Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It's nice I can entertain you mom! :)

Ok so if you've been reading any of the comments on my blog from "Naomi" or "Sma" you should know that's mom, the matriarch of the madness. Well no, actually it's HER mother we call grams who is the matriarch of the madness, just don't let her know that. Apparently I do a pretty good job of keeping mom in stitches although dad tells me that the men in the white coats will be coming to carry me away "haha".

I wouldn't be surprised if they did. If you knew about last night's dream well you'd be agreeing with him.

Well if you knew my family and me you'd know there's a lot to laugh about. I mean a LOT. Every one of us has done things worth writing about like me shooting out the window on the front door with a bee bee gun, my mother running over my brother's tuba with her car, my sister washing her car outside in a tee shirt and her UNDERWEAR, my dad being tossed by my sister in the back of the truck as she drove he and mom home from a night out partying, my grandmother wearing a lampshade on her head, dad getting three vehicles stuck while trying to move a small utility shed, grams on a moped, me calling my sister's third grade teacher a red-headed witch (well she WAS!).....and the list goes on and on. And so I am happy I can be the family entertainment, I mean I didn't set out to be it, it just sort of happened. You know if I could do something outrageous I would do stand-up comedy, the clean stuff, and I'd pull from every single insane and hilarious moment of my life and that of my family. Someday if I ever get enough nerve I'd love to do it. I could too...my family gives me all the material I need!!

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  1. Your blog is the highlight of my day, after all, when you work in a prison you have to find your humor elsewhere.