Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Justice served,years late...

I have to ask myself what I was thinking when I turned on "Court TV" to see their coverage of the pre-execution of Danny Rolling. I tuned into Catherine Crier's program and had to sit there and listen to her go on and on with ridiculous audience pandering made up crap about the crime scenes. They were little things added in to her statements that were clearly NOT true (I know because I lived this horrific moment in time) but were inserted for shock value. As if the facts of the crime weren't horrific and shocking enough? Perhaps Catherine Crier needed to spend more time going over the facts of the case before she opened her big fat mouth. But truthfully how many media personalities (besides 20/20's John Stossel) actually DO that?

I shouldn't be surprised.

We were thinking of having what I refer to as a "Danny Rolling takes the Eternal Celestial Dirtnap" party at work tomorrow but we're supposed to be real quiet about it lest we offend those at work who are against the death penalty. Oy vey.

A lot has happened to these families since 1990. The fathers of Christa Hoyt and Sonja Larson both died before they could see their daughters killer executed. The Larson family suffered even more devastation when seven years after their daughter Sonja's death, their daughter in law Carla Larson was murdered in Orlando. These families will never get over the deaths of their loved ones, who could? Today's execution really shouldn't be a celebration, it doesn't bring the victims back, I don't even know if it brings anyone any peace. All we can say is justice was done.

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