Saturday, November 04, 2006

Finished up my absentee ballot

Well it's done. And like Robin said in her comment in my election post earlier, I did NOT vote in the Senate race. Sorry but Ed Jennings Jr. and Steve Oelrich fought a nasty campaign and I don't want either one of them representing me. It's not FAIR, we weren't GIVEN a third choice! I hate this shit, it's like having to vote for the lesser of two EVILS! So I did not mark anything on my absentee ballot in regards to either one.

I did however do a "write in" for governor. I couldn't in good conscience vote for Crist or Davis. Crist is a homophobe freak in my opinion and Davis can't seem to get his happy ass there to vote. Have you SEEN his voting record? It's appalling!!! It's like UH WHERE WERE YOU JIM DAVIS? And I checked out the Reform and NPA candidates and found none of them to be up my alley. So I did a write-in candidate.

I voted all the judges out, and I voted yes for eminent domain restriction, NO on the needing 60% of the population vote instead of just a majority for the constitutional amendment stuff (why do they do that? Is "majority" not enough, they have to have 60% of the population vote??) and I voted yes on the tobacco appropriations issue. I think I already covered all the other stuff in another post.

I do not want someone who is strict conservative or strict liberal in office because they tend to sway too far either way. LIFE is NOT always black and white, there is much gray. And extremists tend to view life in black or white and that's it. I agree with Crist on SOME things (like the parental notification issue) and I agree with Davis on OTHER things but I could not in good conscience put a man in office (Crist) who hates gays like he does nor could I put a man in office who can't seem to get around to voting on most issues (Davis).
Pandering, pandering, pandering. I'm sick of it.

The sad thing is I think Crist is going to win this election. But at least MY conscience is clear! There have GOT to be more choices out there for the people. It just isn't right to have to be forced to vote for the lesser of two evils.

And one more thing, to hell with electronic voting. I LOVE absentee ballots. It's so easy to just fill in the little circle next to your candidate. Why on earth did we ever move from that simple method in the booth to this electronic crap?


  1. Anonymous11/05/2006

    Gilchrist county is still using color in the bubble at the polls. I like that method best too. How much easier could it possibly be.

    I'm voting on Tuesday. I still love to wait till election day and go to the polls. If I had to work, though, I would probably do early voting.--ST

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