Friday, November 10, 2006

Another tale of "that's just WRONG!"

There are things in this life I could live without having known. But no, life has this way of just surprising the hell out of you and shocking you just when you thought you'd seen it all.

Why did "I love the 70's, Volume II" have to go there? Why did they have to show the 1960's video of Leonard Nimoy SINGING?

Mister Spock doesn't sing. Leonard Nimoy doesn't sing. Good acting doesn't = good singing. I would really have rather flushed my head in the toilet than sit through that God-awful video of Leonard Nimoy breaking out in song yesterday. That corny 1960's video about some hobbit was bad enough but adding Leonard into the mix and having him sing really sent me over the edge.

My GOD what where they thinking? Man that was just WRONG!


  1. I'm glad your dad didn;t see it, it would have probably sent him into a deep depression!

  2. HA HA! Hey don't forget to tell him the Star Trek Marathon is on TVLand starting next Friday night at 8 pm and ending Monday morning. I know where I will be :) Remember I taped SIX videotapes of ST episodes for him back in 1997 when SciFi had their marathon?

    Yeah if dad had seen that video it would be like finding out John Wayne wore a tutu or Elvis was gay or something LOL!

  3. Oh Lord, do you remember when we used to joke about that (John Wayne and the tutu) It was almost sac-religious. And speaking of being gay, everytime I think of the Duke, I remember that scene in The Birdcage!!!!! That was so hysterical!
    I'm watching GH with Luke and Laura!! They're getting married again in the 16th!!! And Helena is on the lurk again!

  4. But sadly Jessica, those jokes they told between the episodes of the TV Land marathon were awful!