!

For anyone who cares......since August 1st I have lost 27 pounds and 11 3/4 inches overall. I haven't exercised regularly in almost two weeks and every now and then I'd indulge in a little more Publix lite frozen yogurt but I managed to be careful what I ate and not get over my points. I plan to get back out there and walking regularly soon...been real busy. But as long as I watch what I eat I am ok for now!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Damn October heat!

Why is it DAMN NEAR ninety degrees in October? Because we live in friggin' Florida that's why. And WHY is the A/C NOT working? Because you see, it's ninety degrees in Florida and God must have been bored and figured that he'd get a good laugh. Well he did.

It was Friday afternoon when I realized the house just wasn't cooling normally like it usually does so I changed the filter and still it wasn't right. Hardly anything was coming out of the vents. Now of course I neglected to look inside the outside unit and see if anything was frozen. I figured the fan was on it must be ok. So I called the A/C company asking them to check it out but the guy wasn't in and I said "well have him call me Monday at work" ok, fine, I figured it just needed maintenance and would be ok. On Friday night I checked out the inside of the unit by taking a flashlight out there and peeking in and sure enough there was a nice coating of ice on the copper tubing. On Saturday morning, DH and I cleaned the part of the A/C that sucks in the clean air around the unit, it was REALLY dirty, but afterwards the copper coil iced up after being on about 30 minutes. So we shut it off and it's been off all weekend and it's been hot, in the 90's. At night it is awesome, nice and cool. Actually we put a fan in one of the bedroom windows and leave a few windows around the house open and it gets downright cool.

When we called our landlord (ugh I hate that so I will call him property owner!) on Friday night we told him we'd try cleaning it out, hey it worked when he did that to his, but then I had to email him and tell him we have to have someone come out. Hey it's one of those things property owners have to deal with ya know? Who knows when the last time that unit was maintenanced. The original owners moved out last year and they bought this place new in 1999. So, the A/C folks can come out tomorrow hopefully (we'll find somebody) and fix it. And in the meantime DH and I have to stay home to get someone out here. Seems like a day wasted ya know? :(

And so that's the latest saga. I'm sure there will be more, there always is in this family :)

Friday, October 20, 2006

"Average" is the new norm

My most recent Sociology assignment was to read a 47 page report about the "Sexual Victimization of College Women" and do a minimum 150 word analysis of it. My analysis was two pages and some six hundred or so words. Why was I worried I wouldn't receive the 15 of 15 possible points on it? I read the report thoroughly, took note of the staggering stats, made notes and wrote up my essay. I finished it in two days and submitted it four days ahead of the deadline. I received a grade of 17 out of a possible 15, that's right, I earned two points more than the max. My professor's comments were that it was an "excellent essay and far more detail" than he had expected thus he gave me two extra points so instead of an "A" I received an "A+".

This is great, I'm earning an "A" in the class and happy with that but something bothers me here and that is that typical written work submitted by many college students isn't of such high quality on average. Trust me, while my paper was well thought out, it wasn't long and drawn out or overkill. Years ago, a high-quality paper was not only the norm expected by professors but it the norm submitted by students. Now, written work submitted by students is just "average" and a person who does quality work receives extra credit.

It seems to be there is a serious "dumbing down" in our public high school education system. I'm not saying all college students are not writing quality papers but I am saying it is a fact that many cannot write something as simple as a comparitive or analytical essay. Why don't they know how to do it? I don't know, I think it's a combination of parenting and the education system. How many parents sit down with their kids and teach them to think? How many high school teachers teach their students to think? To think is to analyze, to compare, to ponder---is anyone in high school doing that anymore?

When did "just ok" become the norm?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

It does take a village...

My sociology class has been very interesting. It's amazing the solutions one can come up with when politics aren't involved.

A good example is teenage pregnancy. The Republican party and especially our President preach abstinence only programs. Well on the surface that's a GREAT idea but realistically it sucks. The fact is that no matter how much you pound abstinence into the heads of teenagers, there will be many times they will not make that decision. Do you want them to know how to protect themselves and how to obtain it? Oh so your religion teaches abstinence. Fine, but let's face reality. Adam and Eve took a bite of the apple right? Ok the kids are going to bite too. After all they are only human. When we help these kids, we ALL benefit.

Another example is poverty. Ok fine, we can all sit here and preach personal responsibility (which I do all the time) but the fact is that there will always be people who will make poor choices in life OR who do make the right choices but wind up in a jam anyway and pointing fingers doesn't solve the problem. So while we're preaching personal responsibility we can also put into place programs to help those who get themselves into jams. When we help these people, we ALL benefit.

Obesity is a huge problem in America. But the answer is not local, state or federal laws banning certain types of food or adding more taxes to it, the answer is in education and labeling. Educate people on what's good and what's not so good and require labeling so that people can make EDUCATED choices. Beyond that, what else can you do? At some point we have to let people live their own lives even if they make mistakes. Because we've all made mistakes at one time or another.

Preaching personal responsibility for one's life really only works to prevent problems from happening, not solving them once they occur. And so we have to think realistically about solutions, solutions that work, which don't infringe upon the rights of the American people but which also make sense and which can be put into action by your average Americans with little if any bureaucracy. Government does not have to solve all our problems for us, we can do much of it ourselves.

And finally one of the biggest issues is the "village/child" mentality. While we don't want other people raising our kids because it's OUR responsibility (ok YOURS since I don't have kids), the truth is that when the "village" mentality was popular, back in the days when neighbors knew each other, teachers were allowed to discipline, and everyone watched out for each other's kids, when families lived closer, kids turned out better. And while that's only part of the reason, I'm beginning to think that the village mentality isn't such a bad thing. I think a child can be part of that "village" and still maintain his or her individuality and learn to work hard, take responsibility for his or her actions and be a good citizen who not only strives to get ahead individually but also cares about those around them.

I'm starting to believe that caring, compassion and working together without politics involved is the way to solve many social problems. Every time we get a politician involved, things get out of control, many times the problem becomes worse and it takes much more money and time to fix it. If we the people just said "ok here's the problem, now let's fix it" on a more local level, we could do more.

It's amazing how, when you take the political views out of the task of solving social problems, it's so much easier to come up with viable solutions. I think I'm going to work on that.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Talk about a nightmare....

I had the strangest dream last night, call it a nightmare because the bitch to end all bitches was in it. In the dream, DH and I woke up around noon and were late for work. When I got to work it was at my mom's house and the "wicked witch of the west" aka this bitch I used to work with in a position of power who shall remain NAMELESS, was my boss in the dream (again!). She was upset I had come in late and she had moved all my parents furniture around so she could put all her employees desks in the middle of the room and keep an eye on them (gee, surprise!). I asked her "hey where's the L-shaped couch?" and she said it was in the closet and I told her mom would be home soon and be really pissed if this stuff wasn't moved back, especially HER desk. Man I was not happy she had moved all that furniture around, I was like "what the hell am I doing working for this bitch?"

Pops swears I am on drugs! If I were on the RIGHT drugs I definitely would NOT be dreaming about that bitch.

And by the way, when I use that word "bitch" I am not in any way using the term loosely, I really REALLY mean it!

It's nice I can entertain you mom! :)

Ok so if you've been reading any of the comments on my blog from "Naomi" or "Sma" you should know that's mom, the matriarch of the madness. Well no, actually it's HER mother we call grams who is the matriarch of the madness, just don't let her know that. Apparently I do a pretty good job of keeping mom in stitches although dad tells me that the men in the white coats will be coming to carry me away "haha".

I wouldn't be surprised if they did. If you knew about last night's dream well you'd be agreeing with him.

Well if you knew my family and me you'd know there's a lot to laugh about. I mean a LOT. Every one of us has done things worth writing about like me shooting out the window on the front door with a bee bee gun, my mother running over my brother's tuba with her car, my sister washing her car outside in a tee shirt and her UNDERWEAR, my dad being tossed by my sister in the back of the truck as she drove he and mom home from a night out partying, my grandmother wearing a lampshade on her head, dad getting three vehicles stuck while trying to move a small utility shed, grams on a moped, me calling my sister's third grade teacher a red-headed witch (well she WAS!).....and the list goes on and on. And so I am happy I can be the family entertainment, I mean I didn't set out to be it, it just sort of happened. You know if I could do something outrageous I would do stand-up comedy, the clean stuff, and I'd pull from every single insane and hilarious moment of my life and that of my family. Someday if I ever get enough nerve I'd love to do it. I could too...my family gives me all the material I need!!

Is there a doctor in the house?

Because if DH doesn't watch it he's going to need one. And WE women are accused of Jekyll/Hyde personalities?


Monday, October 16, 2006

SURE I'm from a normal family...

I was telling a friend today "my family is as dysfunctional as the next" and the reply was "no way you seem so normal"

Really? Me?

I wanted to say "uh excuse me do you know my family? Oh hell no you don't! LOL"

I should invite this person over for a family dinner sometime and she will depart a bit more demented than when she arrived. Ask Deb, Lana & Jerry, Dana, Sullivan, Annie, Renee, and Liz, yes these are friends of our family who, over the years, at one time or another have been to our house for family get togethers. They came in thinking "hey this will be fun" and left thinking "my God what just just happened here?"

No, it's not a bad thing, it's really like an episode of "Everybody loves Raymond" or "All in the Family"

People look shocked when I tell them my parents are from opposite sides of the Mason-Dixon line (does anyone even use that term anymore?) and I say "yes it's true" and they feel sorry for me, but I'm not sure which side they pity, the "yankee" or the "rebel" LOL. I just say hey my mom and dad might be from the north and south but I am from Florida and Florida is NOT the South, it's basically the melting pot for rejects from other states. So I don't consider myself a southerner. Come on, everyone knows Florida is NOT the South! I don't care how much the locals use the words "Ain't" and Ya'll".

I come from an interesting family. My mother is from Brooklyn, she's Jewish. Yes you heard that right, she lives in redneckville, Florida and is from Brooklyn AND she's Jewish. In fact she's from the same part of Brooklyn as Barbra, Barry and Neil. You good Jews out there will know who they are. :)

Mom's mother is affectionately known to all of us as grams and to the little kids in the elementary school where she used to volunteer well they call her "Miss May". And speaking of that, one time I was in Wally World with grams and some little kids came over hugging her leg shouting "Miss May, Miss May" and I was thinking "ok you little slobberboxes get your hands off my gramma!!"

Anyway, I digress. Grams was born Catholic to Italian parents, but married the son of Orthodox Jews and converted to Judaism when my mom's older sister got married. (Did you catch all that?) People will ask "oh so you're mom's Jewish, so her mother is Jewish right?" I mean as far as most people know, the Jewish heritage passes through the mother. And then I'm like "well-uh yes and no, see she wasn't actually born Jewish." Then I wind up going into the whole conversion story and afterwards the person I'm talking to is even more confused so I just say "yeah my grandmother is Jewish" and leave it at that. Cause even at times I don't get it.

I've actually been asked "hey does your mom get into all those strange customs, you know all that weird Jewish stuff?"

Strange customs? Jewish stuff?

Like what? Matzoball soup? Gefilte fish? Mogen David wine? Oh yes, have you ever actually tasted Mogen David wine? Gefilte fish? Don't tell my family cause they love this stuff but gefilte fish is nasty!!! But we do it anyway at Passover each year because that's just the way it is. The important thing isn't the food, it's understanding the reason behind the celebration. And oh yes I am quite versed on Passover, everything I know about it, I learned from the movie "The Ten Commandments". Can you believe I was twenty-two years old before I realized that Charlton Heston wasn't really Moses.

Now my dad, he's from the south, actually a small civil war town--Kennesaw, which is just north of Atlanta. He comes from a Christian family, no Catholics and nobody's converted to Judaism, so no great religious stories there. Unless you count the time I was a kid visiting my Georgia family for the summer and went to church with my cousins and the pastor asked (as he did every Sunday) "Do we have any guests with us today?" and my cousins made me raise my hand so I could win a free pineapple. And I never even got to eat it!

Oh and get this. People from up north have actually asked me if my Georgia family ever owned slaves. "Oh your dad's from Georgia, did his family own slaves?"

Oh yeah, sure, thanks to my wealthy tobacco and cotton farming slave owning ancestors, we now live on a huge 10,000 acre plantation and all us girls wear big frilly dresses and prance around exclaiming "fiddle dee dee".

Yeah of course and I'm just working for a living because I want to get an idea of what life is like for the "little people" .


Where do northern folks get the idea that all people from the south owned slaves? And they also think my dad is a redneck. My father is not nor has he ever been a redneck. That's reserved for a very special breed of southern folks, usually those whose family tree doesn't completely fork (I'm sure I'll be flogged for that but it's meant to be tongue-in-cheek!) Usually when my northern friends think of rednecks they think of Deliverance. Not quite, because one thing Deliverance was missing was NASCAR.....then it would have been perfect. .

You know you need a life when...

You had a dream they FINALLY released "Indiana Jones IV"

What can I say? I have been waiting years for them to get moving on this project. DH and I watched Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi this weekend. I was RAISED on those movies along with the Indiana Jones chronology. They are part of MY culture. It's so hard to believe that Harrison is 64 (though I refuse to accept it) because it seems just yesterday he was Han Solo and Indy Jones.

There is just no better movie hero than this guy! And even though he's gotten older, we Indiana Jones fans believe he can handle one more Indy movie. So uh Spielberg, Lucas, if you can get moving on this, we fans would appreciate it.

Good for 60 Minutes...

I tend to often be critical of 60 Minutes. I've been watching them for years but in past months just got tired of their political bias, especially last week when Katie Couric did a very unprofessional thing by ripping into the Secretary of State Condi Rice in a way that all I can say was disgraceful. Couric should have been bitch-slapped for that one.

But last night, they made me proud. They took the side of "right". Ed Bradley, my new hero, did an awesome job exposing the Duke Lacrosse Team Rape Case for what it is--a SHAM. 60 Minutes spent six months investigating everything the DA had on this case, and I am so thrilled that they exposed this so the rest of the world could see it.

I have known all along there was something fishy in the Duke rape case as you can see in my posts from April 19th and 23rd of this year.

The ONLY thing and I mean the ONLY piece of evidence the DA has is the alleged victim's photo ID, but this came AFTER she could NOT identify them in a regular lineup!!!! The DA violated local and state regulations in regards to displaying photo lineup to alleged victim. There were no filler photos of people NOT affiliated with the case. Therefore, since she said she was raped by three people, no matter which three people she picked, she couldn't be wrong!


-Alleged rape victim changes her story THREE times. One story she says she was raped by five men, one story says she was raped by three, one story says she wasn't raped at all.

-Alleged victim was drunk and high on Flexeril aka Cyclobenzaprine, a muscle relaxant (I've taken this for muscle pain and it is potent!)

-Witness Kim Roberts changed her story several times. By the way did anyone notice how she was laughing and making light of the situation last night. If her friend was really assaulted would she truly be taking this so lightly?

-Paper/video trail alibi for Seligmann

-Strippers going back into the house after the alleged rape

-The captains of the team who lived in the house VOLUNTEERED their DNA and assistance to police.

-Seligmann has not been questioned by the DA or police since the alleged event.

-Physical evidence of alleged victim's vagina consistent with consensual sex which she admitted having that night with her BOYFRIEND!

-Alleged victim went to the hospital days later complaining of neck and shoulder pain she says was from the night she was allegedly raped but video taken of her dancing in her strip joint clearly shows she is not in pain and the owner of the strip joint has stated that she danced as she always had, showing no pain, and doing all her normal routines.

-Alleged victim says Evans had a mustache, but photos show he did not. The DA REFUSES to look at evidence showing Evans did not have a mustache.

-Alleged victim first says she was raped by 5 men, then 3 men, then she can't remember.

-Alleged victim has a record of lying, the LaCrosse players have no record, no incidences of misbehavior, racism or sexual assault.

-The DA REFUSES to meet with the accused, refuses to accept evidence showing that they could not have been involved.

-DA NIFONG was all over the media after this happened. He pandered to the black community so he would be re-elected.

This alleged victim has ruined the lives of three men, torn a community apart, including drive by shootings and hate crimes. How did this happen? Because in today's society it's so easy to believe that three rich white boys could rape a poor black girl.

All you have to do is point a finger at someone of a different color and that's the end of it.

Does anyone remember Rosewood?

An entire town not far from here was devastated, many blacks were murdered because one white woman accused a black man of raping her when in fact, she'd been cheating on her husband and had consensual sex with another white man who beat her up. Only after the massacre did the truth come out. By that time it was too late. The damage had been done.

Why isn't Durham up in arms over the miscarriage of justice here? And who were the IDIOTS on the grand jury who voted for the indictment?

There aren't harsh enough penalties for people who perpetrate lies about alleged crimes and point fingers at innocent people whose lives are ruined. When it does come out that she's a liar, the lives of these three men will still be ruined but this woman will move on after perhaps crying to the media that a bad childhood or addiction to drugs or alcohol caused her to lie. She'll wind up on Oprah, she'll write a book, do a tour and talk about how her life is changed because of this terrible experience.

The whole thing stinks. I can't believe that the University and Durham aren't pushing Nifong to do the right thing here and drop this case. I wish I lived there, I'd be at his office door every day demanding REAL justice.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I need a life...

Well what a weekend it has been. I took my Biology quiz and got 100% on it the second time around (we get three chances) and then on a whim I decided to take my Sociology exam just a little while ago, it just opened up tonight. I finished studying the sections today and figured what the heck. I received a 90 on it which is an "A". Right now I have an "A" in both courses, let's hope it stays that way.

Peepers and Pebbles seem to be getting along ok. They really don't interact unless Peepers is hissing at Pebs to get out of her way. Taking care of two cats is work. They both slept a lot today, we should have played with them more, I tried playing with them a bit this evening. They are both distinctly different personalities. Peepers is more sedate and plays and cuddles on HER terms, when she's done she lets you know. Pebbles on the other hand plays anytime anywhere. We know this because we can be sitting in the recliner and she just runs right up and jumps in our laps, yes she is quite a character. And a bit fast and furious for Peepers. They're only a year apart but Pebs acts more like a kitten!

Also, something strange has happened. The "H" key on my laptop is missing. Remember when the "W" keys disappeared from White House computers? I think that there is a conspiracy going on to prevent me from being able to write in my blog, but AHA I got around it, it just takes longer to punch this out without the key. Do you realize how hard it is for a fast typist like me to survive on this thing without an "H" key? It sucks. But I persevere. So whoever took it, please return it promptly or I'll be calling the "Florida Bureau of Investigation" hey actually isn't the head of that a commenter on my blog? Maybe we can get that moron to check it out for me.

Well I wish I had more amusing things to report for today but really I don't. The most amusing thing I can report is that my husband really needs to lay off the "White Castle" burgers, that's all I can say about that....use your imagination. Beer and white castle don't go along very well together. Of course HE thinks it's funny.

I have to get some sleep so I can get up at 3:30 in the friggin morning and go walking. I have to dream too because goodness knows now I have to keep you people posted on my next sleepytime adventure. Mom always wants to go to these exotic places with me, dad thinks eventually I'll be institutionalized and Susan just loves to read my ramblings--she already knows I am certifiable.

I'm just so excited about going to work tomorrow I can hardly contain myself. Well ok, I'm fibbing slightly, ok I'm fibbing completely. Honestly I don't mind my job as I work in a great department, it's just much of the rest of the institution that sucks. You know shitty drivers on the way to work, people who don't do their jobs, stuff like that.

Just another day in paradise.

See ya!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Went to the White House

My sister and I went to Washington DC last night. We actually had a pretty good time. We had these tickets signed by the President with special numbers on them that this guy gave us (he works there sort of a coordinator of visitations or something like that) and the tickets allowed us into certain places, (kinda like a carnival), only these places were the White House, Congressional offices, etc.

Well I wound up in the elevator of the White House with George Bush, man he is so cool but he wasn't real happy with the red tie that he was wearing and he told his aide as much. He wasn't feeling well either, I think he was catching a cold. I did get to sit down with him in his office and talk to him about college and he advised me. I asked him what I should do because I had checked out books on accounting and just wasn't really sure if that's what I wanted to do with my life. He said I should really think about it. Maybe Sociology? I really liked talking to him, I asked him if I might be able to sit down with him again and he said sure, next time I was in town and he was feeling better.

And the cool thing is the guy who runs the scheduling of the tours gave me a big hug (I must have known him from somewhere) and he gave me a bottle of wine and sent some gifts for my sister.

Also, I am not sure where sis went but grams and my brother David showed up in DC to pick me up and take me home. I wanted to go straight home but no, David wanted to stop and get something to eat. I told him that sis and I had stopped in Virginia overnight on our way up but that I wanted to drive straight through to get home. He asked if I had any of those tickets but see I had been collecting those tickets to see the President and Congress and wanted to give them to disabled veterans.

Before we left, I went to this locker room to clean out my stuff that sis and I had brought to DC with us that we couldn't lug around, I noticed maintenance was there chopping locks off all the lockers. I said "What the hell are you doing?" and nobody answered me and I asked three more times and finally someone said that they cut all locks off lockers at 3 pm if people don't have their stuff out. I said "well there's no sign up telling us that" and they said that was their mistake. I reported it to someone in charge. I got all my stuff, and was really careful to get everything because if I left it behind in DC I'd never get it back.

The President was really cool, we had a nice conversation, just like we've known each other our whole lives. Except he just didn't feel well and we couldn't have much time to talk because his schedule was packed. The White House is awesome, sitting in the Oval Office was neat.

I hope that he gets to feeling better soon, I think it was just a slight cold.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Rewarding incompetence....

Today's great deep thought is about people who don't do their jobs yet they are able to not only retain those jobs but they get raises as well! Many people in a government run system do just enough to get by (if that!) and will only do what they believe is in the scope of their job. "Going the extra mile" and "doing what it takes to get the job done right" (and efficiently) is not a part of their vocabulary.

This seems to run rampant in the employment sector of state and federal systems whether they be colleges, prisons or other state/federal offices. There's something about the state/federal system that prevents them from being able to get rid of incompetent people. In the private sector, if you don't do your job, you won't have a job, it's that simple.

In a state/federal system, not only can you not get rid of incompetent people but those same incompetents very often get merit raises. I always believed a merit increase was the result of hard work and going above and beyond the call of duty. Say you have an evaluation and there are three choices for your work performance---exceeds, achieves and below achieves. Below means you're not doing your job, achieves means you're doing your job, and exceeds means you're doing MORE than your job, you are going ABOVE and BEYOND the call of duty. Why do scores of "achieve" being given to those who are clearly below that? And why are these people getting merit increases?

What is the value of a merit increase if it goes to people who don't do their jobs properly? It's about fairness. It isn't right to give it to some and not others. Right?

For anyone who works in a state OR federal organization or institution, you're probably shaking your head "yes" right now because you know exactly what I am talking about.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Kudos to a local blogger!

Just a shout out to a blog titled "The Sentinel of Alachua County" which I enjoy reading. It's authored by a local blogger who really hits the nail on the head when it comes to local issues. Just when people get frustrated over things going on in this area, it's nice to find more people than you know really do care!

Leave it to Peepers...

I thought "Leave it to Peepers" would be a great title for a book about her adventures. Peepers could have little daily adventures and write about life from a kitty point of view.

For instance:

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.....there it was, a cool February evening and I hadn't had a damn thing to eat all day. I was sitting outside this little cottage in the woods meowing my ass off hoping someone would feel sorry for me. Of course I know the rules so first I sucked in my belly and my cheeks so I'd look pale and wan and wouldn't you know it worked! Some lady who seemed in an awfully big hurry bitching about being late going somewhere with keys in her hand headed towards her car when she heard my whining and came over to the tree to see what it was. She saw my poor pale, wan sunken cheeks and said "hewwo kitty kitty" and I was thinking "that's not my name lady" but really all I wanted was food so she could call me anything she wanted at that point.

She went right into the house searching frantically for food. I thought to myself "oh yeah I've seen these folks cooking steaks and baked potatoes on the grill every weekend, I know they've got good stuff " and then wouldn't you know it, she came outside with-----canned chicken. She opened it and left it there for me like I was some sort of wild beast or something.

Can you believe it? I mean come on, real cats don't eat chicken and they sure as heck don't eat out of cans. Who does she think we are? Animals? No, cats like me eat fancy feast in those real nice crystal glasses. And here I thought I had myself a couple of suckers! I mean hey I was going to work them good, have them take me in and I'd have it made.

I really should have known my life with them would be pure insanity when at the beginning, that lady kept calling me Frank. "Uh hello!" I wanted to say to her, "take a good hard look, do I LOOK like a friggin' FRANK? No, I am a girl, thank you very much!"

You know, something like that.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Today's big news...

July 31 - October 10
21 pounds & 10.5 inches


Dear Officer Asshat...

...or as I like to call him police officer who thinks his shit doesn't stink.

There's a myth floating around out there that just because you're a police officer, I have to be nice to you or you'll be a big ole meanie and take away my birthday. Oh well. If you find me acting like an asshole on campus roads, feel free. Till then, it's my blog, you shut the f*ck up and listen to what I have to say.

I know exactly who you are. I know what you look like, I know your name. I'd call your supervisor if I thought it would do any good but I doubt it will. You must think wearing the uniform gives you the right to break the law and drive like a friggin maniac, putting the lives of the rest of us in danger. Newsflash---it doesn't!

I don't know what you do when you're in your patrol car but if it's anything close to what you do in your personal vehicle, you should have your driver's license yanked and the crap kicked out of you, preferably by one of the hundreds of drivers you've managed to piss off in the mornings on the way to work.

Every morning during the week, without fail you pass us on the way to work. And because you're such a kind and gracious person (no doubt your parents would be proud), you wait to pass your fellow motorists until they reach railroad crossings, school bus stops, double or single solid lines, or while approaching hills. Hey one time when we go to town, you were in the left lane and cut off TWO Lanes of traffic to get into the right turn lane.

Ok I get it, you're a risk taker, and that can be an admirable quality at times but my husband and I would appreciate that while you're so willing to end your life in such a noble and violent manner, we're just not quite ready for that yet.

Now because I'm on anti-depressants or just maybe it's the Midol talking, and "they" say we should all have at least one good thing to say about someone else, I'll say something nice about you.

If nothing else, you're consistent. You're consistent in acting like a big fat asshole on the road every single morning of the week.

And by the way, if you're going to act like a big fat asshole bully you could at least be driving a big fat nasty bully pickup truck with a"#3" or "God Bless Dale Earnhardt" in big letters on the back windshield. But no, you have to drive some bullshit little ugly ass sedan. You should be ashamed. You're doing it all wrong.

Now that I've had my say, I feel better. I can't stop you from acting like an asshole on the road but I can call the FHP and have them sitting out there waiting for you in the mornings. Or better yet how about the county sheriff? They just love having to interrupt their morning eggs and coffee and time with their family before work just so they can sit out there and babysit on some lonely rural road because some worthless jackass can't wake up on time and decides to put the lives of dozens of innocent people at risk.

Just so you know, I am a normally rational woman. But should you wind up killing or injuring someone on the road during one of your race-capades to work, I will personally see to it you spend the rest of your sorry life behind bars.

Have a nice day,


Monday, October 09, 2006

Do something nice!

Do you want to do something nice for someone else this year?

Help Patti Lewis of Pennsylvania! (Click the title of this post to read the story!) Her son is a Marine stationed in Iraq and Patti is on a mission to send every soldier in her son's battaltion a big fat Christmas stocking filled with snacks and things they can use like foot pads, shooting glasses and maybe some electronic games to play while not on duty. She wants to get this done in time for Christmas but she can't do it alone.

Providing foot pads for these guys would total $5000, shooting glasses would be $100,000. And the cost of snacks, candy and electronic games would be much more!

If you want to donate, you can send a check to:

Fox Chase Bank
Mom 4 R Marines
4390 Davisville Rd.
Hatboro, PA 19040

or you can use paypal or your credit card and do it online by clicking here

I know finances are tight for many people, but there are also many who can afford to send a few bucks so if you are reading this and you can afford a few $$ that would be great. But remember that if you can't help Patti with money, why not do something nice in honor of them? Why not just do something nice? Why not donate some supplies to an animal shelter? Donate some of your old unused items sitting around the house (that you think are junk) to a local church charity store or animal shelter thrift store so they can sell these things and put the money back into their cause? Why not help a neighbor, coworker or stranger in need? Why not buy a homeless guy dinner? Why not donate a backpack full of school supplies to a school who has kids whose parents can't afford them? Why not donate your old car to the Boys ranch? Why not drop a few cans of food in the "food bank" barrel inside your local Publix?

We don't have to spend a lot of money or really any at all to help someone else. But you have to admit, helping someone else (whether it be animals or people) sure feels good!

Cat fight :)

Ok I couldn't get my happy ass up at 3:30 this morning to do my walk, it was nice and cozy under the covers, 50 degrees outside and I figured I'd just sleep till 4:30, so I did. And once I got up, it took me forty-five minutes to make our lunches, clean out two kitty litter boxes, clean up the litter they track onto the floor, make the bed and do everything that had to be done. I was already tired from just doing that!! DH has school tonight for three hours after work so I gave him a break from making the bed.

I let Pebbles out of her room this morning so she could move around since she was going to have to stay in that room all day today till we get home. She even walked over to Peepers litter box and food bowl and I said "no" because I wasn't sure if her scent would keep Peepers from eating and using her own litter box (and I don't need cats peeing and pooping on the floors!). I want Pebbles using using her own box and eating from her own dish and she is doing that. You should see her though, she's still skinny from being homeless so I feed her several times a day but I feed her little bits at a time because she has a habit of eating so fast.

Peeps and Pebs were hissing and meowing occasionally but behaving until Peepers went right over to Pebbles and jumped on her and we heard that awful screeching sound. Then they backed off each other. DH thinks you can just "make" cats take to each other but you can't. So I let the two of them hang out again in the house and before we left for work I put Pebbles in her room. I hate it that she's stuck in that little room all day.

And I feel bad because Dh didn't even get on the floor and play with Peepers this morning like he does EVERY morning when he gets up. I think she noticed too. She's not her old self. Well sometimes she is but other times she's not. I feel bad because she was there first.

We like Pebbles very much, she's an awesome cat, just jumps on your lap and goes to sleep, and loves to roll around on your lap and be petted. She is really no trouble at all if it weren't for the fact we already have Peepers. I'm telling you that I think I liked things better at our house when it was just Peepers, now that stems from my need for low-stress know what I mean? I cannot handle too much stress in my life and this is taking time and making me very frustrated at a time when I am being pulled in several directions.

Sooooo I may be talking DH into us finding her a home. I know he won't want to do that, and I know Susan and mom will want me to stick with it and we will try but I may not have a choice. DH and I are not sorry we took her in and I say the money was worth it, we dropped $182 on her at the vet and another $100 in food, pet carrier and other things for her. She's an awesome cat and would be a PERFECT pet for anyone without a cat or anyone with cats who don't mind other cats being around. She's housebroken, well-mannered, playful, not at all aggressive, she just needs to be in the right home and I don't know that we are it. I have to think about Peepers too and I have to think about our sanity and also the fact that the home we live in is NOT ours, it belongs to someone else and we don't want kitty problems to cause the cats to mark the carpets with their feces and urine and all that. It hasn't started and I hope it won't, and they haven't been scratching up the place, I suppose I'm just thinking ahead, maybe too far I suppose but that's just me.

We will see if things get better in the next week or two, but if there are further problems we will have to find her a good home.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Not a bad ending

Before i begin this let me say it's been 18 pounds and 10.5 inches as of today!!! Its a good thing I measured this morning because I'll be bloated for the next three days :( My weigh-in with Deb on Tuesday is going to suck, ok maybe not, we'll see.

Well let's just say that so far all is well with kitties. Not perfect but Peepers hasn't been too bad today and Pebbles has been jumping around playing and wanting to be petted. Peepers also ate some today so that is good. And as to Pebbles, well she eats too fast, she's so hungry so I only feed her a few times a day and a little at a time so she doesn't eat so fast she gets sick. They did well in the same room, oh there was a few hisses and whines but for the most part Pebbles slept under the futon while Peepers slept on her little scratchy box. I hate leaving Pebbles in that spare room all day tomorrow but I just think leaving them alone right now without supervision is a bit much plus her stitches aren't healed yet. Pebbles has a habit of running into the spare bedroom when she wants to get away from Peepers, I don't want her to think she has to do that. But at night we put her in there, the door is closed right now but not all the way, I think she'll be fine. We need to run these cats around in the afternoons when we get home from work so they will sleep all night. But some cats are nocturnal and want to move about. I imagine if they can start getting along, they will be chasing each other all over the house!

Dh and I went out and spent some $$ on two beautiful wine colored Lane rocker recliners. The new Lane Comfort Showcase opened up here in town and they were having a big sale. They have really nice stuff in there. The recliners were buy one fpr $699 and get the other free and for that deal we couldn't pass them up. They are SO big and comfy! And we got the ones where you can open one of the arms and put a drink or remotes and stuff in there. They go with the decor too which is wine and green colors. Man these things are awesome, they are wide and spacious and very very soothing on the butt and the back. And Peepers is happy we wound up moving all the furniture back to the way it was in order to fit the recliners in nicely.

Click here to see a pic of what ours looks like except we chose the wine colored. One arm lifts so that you can store remotes and other things in there, it is really a neat idea!

Just let me tell you we NEVER buy anything for ourselves, it's always stuff we need like groceries, things for the house, stuff for the kitties, things that just have to be bought. Oh every now and then we go out to eat but I've been complaining this damn futon is so friggin uncomfortable. Mom and dad gave us their old rocker and it's comfy but we needed something we could really relax in. And so we did it, we just went and bought them. And man are they great!!

Ok so I have a huge test tomorrow, I will be back to work after not having been there since last Tuesday, it will be busy, and oh I've got terrible cramps so please let it be a good day!

Put the cuffs on me

Well well lookie here we got ourselves a "live one" folks!

Some yahoo left a comment on my blog in regards to the post I made way back when about the Florida State Troopers Local 6000 (click here to read the original post). And by the way I have made NO grammatical or punctuation changes to his comment, how you see it here is exactly as it was written in the comments section of my blog.

"i work directly for the florida state troopers local 6000 and yall people dont know what the fuck your talking about. these donations do go to the children and familys of law enforcement officers because im the one who sends it to them. another thing im close personal freinds with the govner as well as the head of the florida burrow of investgations and this sight qualifies as slander i have sent a print if this page to both of them so dont be supprized if your in cuffs within the next two weeks. "

There's just something really funny about a guy who can spell "fuck" (pardon my french) but can't spell the word G-O-V-E-R-N-O-R considering well----they're such good friends and all.

Now pal, if you're going to come here and make idiotic threats and spout that you are the head of the Florida Bureau of Investigation, at least do your homework first will ya and quit wasting my time here. The "Florida Bureau of Investigation" does not exist, it's the FDLE aka Florida Department of Law Enforcement, so maybe you want to change your story now? Oh by the way the commissioner of the FDLE is Mr. Gerald Bailey and I very much doubt that you are him. Now you shouldn't go around pretending to be someone you're not, it's not very nice.

And by the way if you think for a moment that my post on the Local 6000 was slanderous, then you need to do some more reading on this site because it just keeps getting better.

Now here's something extra special just for you:

More kitty saga

Ok it's day three that we've had Pebbles and let's see, so far no kitty kat fights. We let her roam the house during the day, Peepers whines and hisses a little but she doesn't make any moves. She does get all "territorial-like" but she isn't attacking Pebbles, thank goodness. We do have a water bottle handy though!

Pebbles sleeps in the spare bedroom at night. We let her roam through the house during the day while we are home, fortunately we've been home these last three days so it's been good but tomorrow she has to stay in the bedroom all day. We will let her out in the morning and then in the afternoon but during the day she has to stay in there. And she eats SO much, we started feeding her a little bit at a time because she eats so fast. I don't think Pebbles was an outside cat before because she hasn't scratched or whined to get out. She doesn't even go near the door! She jumps on our laps, and likes to be inside. Whereas Peepers wanted desperately to be outside the first time we brought her indoors.

We moved some furniture around in the living room last night because we want to put two new recliners in today. Well, Peepers was in our room sleeping on the bed from 5-10:30 p.m. so she didn't see what we were doing. She comes out and it's all different. Now she knows the futon, and she has a certain place on it she likes to lay. She claimed that space when we found her at the old house and when we moved in here she took right to it, now she won't.

And so the saga continues....it just takes time...neither cat is aggressive by nature. Right now it's Peepers who hisses and Pebbles doesn't do much of anything back. So this is good, I think :)

This is fascinating considering I was never a cat person. I come from a long line of dog owners so isn't it amazing that my pets wind up being two homeless cats?

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Two cat household!

What did DH and I get ourselves into and did we do the right thing?

A homeless and rather starving cat found its way to mom and dad's house about a week ago. Well, they began feeding her and mom asked DH and me if we would be interested in adopting her. They couldn't take her because they have Buddy the faithful Golden Retriever and also Bee the faithful Cockatiel. And grams won't take another pet, not after the loss of her beloved parrot a few years ago.

Well had been pondering getting Peepers a playmate but weren't really ready but when mom asked us we thought "hey maybe this is a sign". So we got the cat and named her Pebbles, and took her to the Vet yesterday and had $182 worth of work done on her, had her spayed, checked, and got her all the vaccinations. Even bought her a new pet carrier, litter box, and the things she would need. We put her and her toys, bedding and such in the spare room and closed the door. She was drugged up last night and of course our "Everything Cat Book" says that you need to keep the cats segregated for a short period of time so as not to upset them too much by throwing them together too quickly. We plan to keep Pebbles in the spare room for a week or so, and hopefully while we're at work Peepers will not start clawing at the door to get in there.

Well Pebbles is a fine cat, very skinny so we feed her and she loves to be petted and roll around on the floor, much like Peepers. The problem is that when we put her in the carrier this morning so DH could take her to get her nails trimmed, Peepers who was watching carefully, started hissing and the two cats began hissing and then incessantly meowing. I think Peepers routine is slightly messed up. We pet her and play with her and make sure she knows she's still "top cat" but what I have to know from those of you experienced multi-kitty owners is...did we do the right thing? Only after the fact did I read that a cat who hides from people whoc ome in the house (as Peepers does) probably shouldn't have another cat in the house. I thought I'd done my homework till I read that statement.

Every cat is different and every situation is too and they may just get along but honestly right now along with everything I have going on in my life I now have to worry that I'm going to wind up with soiled carpets (in a rental home!!), sleepless cats, and a messed up routine, all because DH and I had goot intentions.

DH says that they will just have to learn to get along, that giving Pebbles a new home isn't an option. Let's hope it ALL works out but I would appreciate advice from the cat owner bloggers out there who have been there, done that!

Friday, October 06, 2006

A day off for HOMECOMING?

Every morning now I've been bitten by the damn allergy bug! Sneezing here and there, headaches here and there, scratchy throat. No it's not Peepers although sometimes her litter box gets to me when I'm cleaning it. I think there's something in the air, kept me home two days from work this week feeling miserable half a day and good the other half. I don't get it!

And then there was today which was not a big allergy day but we were off work, yes it was a holiday!

A holiday you ask? Which one?

UF Homecoming. Yes I know as ridiculous as it sounds, they shut down all the public schools in the county, the University, the local community college once a year for UF's Homecoming.

I just don't see the hoopla. Yeah I enjoy a good college football game as good as the next person but I'm just not interested in all the hype here. Everything revolves around Gator sports, it's so friggin annoying!

I dream of a land where everything isn't colored orange and blue or has the word "Gator" in it :)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Insanity in a family is healthy...

First off, it sounds like I was right about the whole "gaga" deal, it is true in fact, that my sister Kimmie is the one who gave me my nickname. Mom asked me if I minded that they called me that? I said of course not, even when I'm 60 years old they can call me that. I mean it's not like it's an embarassing nickname now is it?

You know I was telling mom I wanted to write more about the funny stuff that has gone on in our lives, I mean when I said my family was insane I didn't mean it in a bad way. I mean there's good insane like the Brady Bunch and there's bad insanity like the Amityville horror. I like to think we're somewhere in-between. Of course we don't see blood gushing like a geyser out of the toilets and my father never went all psycho on us, and no priests were ever forced out of our house by demons, of course we've never actually had a priest in the house so maybe that has something to do with it. But I do think insanity in a family is a good thing. I think in fact it has kept our family together. It still does.

There's always a family rift, somewhere in our family someone always has a problem getting along with someone else. And it's over really stupid things usually. This family can come together and unite in times of crisis but one little thing someone says to someone else that's taken wrong and BAM! all hell breaks loose. It's the little things that families squabble over.

If you knew my pedigree you would ask how I could be as normal as I am. On my father's side I am Irish, Scotch, Cherokee, English, and German/Prussian. My mom's side of the family is Italian, Sicilian, Romanian, and possibly Spanish. Is it any WONDER I am the way I am? LOL this pedigree can be a lethal combination.

Ok back to the insanity. It's the glue that hold the family together. And only other insane dysfunctional people get along with us and understand. Like my pal Deb, who amazingly fit right in. I always thought she was a classy chick but all that changed (LOL) when she sat down at the dinner table with us and took part in the madness.

After that she was never the same. It's like Hotel California. Oh you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave :)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The "big" post...

A friend who reads my blog regularly asked me today "What? No blog on your birthday?" to which I replied "hey the day is young" and so here I am shortly after my usual bedtime making sure I make "the big post". I have to get this done before 9pm otherwise I will never be able to get my happy ass out of bed at 3:30 a.m. to go walking!

Ok so here it is, the "big post"......

Yes, at 6:18 a.m. October 3rd, 37 years ago my mother endured 96 hours of excruciating labor (LOL, ok it wasn't REALLY 96 hours but I am guessing you knew that!) to put forth into the world a somewhat normal, healthy, average little girl named Jessica Lyn who would go forth in the world and wreak havoc among the masses and leave her family wondering "what's next?" Of course they didn't know it at the time but I would also be a real pain in the ass on my way to that "what's next"

Of course Jessica Lyn might be my name but that wasn't what they called me, at least not unless I was in trouble or something. From the earliest moment I can remember and I have a great memory that goes back to when I was at least 3 years old, I was called "gaga". Now I never could figure out why but never asked I mean "gaga" was a cute name, I was cute, hey who am I to question it right? But I think as it turns out my little sis Kimmiekins, who is a year younger couldnt' say Jessica so she said "gaga" and so being the good sport I was at that age, i said "what the hell?" and so "gaga" it was. I am sure if I have this wrong, mommie dearest will correct me! :)

Now of course nearing forty, they still call me gaga, sometimes they shorten it because well--gaga can be a lot to say ya know? So they call me goo or gogs or something like that. Do I complain? No. Why would I? When you are my age and your parents still call you by your silly baby nicknames you know you're in good with them. :)

I recall a time when we kids were little when my silly sister came up with the nickname "Jessica Wessica, big fat Pessica" the funny thing is that I wasn't even FAT! That's ok, my dad called her "worm" because she couldn't stay still. In fact, I think he STILL calls her that!!! I recall a phone conversation with dad that went like this: "Hey gogs, is the worm coming up this weekend?"

I only hope that our dear government wiretapping folks don't take that to be code for something!

If you ask me who I am more like, I'd have to say my mom. Pops knows I love him to pieces and I have a lot of his traits but I am more like mom. I am patient, passive, a dreamer, a placater, a good writer, somewhat of a philosopher, and one who craves balance and harmony, which is actually a trait of the typical Libra, and let me just tell you that a libra growing up in a home which at times craved harmony and balance was at times, HELL. Parents argue, it's normal, but a Libra just wants to go in there and say "ok can we have a group hug now?" but of course I never did that. No way. Of course Libras have their moments. I got so pissed off at my sister once that I tried pulling her hair out. This was of course years before she shot me in the leg with a bee bee gun LOL. I just always need to throw that one in there for laughs!

Getting back to being like my parents, my mother has this talent for creativeness, much like her aunt who is a wonderful artist and craftswoman and still going strong at the age of 83. Mom can write, now she hasn't in years and lost her feel for it but it's there and someday she'll put it to good use again. She has a mind that can create a story from nothing. Me? I can't do that but I am a good writer when it comes to opinion type stuff, analyzing, critical thinking type stuff.

Did I mention I am a good speller?

Oh and before I forget, I do have my dad's nose so that counts for something!!

When I was a kid mom and I didn't get along, call it that syndrome where a mom is under so much pressure, and sees so much of herself in one of her kids, she thinks they will do the same things she did. But you know parenting is so hard, parents can try so hard and just not always get it right. That's OK, because if parenting was easy everyone would do it. It's not easy, it's hard, damn hard and so people who can raise three decent kids who are good people, well these parents should be pretty happy. It's not how much money your kids make or if they have the best education or if they have the best of everything, it's about them being happy and making the right choices and having a good life. And they will have a good life if they make the right choices. See, good parents always want their kids to do just a bit better than them. I know my folks don't want us kids to go through the hardships they endured in forty years of marriage, but we endure hardships of our own and they make us better people, kinda like our parents hardships made them better people.

I am the age now my parents were in 1983. Back then, I was 14, my sister was 13 and my brother was 16. And as God as my witness in 1983 I was wringing my hands and saying "shit!!" under my breath when my mother asked me--NO--TOLD ME to do something I didn't want to do and then from the other end of the house she would say "I heard that" to which I would reply by rolling my eyes (I was a great eye roller!) to which she would get the last word (still from the other side of the house) "quit rolling your eyes at me!"

How do they know these things?

Anyway it's weird to be the age your parents were when you said "God I never want to be like them" it isn't because you don't love them it's because parents think they KNOW everything.

Guess what?

They do!

I have had a good life up to this point, it's been full of good, bad, sad and everything in between. Mostly it's been good, and funny, there's a lot of laughter in my family because there's a lot of insanity. I was talking to my best friend Deb today at lunch who recalled a spaghetti dinner at mom and dad's several years back with the "knife" incident...and any member of my family reading this who was there that day recalls that very funny episode. Well, Deb said she had a blast, that dinner is always in her memory, and what's really sick is that she totally "gets us" which means she's just as insane as we are.

I love my insane family, they brought me into the world, kept me alive, and by the grace of God (and perhaps the fact that Heaven really isn't ready for a loudmouth opinionated nutcase like me), I am still here and I hope I will be for a long time.

So I'm 37, it's not a big deal. In three years I get to be 29 ever year for the rest of my life. Hey it's true--my mother and her sister have been doing it for years!!!!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Yippee kay-yay...

July 31-October 2
Eighteen pounds
9.5 inches



I was always suspicious of the McCain-Feingold act and figured someday it would come back to bite us......

I thought this was interesting, it is George Will's column titled Speechless in Seattle

"When the state's government imposed a 9.5-cents-per-gallon increase in the gas tax, John Carlson and Kirby Wilbur of station KVI began advocating repeal by initiative. Proponents of repeal put up a Web site, hoping to raise 1,000 volunteers and $25,000. In two days they had 6,500 and $87,000. Needing 224,880 signatures to put repeal on the ballot, they got 400,996.

Appalled by this outburst of grass-roots democracy, some local governments, which stood to gain many millions from the tax, unleashed a law firm that would gain substantially from handling the bond issues the tax would finance. The firm set out to muzzle Carlson and Wilbur, using the state's campaign regulations.

It got a judge to rule that the broadcasters were not just supporters of the repeal campaign, they were agents of it. Why, they had even used the pronoun "we" when referring to proponents of repeal. Their speech constituted political advertising, and their employer was making an "in-kind contribution" to the repeal campaign. The judge said a monetary value must be placed on their speech (he did not say how, he just said to do it that day). The law says reports must be filed and speech limits obeyed or fines imposed.

State law restricts to $5,000 the amount a single giver can contribute in the three weeks before an initiative. If Carlson's and Wilbur's speech were monetized at radio-advertising rates, they would be silenced for all but about 15 minutes in each of the campaign's crucial last three weeks. They continued to talk (the repeal campaign, outspent almost five to one, lost 54.6-45.4) and, aided by the libertarian litigators of the Institute for Justice, have taken the issue to the state Supreme Court."

Another story from the article:

A few people opposed to a ballot initiative that would annex their neighborhood to Parker, Colo., talked to neighbors and purchased lawn signs expressing opposition. So a proponent of annexation got them served with a complaint charging violations of Colorado's campaign-finance law. It demands that when two or more people collaborate to spend more than $200 to influence a ballot initiative, they must disclose the names, addresses and employers of anyone contributing money, open a separate bank account and file regular reports with the government. Then came a subpoena demanding information about any communications that opponents of the initiative had with neighbors concerning the initiative, and the names and addresses of any persons to whom they gave lawn signs. They hired a lawyer. That has become a cost of political speech.

And yet one more:

In Florida, a businesswoman ceased publication of her small-town newspaper rather than bear compliance costs imposed by that state's speech police. Even though the Wakulla Independent Reporter contained community news and book reviews as well as political news and editorials, state campaign regulators declared it an "electioneering communication" in league with certain candidates, and ordered her to register with, and file regular reports to, the government.

The Brookings Institution did a rundown of the McCain Feingold bill:

Title II Section 201 Electioneering Communication: Disclosure

Senators Olympia Snowe (R-ME) and James Jeffords (R-VT) offered the following electioneering communication provisions which target broadcast issue advocacy by interest groups, political organizations, and other persons. Every organization (not otherwise banned from making electioneering communications)must report any expenditure of $10,000 or greater on broadcast electioneering communication made. An election communication is defined as any broadcast, cable or satellite communication that clearly refers to an identified candidate; is run within 60 days of a general election and 30 days within a primary, convention or caucus; and is made to an audience that targets the electorate for that office.

Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) introduced an amendment that would in the event the Snowe-Jeffords provisions are struck down by the courts, apply a different standard to communications promoting, supporting, attacking or opposing a candidate. If a communication, at any time during the year, is "suggestive of no plausible meaning other than an exhortation to vote for or against a specific candidate," then such an advertisement would be required to be disclosed according to the conditions set forth in McCain-Feingold.

Not only do I think it's a sham to disallow unions and nonprofit advocacy groups to run critical ads within 60 days of a federal election, but how long till talk radio is next?

I've always believed the McCain-Feingold bill was a sham from start to finish. On the surface it's supposed to be about soft-money contributions but when you dig deeper it's about shushing up the opposition.

How long till political talk radio is next?
How long till they attack the bloggers?

The first draft of the Federal Election Committee rules regulated most websites except for smaller password protected ones. Had the first draft become part of the final approved version, my political blogging could be taken as a contribution to the candidate not on the receiving end of my wrath. The Federal Election Committee states a contribution includes "any gift, subscription, loan, advance, or deposit of money or anything of value made by any person for the purpose of influencing any election for Federal office”

Would our political blogging be considered a "gift?"

The whole thing has stunk from day one and I have been awaiting the day that the government tries to nail political talk radio and the internet bloggers.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The first amendment and the Bill of Rights are the backbone of our free and democratic nation. My question to all of us is how much does it take till we all get pissed off and finally take action to fight the slow but sure erosion of our Constitutional rights?

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Common sense not a prereq for college...

My professors give us a syllabus for a reason. We're supposed to read it and understand it, if we don't get it, we're supposed to ask.

Our Sociology syllabus clearly stated that there would be no discussion post this week on our WebCT to give us five days to prepare for and take the first exam. Well I took the exam Monday to get it out of the way, and later in the week one of the other students posted a frantic message on the discussion board asking where we all were and was there no post this week?

In my Biology class, our syllabus clearly states that we have four exams (no cumulative at the end of the term, thank goodness!) And on the same day I read the sociology post, a student asked the bio instructor if the fourth exam was a cumulative exam?

Hello??? Why are you in college if you can't pay attention?

The syllabus clearly states everything the student needs to know about the class. So why is it that when I'm at work, I'll see many students walking up and down the hall knocking on doors asking staff (including me!) and other faculty "do you know when Prof. so and so will be in his (or her) office?" or "can you tell me who my TA is?"

Oy vey!