Thursday, November 30, 2006

Another one of life's most embarassing moments...

Ok ok so my underwear elastic broke in the parking lot, mom lost hers, Deb lost hers. So I was nearly busted for the scandalous "secret" stamp episode that occured in our barracks when i was in the military (Oh wait can I talk about that now LOL?) So I have done some stupid things, who hasn't.

But today I was innocent, just minding my own business, sitting in my office preparing for the end of my day performing tasks like returning emails, making phone calls and cleaning up my daily mess when out of the blue BAM! I tumbled backwards, lay on the floor with my feet up in the air and shouted "I don't fucking believe this". My chair threw my ass out of it and onto the floor. Thank God that "A" wasn't in his office, thank God nobody was in my office with me hearing me go apeshit with the "f" word and thank God I was wearing underwear (at least that's what "JAD" told me later--she was referring to Britney's recent crotch shots on the internet but I digress....)

Those addicted to being on the phone will be impressed at the fact that throughout this "horrible tragic event", the phone receiver in my hand never dropped. In fact, while I was on the floor I was completing my phone call. Oh hell yeah I'm good.

It wasn't my fault the chair broke. It was made in China (nuff said) and purchased at a local office supply chain (nuff said). The stem of the chair which was welded metal broke clean off the bottom of the chair which it was connected to. It was a clean break and looked to ME like a shitty welding job. Well after hearing the ruckus and my few choice words, "JB" came over from his office next door to see if I was ok. Oh nothing more than my pride was hurt, my shoulder had hit the desk but it's just a little sore now with a slight bruise and my back isn't sore like it was so I am fine. But gee, it was funny, I mean after my few choice words, even I was laughing.

Eventually I threw the two pieces of the chair in the hallway for maintenance to take but how things work at my institution, it'll be a year before the chair is removed. Therefore, I am going to take my camera Monday and get a picture of it for you so you can see the awful thing that maimed me for life. Where do I sue?

I can see it now, the headlines would read:

"Amazingly gorgeous and intelligent woman's chair falls backwards, she sues university $10 million for pain and suffering" (ok ok so I took some artistic license there, I'd only sue for $5 million!!)

Let me just tell you this, if I was going to sue that place for pain and suffering it wouldn't be over falling backwards out of some silly chair. Trust me on that one :)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Teenagers who terrorize others...

Man I am really pissed off. My pal has a problem you can read about here. It's about a teenage terror who lives next door to her son's best friend. This teen is dangerous, to my friend, her son and husband and to her son's best friend and his family. It's escalated to the point of fearing for one's safety. It just burns me up. First off, his parents don't give a damn. They should be held personally responsible for his actions, somebody needs to give them a serious fucking (excuse my french) wake-up call before he does any more harm.

If you were in her shoes what would you do?

And ps..I'm editing in...since I found out that Deb's restraining order against our 16-year old terrorizing teen whose parents don't give a damn, was DENIED, I am furious, but I remain calm. Calm because I believe the law will prevail and if not, we're Italian. :)

I saw D~ today. She is so tired and worn out, I wanted to just carry her on my back and take her home, tuck her into bed and guard her door for a week so no one would wake her up. Sadly I can't do that and I don't think Deb is the kinda gal who relishes being thrown over people's shoulders, although I would if I had to and she's so light anyway :)

Seriously though, if this 16-year old SOB does ANYTHING to D and her family, I will stop at nothing to see him behind bars for the rest of his life. I will not harm him physically but I will make sure that he pays, I promise you that. Of course I will have to wait in line behind sis, Sma, Pa and the rest of my family and of course D's.....

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Peepers & Pebbles...

Most of you know the story but I'll repeat it just for the hell of it. Back in February I was going out one night and I heard this "meow" from behind these trees in our yard. Lo and behold it was a black and white cat, (later we found out she was about two years old), and she looked very well cared for and had an exceptionally shiny coat. Since we had seen a cat similar to her in our woods periodically (we had a few neighbors with cats), we figured she belonged to one of them. (I eventually called our four neighbors and she did not belong to them). So that night, I petted her and gave her a can of chicken and went on my way. Well, she stayed. She was there day after day, we would arrive home from work and she'd be waiting for us. I don't know where she went all day but one day I was off work and found out she would sleep all day in a bed of pine needles under a huge azalea tree behind our house. We put up signs and put an ad in the paper for a lost cat but nobody ever called. I knew we couldn't keep her (our life was simple without kids and pets) and one day I called the Animal Services folks and was going to have them come pick her up. Being that she was well-cared for, we figured someone would adopt her. But then we cancelled that because we really liked her and she was sweet and we didn't want to see her stuck in some cage (it's a no-kill shelter).

Well for the good of the kitty and the neighborhood, we got her spayed through Operation Catnip. We also got her shots too, and eventually decided to keep her. And we named her Peepers and she's been with us ever since. She really liked the old cottage we lived in although we could hardly get her in the house during the last three months we lived there and she was with us. But she loved the outdoors and chances are she probably was raised in those woods. When we moved to the new place about 25 minutes further out, also in the woods, I was afraid how she'd handle it and I wanted her to be an inside cat but was unsure how she would adapt. So on the first day at our new place, we let her out of her kitty carrier and she ran off. I cried, DH worried but assured me she'd be back. At 10 pm that night she was sittnig outside our door wanting to be fed. So for another month we let her in and out as she preferred and even taught her how to use the built-in kitty door on the back door. She liked using it to go out but couldn't figure out how to get back in through it! Finally one day we were ready to keep her in all the time and since May she's been an inside-only cat. And she loves it. She is 12 pounds though not overweight, she is in great shape and she loves to play. She's pretty sedate most of the time but her play mode comes early in the morning and late at night! She knows that DH will get on the floor first thing in the morning and play with her!

Ok now here's the second story. About two months ago my parents heard a meow outside their house in the country. Turns out it was a terribly skinny kitty kat with a precious face and sweet personality. They had a dog and a bird and so they could not have an indoor cat but dad would have been happy keeping her as an outdoor cat. But the family we come from well we keep our animals indoors. So, mom and dad fed her every night, she got used to tuna and about a week after they found her, they asked DH and me if we wanted her. DH's first reaction was YES! He wanted that kitty even before he saw her. We had been thinking of a playmate for Peepers and well, what harm could it get saving another cat? Well we brought her home, she was so skinny you could see her bones! She probably weighed 4 pounds. We took her to the vet and paid over $100 for a spay, shots and the works and now she's an indoor-only very happy 8 pound cat who has this unique face and awesome playful personality. She's 2 1/2, a year younger than Peepers but she is more like a kitten.

And that is the story of Peepers and Pebbles. They are both still very young but Peepers is more like the mature older sister, occasionally chasing and swatting at Pebbles and asserting her territory (she's definitely the alpha cat) while Pebbles is a "lapcat" and likes to climb on the back of our chairs here in the home office and curl up around our shoulders. You would NEVER see Peepers doing that! DH built them each a window seat so they can sit by the open windows on the weekend and sleep. They like that. Pebbles has many times taken up residence in our master bath by the window next to the tub and just takes in the cool crisp air. That's probably the closest we'll get her to a bath LOL.

We finally got some recent photos of Peeps and Pebs so I can post them. Took me ages to upload to photobucket (dialup sucks!) and since I am home sick with some kind of stomach bug and have nothing else to do in between resting and checking my work e-mail. Here goes!

One of these things doesn't belong. Can you guess?

Definitely a "lady of leisure"

Imagine my surprise when after paying the bills, filing
some paperwork and cleaning up my desk, I found a
"Pebbles" in my in-box.

My name is Peepers and I'm addicted to standing by the
back door hoping it will magically open. Funny how

it never does.

This isn't what it looks like. I'm not playing with
a little stuffed kitty-kat, honest!

I do believe Peepers is livin' in the lap of luxury!

Peek-a-boo or is that Peek-a-Pebs?

Peepers at play!

Look closely! This is as close as these sisters get
without getting into trouble!

There's more to come eventually but for now this should hold ya! Now you have seen the infamous Peeps and Pebs!

Monday, November 27, 2006

You're twentysomething and in college--GROW UP!!

The names in this post have been changed to protect the innocent.

There's a student, we'll call her Rhonda and she had a scheduled exam the week of Thanksgiving. Students were given the opportunity to take it early so they could leave town or they could take it on the scheduled date before the holiday. Rhonda however decides she wants to take it when she comes back from her holiday. She booked her plane ticket so she could leave earlier because it was cheaper. Now I'm thinking "uh didn't she read her syllabus? The exam date is very clearly outlined in it" but did that matter to Rhonda? Nope.

Her professor is a real great guy, everyone loves him, he's not only smart and savvy in his field, but he's a genuinely nice guy and cares about his students. He gives his students a second chance and opportunity to prove themselves and succeed in class. But there are always a few who take advantage of that fact. Anyway, here comes Rhonda on the Monday after Thanksgiving to take her test after the fact....and she isn't even prepared for it, that much is evident, even though she had extra time to prepare for it, she didn't. So I suppose she didn't gain an advantage over those who took it early or on time, did she?

My beef here isn't with the professor who tried to help her, it is with college students who want us all to think they are adults yet they do not act in such a manner. Classes are overcrowded, there aren't enough professors to go around, I say that the lazy slackers like Rhonda should give up their seats to students who really want to learn.

There's a chance Rhonda will "grow up" and be a productive member of society but there's a chance too that she will continue to play the pity card to get her way and while she'll probably get a job somewhere and work her way through life, she'll be a burden to someone, somewhere in society. And along the way she use the people who help her along in life and one day it's going to come back at her.

I know that the extra time Rhonda had was not used to prepare herself for her exam so I am not concerned she got an extra edge but her fellow students may not know that. Had I been Rhonda's teacher I would have liked to ask her how she would have felt if the shoe had been on the other foot. How would she have felt if she had been forced to take the exam on the scheduled date and someone else had the opportunity to take it a week later? You see, I am quite sure Rhonda never thought of this because normally people like her do not consider the consequences of their actions, they don't think about what's right and wrong, what's fair and unfair, they don't care about anyone but themselves.

Welcome to the new generation of college students which consists of a rather large population of young people who have so much handed to them, who think the world revolves around them and the rest of us should just drop everything to do for them. No way, not me. Perhaps it's why my professors like me, perhaps it's why some of the younger ones in my class don't like me. I am a caring and compassionate person, but I draw the line at using and abusing PEOPLE for one's advantage.

These young people have to be taught at a young age about being caring and compassionate and also just as important they must be taught about respect for people and for the rules which exist and are necessary for society to function. Life is not black and white, I believe for the most part it is gray and yes there are times rules may be bent but not where it gives one person an unfair advantage over another.

And so now that I have it out of my system, I feel better. But I know that not far into the future there will be another Rhonda, in fact several of them and I'll be bitching again before you know it.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Why men can't handle the family finances...

...because they don't want to. I'm sure of it.

My DH is a smart guy, he can handle the family finances if he wanted to but the few times I tried to show him how to use our credit union billpay system, he just refused to learn. He said it looked complicated. He knows who we pay and usually how much we pay. He knows where the bills are kept, but he just won't learn to actually pay them. I've known a lot of men like this so DH is not the only one. The big question is do they not do it because they really don't want to mess it up or because they just don't want to do it?

It reminds me of an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond where Ray doesn't understand why Debra hates doing the family finances and he keeps talking about how easy it is and so she hands it over to him. What does he do? Oh he writes checks to pay the bills but doesn't balance the checkbook and doesn't reconcile the statement. He winds up $3,000 in the hole and tries to cover it up with a fake checkbook so Debra won't know.

It could be that DH knows I have a pretty good handle on it and he doesn't want to mess anything up and I can understand those feelings. However DH does slightly remind me of the character of Frank Barone (in more ways than one if you only knew). Now the character of Frank is a smart guy in his own right but he thinks the women should handle the "home" while the men do all the "hard" work.

Oh yeah as if "the home" wasn't hard work? LOL so who wants to relay that to my mother, my mother-in-law, and oh yeah--our grandmothers? Hmm....

Friday, November 24, 2006

Christmas not about shopping...

Ok at the risk of being shunned by those who read my blog who participate in the Christmas shopping misery I am going to just come out and say--I think you are insane if you do it.

As I get older, I am more comfortable with our decision not to participate in the gift-giving season. This reassurance comes every time I see the television footage of the madness of people fighting over simple things. Storming through store entrances, practically trampling one another, to get easy bake ovens? Come on people. Have you forgotten the reason for the season?

This shopping stuff has nothing to do with celebrating either holiday. The media and big corporations have turned what should be a holiday of peace and reflection into a shopping frenzy. DH and I can't in good conscience be a part of it. And when we see footage of people trampling each other for easy bake ovens and $600 play stations it makes us feel embarassed that these people are actually members of the human race.

I'm not saying that people who buy Christmas gifts are bad people ok, but I think you get what I am saying and that the frenzy is nonsense and those who participate in the frenzy are just plain insane. The commercialization of an important celebration has taken away from the true meaning of it.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Things to be thankful for...

Well another Thanksgiving has come and gone and amazingly everyone in my family survived it. Perhaps we were all well behaved? I spent the day cooking a 6.36 lb turkey and some small side dishes as well as a punkin' pie. My butterball turkey came out a bit dry but DH thought it was the best ever (uh-huh, I know, WHY would I want to argue with him?). Long after we cleaned up and the pie was baked, I drove over to mom and dad's to see the rest of the family. I gotta get my mom a dishwasher. Every year she cooks and every year she winds up doing all the dishes, and believe me in my family, on special occasions, it seems every pot and pan, every dish, silver and glass is used. I think dad's idea of taking her out to dinner next year is perfect. That or if things go well, everyone comes to my house, well almost everyone.....I have a feeling grams will want to be at my aunt's house. I can't tell you if my DH will have set aside his feelings about my family by then but I can tell you while there is hope and he has talked of it, there is no hope for him and grams. It's a battle of wills, both are stubborn, both believe the other is wrong, and frankly neither of them will give on this issue. That's fine with me. I love them both and already told them I wasn't taking sides on it. Let's just put it this way, I truly believe that as much as my grandmother loves me, NOBODY would have been good enough for me ok? She's a wonderful woman who has given us all much over the years. Without her, our lives would have been empty. However....even 89 year old grandmothers aren't without their faults. They have earned the right to be respected but it's a two way street.

Now if I know my mom she's going to start feeling bad and make negative comments on this post about the situation. Mom, before you feel sad and make negative comments about the situation, don't. Believe it or not, despite the situation--I am happy and am optimist about the future. I also know that we just cannot make two people see eye to eye if they do not want to. You know that. Everyone has a different personality and sometimes you cannot change someone no matter how hard you try. We cannot force these kinds of situations to be like we want them to be. This is one of those situations where we are dealing with two obstinate people. And I for one, while I am an optimist about things working out, I am not going to use up all my creative energies trying to make the situation what I want it to be.

Like mom, I have the ability to see both sides of a situation. And like mom I am a placater, I feel the need to mediate, work things out between warring factions. But I have found that the placaters, the mediators, in the family sometimes suffer the most if they persist on matters working out to their satisfaction. I often remind DH of the serenity prayer which may seem hokey to many but I am learning to live by:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Honestly when a situation doesn't go my way, I sit back and ask myself is it something I can change? And if I can't change it, do I have the courage to sit back and let it go? Most people will probably find that difficult, but it's because we're human. It takes an extreme amount of willpower to let something go that is beyond one's control. In my situation, I have let go of what I can't control, and I find such peace in it even though the situation itself is a bit sad and frustrating. If I were to focus my energies on it, I would be a mess. Those who care about me would rather see me happy and so now maybe they understand a little bit more about why I just incorporate the situation into my life and accept it for what it is, instead of using up my energies to fix it. Does that make sense? I am not a religious person but I do pray, and I do believe that what will be, will be, regardless of how we humans intervene and try to twist and turn things to suit us. Que sera sera or something like that.

On the whole I enjoyed my Thanksgiving. Instead of focusing on what I don't have or what I can't change, I focus on what I do have and what I can change. I am thankful for being alive and healthy, I am thankful for a husband who I love and trust, I am thankful for my mom and dad who brought me into the world and saw me through some pretty tough times and love me for who I am and encourage me to be all I can be. I am thankful for my sister who, even though she is terribly critical of herself, she is a gift to me, she is the best sister anyone could ever ask for. I am thankful for my brother who, despite the fact I don't see or hear from him, is a decent guy. I am thankful for my grams who was there for me all my life when I felt I had nobody else to turn to. I am thankful for my aunt, my mamaw in Georgia, my cousins, uncles, all my family period. I am thankful for my job, a good job which pays well and gives great benefits like health insurance and a tuition waiver for college. I am thankful I work in a department where I love the people I work with---well at least most of them. I am thankful for not having any illnesses, diseases or conditions that limit my lifestyle or lifespan. I am thankful for living in America where I can write and speak freely, attend college, own property, vote, and make my own life choices.

I am especially grateful to be alive. Somehow, someway, with all the shit I have done in my life, God has seen fit to allow me to wake up every morning just one more time. I know from having lost people I cared about--people who went to bed one day and just never woke up, who went in for a simple operation and died freakishly and unexpectedly, who one day were healthy and the next day found out they had cancer or a brain tumor and only had weeks to live, who got into their car and wound up in an fatal accident, who got in their car one day to run a simple errand only to be gunned down by a carjacker--I know that every day we wake up and take another breath is a good day. We only get one chance at life and this is it. I just hope I'm doing it right!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hey I just inherited ten million dollars!

Isn't this great? LOL


How are you? I am sure that you will be surprise to receive my email since I have not met you for the first time. I wanted to do something that I know will be good to God and Humanity. Though there are lots of problems on the Internet but I still feel comfortable writing to you. What I am going to let you know now may sound very unbelievable, but I don’t care how it sound but that is what I intend doing and I will want to do it through you.

Well, My name is Mrs. Jane Smith. I now live In Cambridgeshire Let me take you down to a little about my history. I am a self-employed consultant and
a board member of the Nene Housing. I am a dying woman who had decided to donate what I have to poor and for the purpose of Charity through you. You may be wondering why I chose you, I entered into Internet searching for a reliable profile that sooth my heart and Mind tells me you are the right person for what I want to do. And I am doing this on trust because I know I may live or I may not but I have to leave a legacy behind.

I am 59 years old now and was diagnosed for cancer about 2 years ago, briefly after the death of my husband Mr. Smith Alex Pitt who had left me everything he worked for. I have been touched by God to donate from what I have inherited from my late husband to you for the good work of God, rather than allow my Relatives to use my husband's hard earned funds ungodly. I have asked God to forgive me of All my sins and I believe he have, because He is a merciful God.

I will be going in for a radioactive Surgery in a week time, and I pray that I survive the operation. I have decided to will/donate the sum of US$10,000,000(Ten Million Dollars) my husband to you for the good work of the God, and to help the motherless, less privileged and also for the assistance of the widows in Your Church, and organization.

At the moment I cannot take any telephone calls, or reply emails due to the fact that my relatives are around me and I have been restricted by my doctor from taking telephone calls because I deserve all the rest I Can get before the surgery.

So please dont worry about me okay because incase I lost my life, I will be smiling at the poor for at least I have tried to touch their life so preciously through you.

Presently, I have informed my lawyer Barrister Charity Smith Working with Charity Chambers in London about my decision in willing this fund to you. I wish you all the best and may the good God bless you abundantly, and please use the funds well and always extend the good work to others.

Kindly contact my lawyer through this email address:

Please if you can help then contact my lawyer. She will tell you the necessary arrangements on how to release this money.

Further more you should remove 40% for the expenses you may incur in the quest to get the money transfer to you and your assistance if you will love to assist, I Am now too weak and fragile to do things myself due to my state of health.

NB: I will appreciate your outmost confidentiality (Keep it within you) in this matter until the task is accomplished. I don't want anything that will jeopardize my last wish, due to the fact that I do not want my relatives or family members standing in the way of my last wish.

Mrs. Jane Smith (BA Hons)

Now since this is supposed to be confidential, don't tell anyone ok?? LOL

Monday, November 20, 2006

Take a bow Jess...

Ok now for some bragging rights cause mama's going to let me have it if I don't mention this.

Someone who is writing this doesn't have to take the final exam in her biology class because she's already got an "A" and the highest grade she can get in the class for the term. That's right boys and girls. My professor sent out an email to those of us who already have an "A" so we're good to go for the term and she's assigned our final grade. I could take the final which covers the last three chapters just to see how high I can go but the letter grade won't change. So I guess that's it. One "A" down, another to go. I have a final in Sociology and that's it, I think the way I figured it, to have an "A" all I need is a 73 which is a "D" on the final. Now believe me, I wouldn't score a 73, I'm hoping to ace the test like last time, but still, it won't take much for me to get the "A" I worked so hard for. Don't worry I am going to put my "all" into the Sociology final :)

In the meantime until January 5th I can chill, go walking again in the mornings like I was till a few weeks ago, work on my homemade Christmas cards, read my Sherlock Holmes Volume I and relax!!

That's all my ramblings for now. I gotta go because I think Pebbles must have just shit in her litter box in the room because even all they way in here I can smell it!! Better go clean that litter box before I puke! YUKK!!

Nite all...

Lazy good-for-nothings...

I believe that common sense is not something one is born with, it's acquired through one's own experiences and through what's learned through experiences of others, but generally it's a learned behavior. Not having studied psychology I am unsure of the age at which common sense begins to set in, all I know is that at some point, for most people, it does set in. So what is it when a seemingly mature, married, twenty-something with a higher education can't seem to follow simple instructions? This person disappears for months at a time willy-dicking around doing their own thing and then only when they fuck something up, they show up needing your help. I don't get it.

And speaking of not getting it, what's with lazy good-for-nothings who can't be fired because of their skin color. At least that's the impression their coworkers get. Why else could it be that so many employees of a particular ethnic makeup in federal, state, and local governments as well as at other institutions who can't do their job right, spend most of their time with friends visiting in their office, on their phone making personal calls, or doing anything but their job, get the same raises, bonuses, and privileges the hardworking folks get. Nobody said life is fair but this goes beyond fair, this is a system afraid of writing up or firing certain employees because of their race. It runs rampant through these institutions and nobody can do a damn thing about it. People in positions of power are afraid of the lawsuits. And the supervisors aren't helping things. By giving a lazy no good slacker, a good evaluation, you set the institution up for lawsuits when the person is written up or fired. And how can any complaint be considered valid if their evals are pulled out and all the marks are good? Lazy slackers get good evaluations year after year and nobody gives a damn. Meanwhile the public's hard-earned tax dollars are being wasted paying salaries and benefits for these people. It's gotta stop. Not only is it a waste of taxpayer dollars, it sets the tone for poor morale in the workplace.

The thing is how do you put a stop to it?

Which is it Charlie?

Charlie Rangel believes that the U.S. military "disproportionately puts the burden of war on minorities and lower-income families."

Again, just another Democrat trying to promote the ridiculous idea that those who join the military are stupid, weak, and poor. People who join the military do so for all kinds of reasons, but the great thing is in this day and age, it's their CHOICE. If a poor black kid from the Bronx wants to join for a better life, GOOD FOR HIM, but let's understand nobody forced him to do it. HE MADE THE CHOICE!

Rangel also supports mandatory military service for all men and women. First off, just like not everyone is cut out for college level academics, or for certain types of jobs, others aren't cut out for the military. It's not a bad thing, it is what it is. And this is America and in America we should be free to choose whether we join or not. And we need to quit promoting the US military as a haven for weak, uneducated, and minority and start promoting it for what it is---a military full of men and women who come from all walks of life, who join for many reasons, who in most cases come out of the service a better and different person than when they went in.

But it was their choice, and for our military to remain high-quality it has to be remain that way.

You know what is really funny about all this?

Months ago the Dems were spreading the a rumor that the Republicans were hoping to bring back the draft which would disproportionately affect minorities, the poor, and the uneducated.

Now the Dems want mandatory military service because they believe an all-volunteer military disproportionately affects minorities, the poor, and the uneducated.

Which is it Charlie?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Pebbles the kurious kat!

I gotta tell you that it's damn hard to type when there's a kitt kat in the way. I'm talking about Pebbles who, while I am on my computer, usually sees fit to plop her entire fluffy body right on top of my keyboard. At this moment I have my walkman on the desk, turned on and she is getting a real kick out of listening to the voices coming out of it but not understanding what they are so she was pawing at it. Now she's sitting here intently listening to it. Maybe I can get her into it--it's my usual Sunday night old time radio shows.

Pebbles, who you haven't seen photos yet is 2 1/2 years old but more like a playful little kitten. She's only a year younger than Peepers but she's so curious and playful. Whereas she is like a kitten at 2 1/2, Peepers at a year older is more the mature older sibling. Not that Peeps doesn't like to play it's just that Pebbles is a more curious type. Just a few minutes ago I caught her in my in-box here on my desk at home. So I took a pic of her. I'm thinking the caption might read "how do I process this task?" LOL. She's a riot, they both are. Not a day goes by without some sort of excitement related to these two!

Pebbles is real trouble though, in a good way, she's so curious, she is hilarious. Although she has one bad habit, she likes playing with the electrical cord on the lamp next to the futon. I have found the "caution" label that goes on it. I have tried a stern "NO!" when I hear her doing it. I just don't want her to get buzzed. I gotta think about how to remedy this one.

She's a nut for sure. Peepers is too, just in a more subtle way. As soon as I get the pics of them developed I'll post them. In the meantime, Pebs is getting curious again and I am afraid that she's about to lay on the keyboard and make herself at nite nite all!!!

Friday, November 17, 2006


Thank God it's Friday and I mean that. Today's post is a little of this and that.

I could use some Disco now. Yesterday I heard Donna Summer's "Bad Girls" on the radio when I pulled into the parking lot at work. I just cranked it up. It was great. I have to find some disco and put it on so I can clean the house to it.

Well, for weeks now I've been telling friends and family that I would NOT buy any new jeans until I could slide mine off without unzipping or unsnapping them.

Well, the time has come. Last night I was able to slip out of them without unzipping or unbuttoning. My pants legs are so baggy on me, the butt hangs and the waist is a few inches too big. But I continue to wear them because, oh hell I just don't have the heart or the money to go out and buy a completely new wardrobe. The funny thing is this is only after 42 pounds. Imagine double that--Imagine what I will look like after losing double that? Which I will do by the way. I will DEFINITELY need new clothes then. For now I'll buy a belt, that should help. Now I keep asking myself WHY I got rid of all those smaller size clothes I'd been hanging on to for five years. Skorts, miniskirts, smaller size jeans--I gave them all away last year thinking I would just never be able to drop the weight.

And now I am doing it. Shit! You know the first thing I'm going to do when I meet my goal? I am going to get a pair of nice fitting Lee jeans (always were my favorite) and a simple tee shirt and tuck it in just like I used to do in the old days. See I don't need fancy clothes, I just want to wear nice fitting jeans and tuck my shirts in. For me that's it. Hey if it gets cold I'll throw a sweater over it.

I have to get walking again, I just have to, this weight will drop even faster. But I am not complaining. forty-two pounds is pretty serious weight loss, I am really thrilled about it. I know it's hard to tell sometimes with the baggy clothes but trust me there is a big difference. Besides I feel better about myself, I am no longer depressed about life like I was (which went far beyond just a simple weight loss thing), and I feel pretty good. I just want to live longer and be happy. Doing this will mean I achieved a big goal..just like being back in school, at my age, it isn't easy but I am doing it, which pretty much means everyone else my age can do it too!

Ok onto more stuff...

You know I find it amazing that a professor is kind enough to give his students SIX whole days to take an exam online and the same students manage to come up with lame excuses as to why they couldn't do it. Perhaps if they werent' spending so much time doing online gaming or checking myspace they'd have time? I say hey if you can't find 50 lousy minutes of time in six days to take an exam, you don't deserve to be in college. College is not for slackers, quit wasting my professor's time.

I have this HUGE pet peeve that is no stranger to anyone who knows me. Young punks drag racing on the highways. That leads me to this next sad story. Two North Marion (Ocala) High School punks were drag racing yesterday and they caused an accident which put an innocent bystander in another vehicle, in the hospital. The girl is in serious condition. This is the second or third incident in a week.

And oh yes it never fails at least once a day DH and I have some jackass passing us illegally but YESTERDAY was great, we had one guy pass SEVEN cars on a hill. Yes, SEVEN cars. I can't imagine being that much of a hurry, not even to get to work. As much as I love my job, I love being alive more and I besides, I could not live my life knowing that my irresponsible driving killed an innocent person. I'm not talking a simple accident, I'm talking about blatant irresponsibility.

Speaking of being irresponsible, I've never actually worked for a man who once dictator of a third-world country but I can imagine it just sucks big time. All I can say is that Mr. Dick-tator aka head warden of a prison really needs to quit being a warden over his employees and start being a warden over his inmates. What the hell purpose does it serve to rule your employees with an iron fist while your inmates run wild? Well I suppose at least the inmates will like you and if they ever riot and take over the prison they'll skip over bashing your head in right Mr. Dada? I mean Mr. Warden? You may have your corporate folks fooled but not your employees, they are so onto you.

And finally? This is totally unrelated and out of the blue. Can you name all the actors who have played James Bond prior to Daniel Craig? I can. Thanks dad because it's your fault I know these things....

Without looking them up they are:

George Lazenby
Roger Moore
Sean Connery
Timothy Dalton
Pierce Brosnan

and oh yes...David Niven played James Bond in the 1960's spoof of Casino Royale :) Maybe he counts maybe he doesn't BUT I thought it was worth mentioning. I'm a trivia nut when it comes to films and actors.

I think the only people who could match me wit for wit at the classic movies version of Trivial Pursuit would be my parents! They taught me all I know!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Toilet paper burning never hurt anyone...

I believe some people were severely ripped-off in life. What I speak of is the two words that mean more to me than just about anything else and that would be "common sense". We're in the chiropractor's office today and there's a guy laying on the table, the one where this thing automatically rolls up and down your back right? Well his phone goes off and really loud and he proceeds to lay there while the machine is doing his back and yapping on and on about some makeup and jewelry party his wife is putting together. And then he's talking about this and that and really all I want as I sit in my massage chair is a little piece and quiet. I have enough shit all day, and when I enter the doc's office I want some relaxation. Then DH and I begin talking about Christmas and this guy intervenes with his wholesome view of how Christmas is too materialistic. WTF-ever. I don't give a shit what you think, get back on your cell phone and finish arranging your wife's Princess House Party or whatever the hell it is you idiot. Nobody asked you to give me a less on European socialism, Christmas, or our materialistic society. I'm just there to get cracked and go home.

Speaking of Christmas, for those of you reading this, could you tell me what day it is today? On my planet it is Thursday, November 16, 2006. Well you wouldn't know that walking into Publix today. Holy COW you would have tthought it was Christmas Eve. All the managers were wearing suits so something was up (can anyone say CORPORATE?) and Mr. & Mrs. Claus were roaming about the store while out of tune kids sang Christmas Carols next to the buy one get one free aisle. Of course just across from them, their mothers sat by glowing gleefully probably hoping TV 20 would come in and cover the festivities, also probably thinking "my baby's a star". No offense ladies but your kids sucked. My cat could sing better. Now don't get me wrong, I love Publix, that's why I shop there, but it isn't even Thanksgiving yet. I'd like to shove a little turkey, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, bread, and pie down my gut first then we can talk Christmas.

It's true, Christmas is too materialistic and commercialized. Case in point....Target will be receiving eight of those new Sony Playstations. Eight college kids have camped out in front of Target tonight so they will be first in line to get them. The Playstations cost $600, the kids each plan to sell them for more than $1,000. Two sad things about this...first, some poor schmucks will pay them more than $600 for these things and second, the schmucks selling these things think this is an honest way to make a buck. Yes I know it's the law of supply and demand but something just stinks about this.

One thing is for sure..I have NO idea what a PlayStation is. But then again I don't have an MP3 player, an iPod or a cell phone. What does that make me?

It makes me old and out of touch. Look at it this way, the kids who are now juniors at my university were born the year I graduated from high school.

Hey, look I am a simple person from a simple, incredibly insane (insane in a good way if that is possible), I mean one Christmas we were so broke that my parents took toys we already owned and re-wrapped them for us. That was the best Christmas ever, it really was. At least my folks knew none of us would complain about wanting to send anything back.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

3 interviews for Wal Mart job?

Sometimes it just doesn't get any better than this.

The local Wal-Mart distribution center is hiring 300-600 people to work in their new facility for $13.30 per hour plus benefits for full or part time workers. Most of the jobs are in shipping and receiving. Prospective employees have to apply through certain outlets like Job Junction which is run by GoodWill and some other North Florida job agency. Anyway, heard it through the grapevine that Wal Mart will NOT allow any of the prospectives to take the applications home to fill them out. Also heard it on good authority that Wal Mart is requiring THREE interviews. Yes you heard it. THREE INTERVIEWS to work at a Wal Mart distribution center.

Now either Wal Mart wants to weed out the undesirables who think getting a job there will be a cool cake walk or they think it's really a big deal to do manual labor at a Wal Mart distribution center. Sure the pay for this area is decent but THREE interviews? Most people don't go through three interviews when applying for a professional suit and tie job.

Ok first off I wouldn't work at a Wal Mart if you paid me. Why? I think they suck. I hate the way they treat their employees, they sell crap and no you do not save money at their stores. Besides they are in debt up to their necks to China's Communist Military.

Did I mention they sell junk? I've bought stuff from them over the years and it always breaks, ALWAYS.

But no way in hell is any job at Wal Mart worth three interviews. The shame of it is, the poor suckers that pass the three interviews and get hired are probably going to regret it shortly after. That's the way companies like that work.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Star Trek marathon is on,.

My DH is gonna hate me! Or maybe not!!

He won't even SEE me, HEAR me, or know WHO I am from 8 pm this Friday night till 6 am Monday morning.

You see, TV Land is hosting a THREE day Star Trek marathon. Oh yes, the ORIGINAL Star Trek series. I will be right there with my slowly-dwindling ass firmly esconced in something plush and comfy with likely a laptop computer in front of me so I can get my homework done.

All I need is pops here watching it with me or me there watching it with him. Ok fine, I grew up watching it in reruns of course in the early 70's. I can't watch an older Star Trek episode without thinking of my dad, I think he likes that too! Did you know he can watch the first minute of an episode and tell you everything that's going to happen? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I can do it too.

Anyway, if you hear from me Friday, Sat, or Sun you'll be lucky. Count yourself in as one of the "fortunate ones".

But I should warn DH that should on Sunday night, should my body suddenly begin to turn into thousands of lighted molecules and disappear, he should probably call me in sick the next day at work. I'm sure if I don't show up they might begin to worry. :)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

How I want to be remembered...

It's been said that when my grandfather affectionally known as "Papaw" to all of us, died back in May of this year, it was one of the longest funeral processions in the history of Kennesaw, Georgia, the town where he grew up, raised his family and lived all his life. Papaw didn't have money, didn't have big political connections, he was a small town man who was well known for hard work and the value of his word. He worked hard, he raised a family, he wasn't perfect but people respected him. Maybe they respected him because they knew he was a "what you see is what you get" kind of man and he was a man of his word. My dad is a man of his word, he's much like papaw. Many people in my family are like that, not all, but many. With all their faults, they are decent, honest, respectable people and they are kind and generous to others. I judge them for their kindness and compassion, because that's what I believe God wants us to be.

We only have one chance at life on this earth and the things we say and do have such an impact on so many people. I don't know when my time to go will be but I'd like to be remembered someday for being the kind of person I was and how I treated others. I only hope that during the course of my life on this earth I have in some small way, positively impacted the lives of others.

Our lives aren't measured by fame or fortune. In the end, we are all judged the same. How did we live the life God gave us? What did we do with our talents? How did we give to others? It doesn't matter what religion we are either. A Jew can make as much of an impact as a Buddhist or a Christian or a Muslim. I believe in God's eyes, we are all the same. And I believe that life is a gift and we should not waste it being greedy or cruel or inhumane.

We should spend our lives being happy. For me happiness is being with my family and friends, and helping others. Helping others comes in many forms. I wish I could to it all and change the world overnight but I can't. I can't feed the starving kids in Sudan, I can't end homelessness in America, I can't end the religious fighting in the Middle East. I suppose that my greatest frustration in life is that I want to do it all but can't. Ahh but I can.....the little things I do..DO make a difference. So I can't change every stinking problem in the world? Who can? One person can't change it all but together everyone can.

What IS it I am supposed to do? I feel I am here for a purpose, something specific. But you know I'm beginning to think that after all this time wondering, perhaps I am serving my purpose right now and didn't even realize it? I think God meant for me to be questioning my life at this point in time. I don't know why but it's just meant to be. Some Christian friends will tell me one thing, some Jewish friends will tell me something else. I don't believe this has anything to do with religion, I think it has to do something deeper.

Every one of us has a reason for being here. Every life has a purpose. What is mine?

Life has meaning and every life has value, everyone has a purpose. If you're reading this and you are thinking that your life means nothing, if you think you have no value to the world, if you think that you are too old to achieve your dreams, if you are a teenager and your mother and father are strict and you think it's because they hate you, if you think that you have so much debt you will not ever be free, if you think that your marriage can never be saved, if you think you are too old to get an education and the job of your dreams, if you are depressed and lost, if you feel like you are in a rut and have no way out, if you feel like more money would make you happy, if you feel like your life has no purpose....... are wrong. Out of everything bad comes something good. We just don't realize it in the midst of turmoil. There are millions of people every day feel that in some way they are inadequate and that something is missing in their lives. I believe this is normal. But I also believe all people have the capability to be all they can be and live the life they want, a meaningful life full of love and happiness. Stop saying "I can't" and start saying "I can" and "I will" and then do it. If you want to learn to play piano do it, if you want to sing, do it, if you want a college degree, do it, if you want to have a happier marriage, get along iwth your children, if you want to get out of debt, DO IT, DO IT ALL.

Life is so short. I mean we get a finite number of years and then we are gone. We need to get busy LIVING!

The beauty in life and how you will be remembered is by how you treat others, it's your compassion, your understanding, it's what's in your heart. Do the right thing always, no matter what, always do the right thing and you will prevail. And live life, be happy, whatever it takes. Just do it.

And do yourself a favor and don't wait till you are at someone's graveside to tell them how much you loved them. Don't wait until it's too late. Share your joy, share your happiness, share your feelings with them now, while they can appreciate it, while they know and believe me, someday when it is their time, knowing those things may bring them great comfort. And it will bring you a sense of peace that yes, your life did make a difference.

Today I had this overwhelming emotional experience. I felt the need to cry while talking to my DH about how he's been working on changing his life. He has taken great strides in the last three days and I must say that these have been among the best three days in the entire five years we have been married. I think he's learning to find peace and with that I am so happy. But my happiness radiates from within me. Remember I once told you that I know I cannot find happiness anywhere except within myself. We have to be happy from within and then, only then, can we truly appreciate what we have in our lives and can we be happy with others.

Let me tell you something. During a casual conversation with DH today, I began to shed tears out of the blue. Immediately DH thought he'd said something wrong. I reassured him, it had nothing to do with anything he said. He hadn't said anything to upset me. Out of the blue, in complete surprise to me, and for the first time in years, I experienced feelings I hadn't had in so long, happiness, contentness, and peace. And this was completely unexpected and out of left field.

Imagine that...I hadn't experienced it in so long, that when it finally hit me, it overwhelmed me.

It was a turning point in my life, a major turning point, for me, and for DH because my happiness means a great deal to him. He seeks it too and I believe he's on his way was well.

I guess you could say that today was a great day eh?

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Why'd they have to go and do that?

I was so pissed this morning. I turned on G4 at 9 am expecting to see Star Trek which runs 9 am - 7 pm every Saturday and what do I see? A day long marathon about some Ninja olympics. Star Trek 2.0 resumes at 4 pm for three hours but I MISS A WHOLE DAMN DAY OF MY SHOW. All I can say is it better be on next Saturday or else.

First Lifetime TV screwed me up and took my Golden Girls off their 5-6 pm slot and now this?

What's happening world? LOL

Time to go work on my Christmas cards!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Ok fess up.....

Ok WHO the HELL taught Pebbles the Kitty Kat to jump up on the back of my office chair and pull scrunchies out of my hair?

Cause there is only ONE person in this family who has EVER done that (BuddyBean the faithful golden retriever) and I am quite sure that they have never met.

Time to fess up.....this kitty is obsessed with my hair and scrunchies to the point of insanity! And the guilty party who taught her how to do it, is holding a BUNNY in this photo. Hmm.....and he also burns toilet paper when mom and dad aren't looking. And he looks quite fetching with a scarf tied over his head like a little old Jewish lady who just got off the boat at Ellis Island circa 1910...but that's a story for another day!

Another tale of "that's just WRONG!"

There are things in this life I could live without having known. But no, life has this way of just surprising the hell out of you and shocking you just when you thought you'd seen it all.

Why did "I love the 70's, Volume II" have to go there? Why did they have to show the 1960's video of Leonard Nimoy SINGING?

Mister Spock doesn't sing. Leonard Nimoy doesn't sing. Good acting doesn't = good singing. I would really have rather flushed my head in the toilet than sit through that God-awful video of Leonard Nimoy breaking out in song yesterday. That corny 1960's video about some hobbit was bad enough but adding Leonard into the mix and having him sing really sent me over the edge.

My GOD what where they thinking? Man that was just WRONG!

Making my own Christmas cards...

Well DH, Deb and me went to Hobby Lobby in Ocala today and I bought all the things I need to make my own Christmas cards. I can't wait. Ok I'm not crafty but I think I can do this. So everyone who gets one of these homemade cards from me should be happy they got one at all, beacuse I am not sending cards to every friggin person on the planet this year like I used to. Holy cow, I used to spend tons in stamps and cards. I bought 60. So sixty of my closest family and friends will be privy to my artwork!

We had a good day today too mom, nobody's underwear fell down in public and there were few urges to burn toilet paper!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

RIP Ed Bradley

Just heard the news Ed Bradley died today of Leukemia. I feel bad, I didn't even know he was sick. I really liked him and enjoyed watching him on 60 Minutes for many years.

The last of his reports that I watched was the really eye-opening piece on the travesty of justice perpetrated on the members of the Duke LaCrosse team. Great piece of journalism and total unbias by Bradley. DH and I loved it. Gave me a new respect for the man.

RIP Ed, you'll be missed...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I don't normally delete a post....

.....but this time I did, I deleted one I posted last night that SHOULD have been a draft and NOT an actual post. I wanted to think on it last night and decide THIS MORNING whether or not I wanted to post it. I guess I goofed and hit post instead of draft because shortly after I saved it, I shut down and went to bed.

Mom, I read your replies, and Kelly I read yours too, I'll be over at your blog soon.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Well SURPRISE! Britney is divorcing Kevin Federline. It's just too bad it took her nearly two years to wake up and smell the scumbag. I mean damn--you;d think she would have noticed the signs when Kevin left his pregnant girlfriend Shar Jackson to marry her! Perhaps the straw that broke the camel's back was Kevin turning into a big fat lazy pile of shit and living off her money.

It's a real shame. And mama Lynne Spears should be bitch-slapped. Britney was a teenager when she started making poor choices, Lynne should have been a better role model. Instead she helped her daughter create a sex-kitten image while she was still a teenager. Now look at her....24, going on her second divorce, two kids by a scumbag loser, and hasn't had a hit in how long?

Not long ago I heard that Britney's younger sister Jamie Lynn is being groomed as the next Spears family star. I only hope that Jamie Lynn realizes that being glamorous and famous isn't all it's cracked up to be, just ask big sis.

Monday, November 06, 2006

One more day and it's over!

One more day and its over. Well at least at 7 pm tomorrow night it will be over. I can't stand all the hypocrisy and nastiness in these elections. It's to the point where every time I hear or see an ad I turn it OFF! I can't believe these candidates actually think the way to get votes is to slam the other guy. What ever happened to running on your values and your record?

Ed Jennings Jr., Mackie Thurman, Steve Oelrich, David Pope, Bill McCollum, Jim Davis, Charlie Crist, and the rest of them with the nasty ads all SUCK! I am sick of their crap. Add to it all the "third party" electioneering by the Citizens for this and Citizens for that and Republican this and Democrat that.

You want to know why there is low voter turnout? People just get sick of this shit and they know that in many cases it doesn't really matter WHO they vote for, nothing is going to change and like me in the case of the State Senate race, I could not in good conscience vote for Jennings or Oelrich. Both participated in filthy dirty campaigns and I don't want them representing me. One of them will but at least my conscience is clear. I voted in this election but I refused to mark a vote for either one of them.

There are usually so few candidates who represent the interests of your average American like me and you, it's really disheartening. I'd say that "disenfranchised" would pretty much sum up the way I feel right now.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday musings...

Well it's the wrap-up of another weekend, this one was lovely. I recall sitting in my recliner yesterday next to my favorite window feeling the breeze on me and listening to the leaves rustle and thinking "man it feels good to be alive". I can tell you its' been a long time since I said those words! I really felt happy to be on this earth. I have for a few months now, see life is getting better, not just because of the meds, they help, but because I just see the colors in the world instead of seeing everything in a blur passing me by.

The weather was perfect, DH and I worked outside Saturday for alittle while in the afternoon. It's funny how even though we're renting someone else's property we (as always) take such good care of it inside and out, as if it were our own. Our owner has already stated that when he sells the place someday we'll get first dibs. I'd love to have it, sell the doublewide and build a house. Or just keep the place as an investment, knowing we'll always have a home to come back to no matter what. It's nice not being far from mom and dad, it's only a ten minute drive! And I'm close to KY, Susan and Julie too...old high school friends I've reconnected with over the years.

The new school week starts tomorrow and I already have the reading assignments for both classes finished. I have done the terms, chapter reviews, summaries, etc. I have already taken the Bio test which I scored 100% on and it isn't even due till November 6th. The Sociology exam opens up tomorrow, I will take it tomorrow night while DH is in class, and so I will be done with it early. I also finished my internet writing assignment #2 about the status of the education system in America and I will submit that tomorrow as well. I suspect most students in the class won't submit theirs till the deadline Friday. Most probably won't take the exam till last minute Friday or Saturday. We have four weeks to go, I have an A in each course, I'm really ready to be done with this. It's been a short semester but six hours is a lot of work. I am ready to register for spring but a lack of evening instructors makes the offering of some classes I need, nearly impossible. I will work around it for now.

Pebbles and Peepers seem to get along fine. As you know Pebs is the newer kitty. She's funny, I tell you she is AFV (Americas Funniest Videos) material. She has this new thing where she jumps onto the back of the office chair and sits on the back of it, right there on the top behind your head. And unfortunately for me, she finds fun in playing with my hair. Tonight she pulled a Buddy, and pulled the scrunchee right out of my hair and proceeded to run around the room playing with it. If you have never had a cat's claws dig into your hair, don't, it can be brutal if the nails hit you scalp! So now Pebbles spends some quality time sleeping in our office chairs. In fact as I type this at DH's desk, she's sitting behind me in my chair, zonked out.

These two cats have such distinct personalities. While they are only a year apart, it seems more like YEARS. Peepers is playful but when SHE wants to, and she's quick to swat you if she's had enough of you! She's the "wise older sister" who is practical, secure, and sassy. She runs the house. Peeps has been with us since February so she is the boss without a doubt. Now Pebs came to us when mom and dad found her homeless and coulnd't keep her. She has some serious kitten-like personality. She always wants to play, is very active and if NASCAR had cat racing, she'd win. She's like a bat out of hell, a flying ace, out of nowhere she leaps and bounds, she's amazing with extraordinary energy. Not quite high maintenance but thank goodness a friend gave me some toys her older cat didn't like because Pebs plays with these constantly. I can tell that Pebs is going to require more stimulating toys to keep her out of trouble. Time for a trip to Petsmart I think. One great thing about Pebs is she actually uses a scratching post for her nails. Peeps doesn't use one, she uses those corrugated cardboard thingies.

We love these cats, they are part of our family and even though Peeps emits an occasional "Hiss" and chases Pebs under the futon, for the most part they seem to leave one another alone. They may never be best friends, that's fine, DH and I just want them to be happy, have food in their tummy, be healthy and have a warm place to sleep---in our house. DH even went above and beyond and built two window seats and put them by their favorite windows so on any day when we have all the windows open you can best believe there'll be a cat in at least two breezy windows. And now they have taken to laying on the nightstands in front of each of the bedroom windows so on the weekends, I clear them off and the kitties like to lay on them and look out the window, sometimes they lay there and sleep for hours.

All that matters is they are safe and happy.

I am hoping we have a good week. We are off Friday for the Veteran's day Holiday which is Saturday. I've been pondering my life a lot lately. All I can say is that today as I was reading the Sociology notes about education in America, I said out loud (because DH was gone, I yelled it). HELLO GOD IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO? YOU WANT ME TO BE A HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER? Because the entire time I was reading about the state of education, I felt like maybe just maybe I can make a difference and then I started thinking about all the good teachers who go into teaching because they want to change things and be a positive role model and the system runs them into the ground and they wind up miserable. I don't want that to happen to me. Why do you think I have fought the urge to teach public school? Because the system sucks, it sucks the energy out of good teachers and those people leave the profession for good. Look, I'm 37, by the time I get my PhD I'll be in my 40's and I don't have time for that crap---beign bullied around by some school board and being told that I have to be PC or else, or being told that I can't be honest with my students and teach them the side of history nobody wants them to know.

Being a good teacher is about more than just teaching out of the text and assigning homework. It's about LIFE, teaching these kids how to apply this knowledge to their own lives and then when you do that, when you show them how the subject they are learning affects them, how they can really apply it, then it becomes fascinating to them. And above all it is NOT about the degree, it is about the KNOWLEDGE.

Anyone who is in college right now, who is in it solely for the degree and not the "learning" is a lost cause in my opinion. I wouldn't want them teaching my kids. The kind of person I would want my future kids to have for a teacher would be someone like me, someone who could teach them the how and why instead of just the what. You know what I mean?

Let's all have a great week!!!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Finished up my absentee ballot

Well it's done. And like Robin said in her comment in my election post earlier, I did NOT vote in the Senate race. Sorry but Ed Jennings Jr. and Steve Oelrich fought a nasty campaign and I don't want either one of them representing me. It's not FAIR, we weren't GIVEN a third choice! I hate this shit, it's like having to vote for the lesser of two EVILS! So I did not mark anything on my absentee ballot in regards to either one.

I did however do a "write in" for governor. I couldn't in good conscience vote for Crist or Davis. Crist is a homophobe freak in my opinion and Davis can't seem to get his happy ass there to vote. Have you SEEN his voting record? It's appalling!!! It's like UH WHERE WERE YOU JIM DAVIS? And I checked out the Reform and NPA candidates and found none of them to be up my alley. So I did a write-in candidate.

I voted all the judges out, and I voted yes for eminent domain restriction, NO on the needing 60% of the population vote instead of just a majority for the constitutional amendment stuff (why do they do that? Is "majority" not enough, they have to have 60% of the population vote??) and I voted yes on the tobacco appropriations issue. I think I already covered all the other stuff in another post.

I do not want someone who is strict conservative or strict liberal in office because they tend to sway too far either way. LIFE is NOT always black and white, there is much gray. And extremists tend to view life in black or white and that's it. I agree with Crist on SOME things (like the parental notification issue) and I agree with Davis on OTHER things but I could not in good conscience put a man in office (Crist) who hates gays like he does nor could I put a man in office who can't seem to get around to voting on most issues (Davis).
Pandering, pandering, pandering. I'm sick of it.

The sad thing is I think Crist is going to win this election. But at least MY conscience is clear! There have GOT to be more choices out there for the people. It just isn't right to have to be forced to vote for the lesser of two evils.

And one more thing, to hell with electronic voting. I LOVE absentee ballots. It's so easy to just fill in the little circle next to your candidate. Why on earth did we ever move from that simple method in the booth to this electronic crap?

Companies that suck----

Would you agree it's very annoying when a company presents itself one way but when corporate HQ has its head turned, the "branch" locations are out of control?

Such is the case of Corrections Corporation of America, a company which on its "careers" site proclaims:

"We need the best people to serve our customers.

CCA is the nation’s largest provider of outsourced corrections management. Every day, our employees keep our private jails and prisons safe and secure, while providing opportunities for offenders to improve themselves.

CCA has achieved its position as the industry leader in private sector corrections primarily because of the high caliber of corrections and business professionals it employs. Whether you are a veteran corrections professional, or just beginning your career, CCA has challenging opportunities for you.

It takes many types of employees to meet these challenges: correctional officers, administrative office personnel, and food service workers, as well as professionals in the educational, social and healthcare fields. "

Professionals? Yeah right! I don't know how corporate is run or how their other facilities are run but there is one in Florida who isn't all it's making itself out to be to the public or to its corporate headquarters.

There was a time when the previous warden was there, when morale was high and people enjoyed working there. Although truth be told, there were inmates out of control, not obeying orders and making the lives of officers difficult, there could have been slightly better leadership. But that warden was a decent guy and personable and cared about his employees. The place had its problems but overall morale was pretty good. And I think that its important in the prison system to maintain good morale among the employees, especially the captains, lieutenants, sergeants, and officers who guard the inmates, not to mention the staff who support them in their mission.

Now there is a warden who bullies employees and treats THEM like the inmates. What purpose does it serve to bully your employees? To make them hate their jobs? I don't know but my common sense tells me that when you treat your employees well and make them feel like they are a valuable asset to the institution you will have increased productivity, less sick days, and higher morale and community among employees, which is really important in a place like that.

Only when the corporate folks are in from Nashville is the place at its best. Only during THAT time does the place run like a well-oiled machine and does everyone have hot coffee and smiles on their faces!

The warden at the facility I speak of does NOT give a shit about his employees morale. All he cares about is how good he looks to corporate. I am sure that his job is difficult. How many people could run a prison? But...when the inmates get better treatment than the employees? It says something when officer turnover is HIGH, when employees call in sick all the time, and when nobody smiles anymore at the workplace, when untrained, uncertified regular STAFF are required to participate in duties that only certified officers are trained to says something serious---the person in charge is not doing his job.

You might ask--why would anyone continue to work under those conditions? Well, there are parts of Florida where there aren't many high-paying jobs. When there is an overabundance of manpower. And when there are more workers than jobs, the pay will always be low. Sometimes you just don't have a choice.

I'm here to tell you there are employees who work at this facility, from top all the way to bottom who hate working there, but have no choice. Sometimes you have to make a sacrifice to take care of your family and your responsibilities. What pisses me off is the f*cking "dog and pony show" that's put on only when Corporate comes to town.

There is an 800 number employees can call to make a complaint about the company. Complaints are investigated by a third party and results given to the location about which the complaint was made. If you give your name you are probably likely to be harassed or fired (Florida is an at-will work state so being fired for no reason is no grounds for appeal). And if you complain anonymously (which you can), how do you even know the complaint will be addressed by CCA?

There are no guarantees.

So, in the end, what do you do? Stand up for yourself and get fired? Or shut up and keep making money to pay your bills?

I don't know the answer to it. I wouldn't work for that place if you paid me $20 per hour to sit there on my ass and watch TV all day. But I know people who do work there and their lives are miserable. Why? Because of ONE man who believes that putting on a "dog and pony show" for corporate is more important than maintaining the morale of his employees which ironically if he actually DID care about them, it would result in a more productive, professional and solidly run facility. And if you had that, you wouldn't need to put on a facade for corporate. The professionalism and smoothness of operations at the facility would be for-real.

But nothing is going to change until this warden gets the hell out of there. And in the meantime there are many employees who have to put up with it because they believe (and I can understand why) that it is more responsible of them to take care of their families than to have to rely on either public assistance, family members or wind up homeless.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Only in America

Favorite lyrics from Brooks and Dunn's "Only in America"

Only in America
Dreaming in red, white and blue
Only in America
Where we dream as big as we want to
We all get a chance
Everybody gets to dance
Only in America

Listening to this song makes me feel so great, like I can do anything.

You can read the entire lyrics and hear the song by clicking below. Turn up yer speakers loud!

Brooks and Dunn's "Only in America"

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Another "A" :)

Today's latest awesome news from one of my professors was that I aced the term paper.

Our assignment was to explore a racial or ethnic culture that is very different from our own culture (I chose Native American even though my Cherokee blood goes very far back).

We were required to use the "sociological imagination" (suggests that people look at their own personal problems as social issues and, in general, try to connect their own individual experiences with the workings of society.) and cultural relativism to explore our chosen culture. We also had to eexplain why ethnocentrism (tThe belief that one’s own group or culture is superior to all other groups or cultures) is not an appropriate method of understanding another culture. We had to discuss what was unique about this culture (languages spoken, customs, clothing and other material objects)? What advantages and disadvantages (family structure, economics, educational, healthcare and so on) do we see for those who live in this culture? We had to show our ability to apply sociological terminology from the assigned readings, outside sources, and classroom discussions.

In simple terms I had to choose a culture and look at it from within that culture and not from within my own and I had to be careful not to apply to that culture standards I expect in my own. Standards, traditions, expectations, and such are different among cultures. So it does no good to try and understand a culture different from our own if we constantly apply values and such from our own culture to another.

My professor remarked it was an excellent essay and gave me an "A" - 50 out of 50 possible points!!!

Troops respond to Kerry...


This made my day!

This 'n that...

My sociology professor sent me the most awesome email. He told me he has no doubt I will succeed in my education and in life. It's about the passion I have for the courses I am taking. And he said students like me, who really get something out of his class, who want to make a difference using that knowledge, keep him teaching every term. He really cares about the world and cares about solving problems. There have been NO, absolutely NO politics in this class, it's all been level-headed, common sense solution oriented discussions. It's amazing what you can do when you leave the politics out of it and deal with the reality.

Oh and congrats to DH, he took his final test in his Welding class last night and got a 93, which also gives him a 93 for the semester. A very VERY well-earned grade! I remembe at the beginning of the semester he was having some difficulty and wanted to give up. But he is glad he didn't!

Makes you feel good when you do something you thought you couldn't do!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Today's big time WTF moment!

DH wants me to do him a favor, he asked me months ago, but I haven't had time right? Well I have been busy and DH asked me about it today on the way home and I told him I haven't had a chance to get to it and he got all pissy today thinking I didn't want to do it. Then he went into a tirade about "when I ask you to do something I expect you will do it" And then he proceeded to tell me that I only do something for him if there's something in it for me. Who the HELL does he think he is? I said "we're equals here, I am NOT your subordinate!"

I told him point blank after our argument today that I didn't want to talk about it anymore and I got the usual "cause you know I'm right" bullshit. He does that ever single f*cking time we argue.

Yeah he's always right, I am always wrong. Uh-huh whatever.

Now that I said it, I feel better. I just had to get it out. I am sure it will blow over like it always does but damnit it is so HARD to reason with a person who doesn't WANT to reason!!!

Goodbye Sam....

My blogging pal Sam is my age (37), married with three grown stepchildren and three kids of her own (one of which is currently serving in our Armed Forces), she has a college education and decided a few months ago to take the leap and join the Army because SHE wanted to make a DIFFERENCE!!! She wants to serve her country and help our men and women as a Mental Health Specialist! And later on she wants to get a doctorate in Psych and help abused children.

Check out her recent and last post before departing today:

An Open Letter from a United States Soldier

Sam, we're really proud of you, all of us who know you will miss you. Just be safe and keep in touch. God Bless!

Love, Jess