Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hours till Rolling's execution...

I recall that sunny Monday morning was August 27, 1990 when I was on my way to work and heard the news on Kiss 105 that the bodies of two young college women had been found the day before. Those were the first....Sonja Larson and Christina Powell in Williamsburg Apartments. Soon after, the severed head and body of Christa Hoyt were found in her home. And finally the bodies of Tracy Paules and Manny Taboada were found in Gatorwood Apartments off Archer Road.

That was sixteen years ago and now the pathetic bastard who murdered them in cold blood is going to die tomorrow. I've always had mixed feelings about the death penalty but if you lived here when I did, in an apartment at Casablanca with three friends, if you went through living in an apartment where every time the door rang, you brandished a knife in the face of whoever was at your door, you would understand why I think the son of a bitch has to die for his crimes.

I hope God doesn't look too harshly upon me when I say that at 6:10 p.m. tomorrow night, ten minutes after the execution of Danny Rolling begins, I will breathe a sigh of relief when his heart beats its last beat, when he takes his last breath, it will finally be over. Maybe that moment, the families and friends of the victims, and those who lived here as I did and remember the terrible fear, will finally be able to put that awful memory to rest.


  1. Anonymous10/25/2006

    I absolutely agree with you. This is coming 16 years too late in my opinion, but I am grateful it is finally here. There is no joy in capital punishment, but I am a strong supporter of it in these cases.--ST

  2. I know the New Testament says to forgive those who do us harm, but in this case how can you?? Since I was raised with the Old Testament I have always believed in an eye for an eye. This monster brutally murdered five innocent young people who never did anything to anyone. He cut their lives short and took them away from their families.

    I only have one regret about this execution.....I wish he was going to be strapped down to "Old Sparky". I don't feel that complete justice is being done when a murderer is put to death by an injection that allows him to simply stop breathing. He needs to feel the pain of his victims.