Monday, October 09, 2006

Cat fight :)

Ok I couldn't get my happy ass up at 3:30 this morning to do my walk, it was nice and cozy under the covers, 50 degrees outside and I figured I'd just sleep till 4:30, so I did. And once I got up, it took me forty-five minutes to make our lunches, clean out two kitty litter boxes, clean up the litter they track onto the floor, make the bed and do everything that had to be done. I was already tired from just doing that!! DH has school tonight for three hours after work so I gave him a break from making the bed.

I let Pebbles out of her room this morning so she could move around since she was going to have to stay in that room all day today till we get home. She even walked over to Peepers litter box and food bowl and I said "no" because I wasn't sure if her scent would keep Peepers from eating and using her own litter box (and I don't need cats peeing and pooping on the floors!). I want Pebbles using using her own box and eating from her own dish and she is doing that. You should see her though, she's still skinny from being homeless so I feed her several times a day but I feed her little bits at a time because she has a habit of eating so fast.

Peeps and Pebs were hissing and meowing occasionally but behaving until Peepers went right over to Pebbles and jumped on her and we heard that awful screeching sound. Then they backed off each other. DH thinks you can just "make" cats take to each other but you can't. So I let the two of them hang out again in the house and before we left for work I put Pebbles in her room. I hate it that she's stuck in that little room all day.

And I feel bad because Dh didn't even get on the floor and play with Peepers this morning like he does EVERY morning when he gets up. I think she noticed too. She's not her old self. Well sometimes she is but other times she's not. I feel bad because she was there first.

We like Pebbles very much, she's an awesome cat, just jumps on your lap and goes to sleep, and loves to roll around on your lap and be petted. She is really no trouble at all if it weren't for the fact we already have Peepers. I'm telling you that I think I liked things better at our house when it was just Peepers, now that stems from my need for low-stress know what I mean? I cannot handle too much stress in my life and this is taking time and making me very frustrated at a time when I am being pulled in several directions.

Sooooo I may be talking DH into us finding her a home. I know he won't want to do that, and I know Susan and mom will want me to stick with it and we will try but I may not have a choice. DH and I are not sorry we took her in and I say the money was worth it, we dropped $182 on her at the vet and another $100 in food, pet carrier and other things for her. She's an awesome cat and would be a PERFECT pet for anyone without a cat or anyone with cats who don't mind other cats being around. She's housebroken, well-mannered, playful, not at all aggressive, she just needs to be in the right home and I don't know that we are it. I have to think about Peepers too and I have to think about our sanity and also the fact that the home we live in is NOT ours, it belongs to someone else and we don't want kitty problems to cause the cats to mark the carpets with their feces and urine and all that. It hasn't started and I hope it won't, and they haven't been scratching up the place, I suppose I'm just thinking ahead, maybe too far I suppose but that's just me.

We will see if things get better in the next week or two, but if there are further problems we will have to find her a good home.


  1. Anonymous10/09/2006

    Who doesn't love a good cat fight:)

    I know exactly what you mean. I worry about my animals getting along. I worry about hurting their feelings. I seem to worry way more than Robert, but not quite as much as Lauren. We are thinking about taking a vacation this summer, but we will have to leave the dog with my mom. Now I worry about him missing us. Sad and pathetic, huh?

    Most likely the kitties will work it out and you will be happy in the long run. Need I remind you of all the worrying you did about keeping Peepers in the first place;)--ST

  2. Please let me know what you decide to do ok? I feel so bad about you taking her and now it sounds like you're sorry you did. I just want her to go to a good home where she will be loved and cared for.

  3. The cats will work it out if they have time together. It just takes a little time for a new animal to get used to the routine. If they have access to the litter box during the day, it's ok to leave food out for cats. They aren't like dogs...they will stop eating when they are no longer hungry. Give the little creature a chance to get acclimated and you will likely end up with a lifelong friend. :-)