Sunday, October 01, 2006

Common sense not a prereq for college...

My professors give us a syllabus for a reason. We're supposed to read it and understand it, if we don't get it, we're supposed to ask.

Our Sociology syllabus clearly stated that there would be no discussion post this week on our WebCT to give us five days to prepare for and take the first exam. Well I took the exam Monday to get it out of the way, and later in the week one of the other students posted a frantic message on the discussion board asking where we all were and was there no post this week?

In my Biology class, our syllabus clearly states that we have four exams (no cumulative at the end of the term, thank goodness!) And on the same day I read the sociology post, a student asked the bio instructor if the fourth exam was a cumulative exam?

Hello??? Why are you in college if you can't pay attention?

The syllabus clearly states everything the student needs to know about the class. So why is it that when I'm at work, I'll see many students walking up and down the hall knocking on doors asking staff (including me!) and other faculty "do you know when Prof. so and so will be in his (or her) office?" or "can you tell me who my TA is?"

Oy vey!

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