Sunday, October 08, 2006

Put the cuffs on me

Well well lookie here we got ourselves a "live one" folks!

Some yahoo left a comment on my blog in regards to the post I made way back when about the Florida State Troopers Local 6000 (click here to read the original post). And by the way I have made NO grammatical or punctuation changes to his comment, how you see it here is exactly as it was written in the comments section of my blog.

"i work directly for the florida state troopers local 6000 and yall people dont know what the fuck your talking about. these donations do go to the children and familys of law enforcement officers because im the one who sends it to them. another thing im close personal freinds with the govner as well as the head of the florida burrow of investgations and this sight qualifies as slander i have sent a print if this page to both of them so dont be supprized if your in cuffs within the next two weeks. "

There's just something really funny about a guy who can spell "fuck" (pardon my french) but can't spell the word G-O-V-E-R-N-O-R considering well----they're such good friends and all.

Now pal, if you're going to come here and make idiotic threats and spout that you are the head of the Florida Bureau of Investigation, at least do your homework first will ya and quit wasting my time here. The "Florida Bureau of Investigation" does not exist, it's the FDLE aka Florida Department of Law Enforcement, so maybe you want to change your story now? Oh by the way the commissioner of the FDLE is Mr. Gerald Bailey and I very much doubt that you are him. Now you shouldn't go around pretending to be someone you're not, it's not very nice.

And by the way if you think for a moment that my post on the Local 6000 was slanderous, then you need to do some more reading on this site because it just keeps getting better.

Now here's something extra special just for you:


  1. OMG, that reminds me of the threatening letter I received way back in the 80's by one of our "good ol boy" Gilchrist County commissioners, who will remain nameless to avoid embarrassment to his family.
    Strange how our writings bring the morons out of thr woodwork....

  2. Anonymous10/08/2006

    Who was the commissioner? I'm dying to know. Have Jess send it to me in a private email:)

    That is just to funny. I couldn't find anything this entertaining on tv!--ST

  3. I can't remember who it was but I'll find out from mom and let you know. I thought you guys would like the pic at the end of the post, it was just too perfect!!

  4. I can only imagine the idiot who claims to be from the Florida State Troopers local 6000 was an extra in the filming of Deliverance. Anyone who would show the world what a complete ignorant moron they are, simply cannot have there engine running on all cylinders (if u know what i mean). I just love it when someone curses out another on the internet, like they are really going to prove a point, I mean really, I can cuss with the best of them, I can call you everyname in the book for speaking to people the way that you do, but you have absolutely baffled me with your bullshit, I am almost speechless, the only things that comes to mind is "dude you are truly a dumbass."


  5. I'm so proud of my girls!!

  6. Yep Kim aka KC is just like me :) We're two peez in a pod aren't we? LOL

  7. Lets let that dumb bastered try to put those cuffs on me first.