Saturday, October 21, 2006

Damn October heat!

Why is it DAMN NEAR ninety degrees in October? Because we live in friggin' Florida that's why. And WHY is the A/C NOT working? Because you see, it's ninety degrees in Florida and God must have been bored and figured that he'd get a good laugh. Well he did.

It was Friday afternoon when I realized the house just wasn't cooling normally like it usually does so I changed the filter and still it wasn't right. Hardly anything was coming out of the vents. Now of course I neglected to look inside the outside unit and see if anything was frozen. I figured the fan was on it must be ok. So I called the A/C company asking them to check it out but the guy wasn't in and I said "well have him call me Monday at work" ok, fine, I figured it just needed maintenance and would be ok. On Friday night I checked out the inside of the unit by taking a flashlight out there and peeking in and sure enough there was a nice coating of ice on the copper tubing. On Saturday morning, DH and I cleaned the part of the A/C that sucks in the clean air around the unit, it was REALLY dirty, but afterwards the copper coil iced up after being on about 30 minutes. So we shut it off and it's been off all weekend and it's been hot, in the 90's. At night it is awesome, nice and cool. Actually we put a fan in one of the bedroom windows and leave a few windows around the house open and it gets downright cool.

When we called our landlord (ugh I hate that so I will call him property owner!) on Friday night we told him we'd try cleaning it out, hey it worked when he did that to his, but then I had to email him and tell him we have to have someone come out. Hey it's one of those things property owners have to deal with ya know? Who knows when the last time that unit was maintenanced. The original owners moved out last year and they bought this place new in 1999. So, the A/C folks can come out tomorrow hopefully (we'll find somebody) and fix it. And in the meantime DH and I have to stay home to get someone out here. Seems like a day wasted ya know? :(

And so that's the latest saga. I'm sure there will be more, there always is in this family :)

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  1. Anonymous10/23/2006

    Did you see tonight's weather report? The low is supposed to be 39. I hope your heater is working;) Good luck with the repair man.--ST