Friday, November 24, 2006

Christmas not about shopping...

Ok at the risk of being shunned by those who read my blog who participate in the Christmas shopping misery I am going to just come out and say--I think you are insane if you do it.

As I get older, I am more comfortable with our decision not to participate in the gift-giving season. This reassurance comes every time I see the television footage of the madness of people fighting over simple things. Storming through store entrances, practically trampling one another, to get easy bake ovens? Come on people. Have you forgotten the reason for the season?

This shopping stuff has nothing to do with celebrating either holiday. The media and big corporations have turned what should be a holiday of peace and reflection into a shopping frenzy. DH and I can't in good conscience be a part of it. And when we see footage of people trampling each other for easy bake ovens and $600 play stations it makes us feel embarassed that these people are actually members of the human race.

I'm not saying that people who buy Christmas gifts are bad people ok, but I think you get what I am saying and that the frenzy is nonsense and those who participate in the frenzy are just plain insane. The commercialization of an important celebration has taken away from the true meaning of it.

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  1. Anonymous11/27/2006

    I agree. Robert and I don't buy gifts for each other, but we do buy for the kids. I get alot of pleasure out of giving the kids gifts. I do my shopping early and am usually finished by the first of November. I prefer to stay home and enjoy the holidays with my family, rather than fighting with a bunch of rude people in the mall.--ST