Saturday, October 07, 2006

Two cat household!

What did DH and I get ourselves into and did we do the right thing?

A homeless and rather starving cat found its way to mom and dad's house about a week ago. Well, they began feeding her and mom asked DH and me if we would be interested in adopting her. They couldn't take her because they have Buddy the faithful Golden Retriever and also Bee the faithful Cockatiel. And grams won't take another pet, not after the loss of her beloved parrot a few years ago.

Well had been pondering getting Peepers a playmate but weren't really ready but when mom asked us we thought "hey maybe this is a sign". So we got the cat and named her Pebbles, and took her to the Vet yesterday and had $182 worth of work done on her, had her spayed, checked, and got her all the vaccinations. Even bought her a new pet carrier, litter box, and the things she would need. We put her and her toys, bedding and such in the spare room and closed the door. She was drugged up last night and of course our "Everything Cat Book" says that you need to keep the cats segregated for a short period of time so as not to upset them too much by throwing them together too quickly. We plan to keep Pebbles in the spare room for a week or so, and hopefully while we're at work Peepers will not start clawing at the door to get in there.

Well Pebbles is a fine cat, very skinny so we feed her and she loves to be petted and roll around on the floor, much like Peepers. The problem is that when we put her in the carrier this morning so DH could take her to get her nails trimmed, Peepers who was watching carefully, started hissing and the two cats began hissing and then incessantly meowing. I think Peepers routine is slightly messed up. We pet her and play with her and make sure she knows she's still "top cat" but what I have to know from those of you experienced multi-kitty owners is...did we do the right thing? Only after the fact did I read that a cat who hides from people whoc ome in the house (as Peepers does) probably shouldn't have another cat in the house. I thought I'd done my homework till I read that statement.

Every cat is different and every situation is too and they may just get along but honestly right now along with everything I have going on in my life I now have to worry that I'm going to wind up with soiled carpets (in a rental home!!), sleepless cats, and a messed up routine, all because DH and I had goot intentions.

DH says that they will just have to learn to get along, that giving Pebbles a new home isn't an option. Let's hope it ALL works out but I would appreciate advice from the cat owner bloggers out there who have been there, done that!


  1. It's now 12:54 am and I'm hoping that the kitty situation is getting better. I've heard from many friends that have more than one cat, that when they first introduced a new kitty to the "top cat" there was a little problem in them getting along, but after awhile the new kitty was accepted. I hope that this situation will work itself out the same way. If not, we'll have to start looking for a new home for Pebbles, but she is definitely not going back "on the streets" it's not safe for her, with all these crazy drivers around the county who don't care enough to slow down when they see an animal in the road.

  2. You know, several years ago an army of women at my work forced me to take in a cat that a coworker was dumping. I already had a cat and a wife who didn't want another one. But I'm a 'woman pleaser' and so I gave in. Now, all these years later, my wife and that cat are inseparable and we are both glad we took her in. My other cat, though, isn't quite as enthused. But they do watch each other's backs to some extent, so even he has benefitted a little.

  3. Well so far so good. Both cats were in the same room yesterday and after awhile Peepers went in our bedroom and went to sleep. We put Pebbles in the spare bedroom at night and close the door, she has bedding and food and litter in there. This morning Peepers is watching her carefully. We also moved the furniture in the living room last night because we're putting two new recliners in. And I think Peepers is confused by us moving it, she likes her special place on the futon. Although when we moved into this new place, she adjusted to the futon same as she did in the old place. Strange....Peepers also hasn't gone to the bathroom since yesterday afternoon nor has she eaten much although I know she has drank some water. I hope she gets over this. I hear it takes time :)