Sunday, October 08, 2006

More kitty saga

Ok it's day three that we've had Pebbles and let's see, so far no kitty kat fights. We let her roam the house during the day, Peepers whines and hisses a little but she doesn't make any moves. She does get all "territorial-like" but she isn't attacking Pebbles, thank goodness. We do have a water bottle handy though!

Pebbles sleeps in the spare bedroom at night. We let her roam through the house during the day while we are home, fortunately we've been home these last three days so it's been good but tomorrow she has to stay in the bedroom all day. We will let her out in the morning and then in the afternoon but during the day she has to stay in there. And she eats SO much, we started feeding her a little bit at a time because she eats so fast. I don't think Pebbles was an outside cat before because she hasn't scratched or whined to get out. She doesn't even go near the door! She jumps on our laps, and likes to be inside. Whereas Peepers wanted desperately to be outside the first time we brought her indoors.

We moved some furniture around in the living room last night because we want to put two new recliners in today. Well, Peepers was in our room sleeping on the bed from 5-10:30 p.m. so she didn't see what we were doing. She comes out and it's all different. Now she knows the futon, and she has a certain place on it she likes to lay. She claimed that space when we found her at the old house and when we moved in here she took right to it, now she won't.

And so the saga just takes time...neither cat is aggressive by nature. Right now it's Peepers who hisses and Pebbles doesn't do much of anything back. So this is good, I think :)

This is fascinating considering I was never a cat person. I come from a long line of dog owners so isn't it amazing that my pets wind up being two homeless cats?


  1. Anonymous10/08/2006

    Hi! Looks like everything is going to be okay. My cat is an only cat and she will not tolerate it any other way. Now she has VERY grudgingly accepted the 2 dogs, but she absolutely must remain top cat. Krissie has 3 cats. Miss Smokey is top kitty. She really doesn't care for the other 2, but she has decided they can live as long as they don't touch her. The other 2 are great friends. I don't know why they don't team up on Miss Smokey. I think ultimately Pebbles and Peepers will be friends and you will be very happy to have them both.--ST

  2. You and mom are most likely right, you know me, I hate dealing with what I can't control!!!