Saturday, October 28, 2006

Irritating husband habits...

My husband has this irritating habit of insisting that everything must be in its place (well most things that he deems important) and that if a task needs to be done it should be done at that moment and finished.

Take a simple garden hose for example. Now, I use the hose a few mornings a week to put water in the various birdbaths on the front lawn. Sometimes I roll it up, sometimes I'm just not in the mood and like "screw it". I mean really what HARM is it going to cause if it sits out there. It's not in a place where anyone drives over it and it's not causing anyone harm. But DH has a hissy fit if it's not rolled up. So, the other night I'm sitting in my recliner, eating my "big salad" yes I make my own big salad piled high with tomatoes, spinach and romaine lettuce! ANyway when I'm in the midst of my big salad with ranch dressing, don't bother me. I am real serious about my greens and do not want to be disturb when I am grazing on them. Well I have my feet up, eating my dinner, totally relaxed and DH comes in the house and casually mentions how the hose is not rolled up. I'm ignoring him, just watching TV and hoping he'll go away. But then he repeats "when you going to to put that hose away?" and I said "when I get the chance". In reality I didn't give a flying rat's ass if the hose got rolled up or not. I wanted to eat my dinner in peace. He bugged me about it no less than half a dozen times and I figured if I just keep ignoring him he'd do it.

And of course I was right. He rolled it up. But not before he walked through the kitchen and out the back door muttering "we'll see how you like it next time I drag mud in the house" . Now that of course he is referring to the many times he comes in the house through the back door right into the kitchen without taking off his shoes. This of course results in me having to sweep the friggin kitchen floor several times. One day I recall sweeping it at least four times, all because he just couldn't take his damn shoes off. So his revenge at me for not rolling the house would most likely be dragging mud into my clean kitchen.

This morning when I used the hose I did roll it up because well, sometimes I just don't want to hear him. And he ought to KNOW by now that the more he bugs me about something, the less likely I am to do it. I mean this is basic children's psychology. Bug me about something, I just get irritated and think "screw you". Not that I want to be bitchy or anything but ya know men can be really nutty about stuff like that.

He's going golfing tomorrow with some friends. So I am wondering if I should make his day by rolling the hose up when I am done using it or if I should be a real pain in the ass and not roll it up. It isn't that I love pissing him off, but sometimes he acts so damn arrogant and bossy I just want to piss him off. It's like a mission of mine to just make him insane at times. Is that bad?

See that's the cool thing about marriage. You get to spend the rest of your life bugging the shit out of someone. Isn't it awful that I revel in it?


  1. OK, it's time to unhook the hose and put it in the shed. Tell him that you not only made sure it wasn't laying all over the yard, but you also made sure it was out of the elements. Maybe next time he will just be happy that he doesn't have to drag it out and hook it up himself.

  2. Anonymous10/29/2006

    Ah! The true joys in life. Bugging the crap out of your spouse. What could be more fun?--ST

  3. Anonymous10/03/2012

    Hmmm, I found this blog by accident. Maybe you should just put things away like your husband has asked you? Would you like it if he disrespected your stuff? No, I think not. You can unwrap it to do your thing, you can wrap it up when your done.