Sunday, October 08, 2006

Not a bad ending

Before i begin this let me say it's been 18 pounds and 10.5 inches as of today!!! Its a good thing I measured this morning because I'll be bloated for the next three days :( My weigh-in with Deb on Tuesday is going to suck, ok maybe not, we'll see.

Well let's just say that so far all is well with kitties. Not perfect but Peepers hasn't been too bad today and Pebbles has been jumping around playing and wanting to be petted. Peepers also ate some today so that is good. And as to Pebbles, well she eats too fast, she's so hungry so I only feed her a few times a day and a little at a time so she doesn't eat so fast she gets sick. They did well in the same room, oh there was a few hisses and whines but for the most part Pebbles slept under the futon while Peepers slept on her little scratchy box. I hate leaving Pebbles in that spare room all day tomorrow but I just think leaving them alone right now without supervision is a bit much plus her stitches aren't healed yet. Pebbles has a habit of running into the spare bedroom when she wants to get away from Peepers, I don't want her to think she has to do that. But at night we put her in there, the door is closed right now but not all the way, I think she'll be fine. We need to run these cats around in the afternoons when we get home from work so they will sleep all night. But some cats are nocturnal and want to move about. I imagine if they can start getting along, they will be chasing each other all over the house!

Dh and I went out and spent some $$ on two beautiful wine colored Lane rocker recliners. The new Lane Comfort Showcase opened up here in town and they were having a big sale. They have really nice stuff in there. The recliners were buy one fpr $699 and get the other free and for that deal we couldn't pass them up. They are SO big and comfy! And we got the ones where you can open one of the arms and put a drink or remotes and stuff in there. They go with the decor too which is wine and green colors. Man these things are awesome, they are wide and spacious and very very soothing on the butt and the back. And Peepers is happy we wound up moving all the furniture back to the way it was in order to fit the recliners in nicely.

Click here to see a pic of what ours looks like except we chose the wine colored. One arm lifts so that you can store remotes and other things in there, it is really a neat idea!

Just let me tell you we NEVER buy anything for ourselves, it's always stuff we need like groceries, things for the house, stuff for the kitties, things that just have to be bought. Oh every now and then we go out to eat but I've been complaining this damn futon is so friggin uncomfortable. Mom and dad gave us their old rocker and it's comfy but we needed something we could really relax in. And so we did it, we just went and bought them. And man are they great!!

Ok so I have a huge test tomorrow, I will be back to work after not having been there since last Tuesday, it will be busy, and oh I've got terrible cramps so please let it be a good day!

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  1. Anonymous10/09/2006

    I love the recliners. They are fabulous. I'd say ya'll really deserve them. Robert and I bought our sectional from their broyhill store down the road. Our sectional is a lane, though, not a broyhill. It has a chaise lounge on one end and a recliner on the other and a sleeper sofa for when Ronald and his family come. It is extrememly comfy, so I know what you mean. I would definitely say it is well worth the price.--ST