Monday, October 16, 2006

Good for 60 Minutes...

I tend to often be critical of 60 Minutes. I've been watching them for years but in past months just got tired of their political bias, especially last week when Katie Couric did a very unprofessional thing by ripping into the Secretary of State Condi Rice in a way that all I can say was disgraceful. Couric should have been bitch-slapped for that one.

But last night, they made me proud. They took the side of "right". Ed Bradley, my new hero, did an awesome job exposing the Duke Lacrosse Team Rape Case for what it is--a SHAM. 60 Minutes spent six months investigating everything the DA had on this case, and I am so thrilled that they exposed this so the rest of the world could see it.

I have known all along there was something fishy in the Duke rape case as you can see in my posts from April 19th and 23rd of this year.

The ONLY thing and I mean the ONLY piece of evidence the DA has is the alleged victim's photo ID, but this came AFTER she could NOT identify them in a regular lineup!!!! The DA violated local and state regulations in regards to displaying photo lineup to alleged victim. There were no filler photos of people NOT affiliated with the case. Therefore, since she said she was raped by three people, no matter which three people she picked, she couldn't be wrong!


-Alleged rape victim changes her story THREE times. One story she says she was raped by five men, one story says she was raped by three, one story says she wasn't raped at all.

-Alleged victim was drunk and high on Flexeril aka Cyclobenzaprine, a muscle relaxant (I've taken this for muscle pain and it is potent!)

-Witness Kim Roberts changed her story several times. By the way did anyone notice how she was laughing and making light of the situation last night. If her friend was really assaulted would she truly be taking this so lightly?

-Paper/video trail alibi for Seligmann

-Strippers going back into the house after the alleged rape

-The captains of the team who lived in the house VOLUNTEERED their DNA and assistance to police.

-Seligmann has not been questioned by the DA or police since the alleged event.

-Physical evidence of alleged victim's vagina consistent with consensual sex which she admitted having that night with her BOYFRIEND!

-Alleged victim went to the hospital days later complaining of neck and shoulder pain she says was from the night she was allegedly raped but video taken of her dancing in her strip joint clearly shows she is not in pain and the owner of the strip joint has stated that she danced as she always had, showing no pain, and doing all her normal routines.

-Alleged victim says Evans had a mustache, but photos show he did not. The DA REFUSES to look at evidence showing Evans did not have a mustache.

-Alleged victim first says she was raped by 5 men, then 3 men, then she can't remember.

-Alleged victim has a record of lying, the LaCrosse players have no record, no incidences of misbehavior, racism or sexual assault.

-The DA REFUSES to meet with the accused, refuses to accept evidence showing that they could not have been involved.

-DA NIFONG was all over the media after this happened. He pandered to the black community so he would be re-elected.

This alleged victim has ruined the lives of three men, torn a community apart, including drive by shootings and hate crimes. How did this happen? Because in today's society it's so easy to believe that three rich white boys could rape a poor black girl.

All you have to do is point a finger at someone of a different color and that's the end of it.

Does anyone remember Rosewood?

An entire town not far from here was devastated, many blacks were murdered because one white woman accused a black man of raping her when in fact, she'd been cheating on her husband and had consensual sex with another white man who beat her up. Only after the massacre did the truth come out. By that time it was too late. The damage had been done.

Why isn't Durham up in arms over the miscarriage of justice here? And who were the IDIOTS on the grand jury who voted for the indictment?

There aren't harsh enough penalties for people who perpetrate lies about alleged crimes and point fingers at innocent people whose lives are ruined. When it does come out that she's a liar, the lives of these three men will still be ruined but this woman will move on after perhaps crying to the media that a bad childhood or addiction to drugs or alcohol caused her to lie. She'll wind up on Oprah, she'll write a book, do a tour and talk about how her life is changed because of this terrible experience.

The whole thing stinks. I can't believe that the University and Durham aren't pushing Nifong to do the right thing here and drop this case. I wish I lived there, I'd be at his office door every day demanding REAL justice.

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