Friday, October 06, 2006

A day off for HOMECOMING?

Every morning now I've been bitten by the damn allergy bug! Sneezing here and there, headaches here and there, scratchy throat. No it's not Peepers although sometimes her litter box gets to me when I'm cleaning it. I think there's something in the air, kept me home two days from work this week feeling miserable half a day and good the other half. I don't get it!

And then there was today which was not a big allergy day but we were off work, yes it was a holiday!

A holiday you ask? Which one?

UF Homecoming. Yes I know as ridiculous as it sounds, they shut down all the public schools in the county, the University, the local community college once a year for UF's Homecoming.

I just don't see the hoopla. Yeah I enjoy a good college football game as good as the next person but I'm just not interested in all the hype here. Everything revolves around Gator sports, it's so friggin annoying!

I dream of a land where everything isn't colored orange and blue or has the word "Gator" in it :)


  1. Anonymous10/08/2006

    Sorry girl! You live in Gator heaven around here. Just embrace it!--ST

  2. I think it's kind of cool that the whole community rallies around something. It's not just sports, it's the Parade, the chance for the high school bands and cheerleaders to perform, a chance for families to come out and see this little piece of small town America together. I don't care much about the football game, but I do like to see the whole town get together on this occasion. It's about time we got the day off, too. It might be the best thing that's happened for us since Machen arrived.

  3. Yeah that is a good point. I suppose I just get tired of everything in this town revolving around the University ya know?

    As to the best thing since Machen got here, I agree!