Sunday, October 15, 2006

I need a life...

Well what a weekend it has been. I took my Biology quiz and got 100% on it the second time around (we get three chances) and then on a whim I decided to take my Sociology exam just a little while ago, it just opened up tonight. I finished studying the sections today and figured what the heck. I received a 90 on it which is an "A". Right now I have an "A" in both courses, let's hope it stays that way.

Peepers and Pebbles seem to be getting along ok. They really don't interact unless Peepers is hissing at Pebs to get out of her way. Taking care of two cats is work. They both slept a lot today, we should have played with them more, I tried playing with them a bit this evening. They are both distinctly different personalities. Peepers is more sedate and plays and cuddles on HER terms, when she's done she lets you know. Pebbles on the other hand plays anytime anywhere. We know this because we can be sitting in the recliner and she just runs right up and jumps in our laps, yes she is quite a character. And a bit fast and furious for Peepers. They're only a year apart but Pebs acts more like a kitten!

Also, something strange has happened. The "H" key on my laptop is missing. Remember when the "W" keys disappeared from White House computers? I think that there is a conspiracy going on to prevent me from being able to write in my blog, but AHA I got around it, it just takes longer to punch this out without the key. Do you realize how hard it is for a fast typist like me to survive on this thing without an "H" key? It sucks. But I persevere. So whoever took it, please return it promptly or I'll be calling the "Florida Bureau of Investigation" hey actually isn't the head of that a commenter on my blog? Maybe we can get that moron to check it out for me.

Well I wish I had more amusing things to report for today but really I don't. The most amusing thing I can report is that my husband really needs to lay off the "White Castle" burgers, that's all I can say about that....use your imagination. Beer and white castle don't go along very well together. Of course HE thinks it's funny.

I have to get some sleep so I can get up at 3:30 in the friggin morning and go walking. I have to dream too because goodness knows now I have to keep you people posted on my next sleepytime adventure. Mom always wants to go to these exotic places with me, dad thinks eventually I'll be institutionalized and Susan just loves to read my ramblings--she already knows I am certifiable.

I'm just so excited about going to work tomorrow I can hardly contain myself. Well ok, I'm fibbing slightly, ok I'm fibbing completely. Honestly I don't mind my job as I work in a great department, it's just much of the rest of the institution that sucks. You know shitty drivers on the way to work, people who don't do their jobs, stuff like that.

Just another day in paradise.

See ya!


  1. My opinion is that Pebbles never had a kittenhood. She's probably been out in the wild, tossed out of a car most likely, and had grow up too fast. Now that she is in a loving home, she can lay back and finally enjoy what she never had before. I'm so happy she loves you guys. (UH-OH, I CALLED YOU A GUY, DOES THAT MEAN I'M A........ YANKEE?????)

  2. Anonymous10/16/2006

    Hey GIRL ;) I am distressed over the missing H key. And your last name begins with H. What is the meaning behind this? It may be time to call in the FBI.--ST