Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Peepers & Pebbles...

Most of you know the story but I'll repeat it just for the hell of it. Back in February I was going out one night and I heard this "meow" from behind these trees in our yard. Lo and behold it was a black and white cat, (later we found out she was about two years old), and she looked very well cared for and had an exceptionally shiny coat. Since we had seen a cat similar to her in our woods periodically (we had a few neighbors with cats), we figured she belonged to one of them. (I eventually called our four neighbors and she did not belong to them). So that night, I petted her and gave her a can of chicken and went on my way. Well, she stayed. She was there day after day, we would arrive home from work and she'd be waiting for us. I don't know where she went all day but one day I was off work and found out she would sleep all day in a bed of pine needles under a huge azalea tree behind our house. We put up signs and put an ad in the paper for a lost cat but nobody ever called. I knew we couldn't keep her (our life was simple without kids and pets) and one day I called the Animal Services folks and was going to have them come pick her up. Being that she was well-cared for, we figured someone would adopt her. But then we cancelled that because we really liked her and she was sweet and we didn't want to see her stuck in some cage (it's a no-kill shelter).

Well for the good of the kitty and the neighborhood, we got her spayed through Operation Catnip. We also got her shots too, and eventually decided to keep her. And we named her Peepers and she's been with us ever since. She really liked the old cottage we lived in although we could hardly get her in the house during the last three months we lived there and she was with us. But she loved the outdoors and chances are she probably was raised in those woods. When we moved to the new place about 25 minutes further out, also in the woods, I was afraid how she'd handle it and I wanted her to be an inside cat but was unsure how she would adapt. So on the first day at our new place, we let her out of her kitty carrier and she ran off. I cried, DH worried but assured me she'd be back. At 10 pm that night she was sittnig outside our door wanting to be fed. So for another month we let her in and out as she preferred and even taught her how to use the built-in kitty door on the back door. She liked using it to go out but couldn't figure out how to get back in through it! Finally one day we were ready to keep her in all the time and since May she's been an inside-only cat. And she loves it. She is 12 pounds though not overweight, she is in great shape and she loves to play. She's pretty sedate most of the time but her play mode comes early in the morning and late at night! She knows that DH will get on the floor first thing in the morning and play with her!

Ok now here's the second story. About two months ago my parents heard a meow outside their house in the country. Turns out it was a terribly skinny kitty kat with a precious face and sweet personality. They had a dog and a bird and so they could not have an indoor cat but dad would have been happy keeping her as an outdoor cat. But the family we come from well we keep our animals indoors. So, mom and dad fed her every night, she got used to tuna and about a week after they found her, they asked DH and me if we wanted her. DH's first reaction was YES! He wanted that kitty even before he saw her. We had been thinking of a playmate for Peepers and well, what harm could it get saving another cat? Well we brought her home, she was so skinny you could see her bones! She probably weighed 4 pounds. We took her to the vet and paid over $100 for a spay, shots and the works and now she's an indoor-only very happy 8 pound cat who has this unique face and awesome playful personality. She's 2 1/2, a year younger than Peepers but she is more like a kitten.

And that is the story of Peepers and Pebbles. They are both still very young but Peepers is more like the mature older sister, occasionally chasing and swatting at Pebbles and asserting her territory (she's definitely the alpha cat) while Pebbles is a "lapcat" and likes to climb on the back of our chairs here in the home office and curl up around our shoulders. You would NEVER see Peepers doing that! DH built them each a window seat so they can sit by the open windows on the weekend and sleep. They like that. Pebbles has many times taken up residence in our master bath by the window next to the tub and just takes in the cool crisp air. That's probably the closest we'll get her to a bath LOL.

We finally got some recent photos of Peeps and Pebs so I can post them. Took me ages to upload to photobucket (dialup sucks!) and since I am home sick with some kind of stomach bug and have nothing else to do in between resting and checking my work e-mail. Here goes!

One of these things doesn't belong. Can you guess?

Definitely a "lady of leisure"

Imagine my surprise when after paying the bills, filing
some paperwork and cleaning up my desk, I found a
"Pebbles" in my in-box.

My name is Peepers and I'm addicted to standing by the
back door hoping it will magically open. Funny how

it never does.

This isn't what it looks like. I'm not playing with
a little stuffed kitty-kat, honest!

I do believe Peepers is livin' in the lap of luxury!

Peek-a-boo or is that Peek-a-Pebs?

Peepers at play!

Look closely! This is as close as these sisters get
without getting into trouble!

There's more to come eventually but for now this should hold ya! Now you have seen the infamous Peeps and Pebs!


  1. I love the stories of how you adopted them and sort of fell into cat ownership. Lucky kitties!

    In 1995, a stray cat gave birth to four kittens under my uncles deck. He and my cousins took care of the mother and her babies and saw to it they were all adopted. They kept none for themselves - my uncle claims to dislike cats but when he came to visit me and bring me the only boy kitten, he let the cat sleep on his lap for the whole three hour drive. My husband and I adopted the boy, who my cousins had named Azul for his blue eyes. Those blue eyes turned amber. We still have him today and he weighs at least 13 pounds and is a big needy baby. We love him.

  2. It does my heart good to see how healthy and content Pebbles is with you. You know me, I never took to cats because, well, mainly because I was allergic to them! But the night I heard her meow for my help on the porch, I never gave my allergy or anything else a second thought. I saw a kitty as close to death's door as I have ever seen, and there was no way I was going to NOT take care of her. We were blessed with children who share our love of animals, so this kitty was destined to be saved and find herself in a wonderful, loving home for the rest of her life.

  3. Anonymous11/30/2006

    Oh they are sooo adorable. I'm so glad you finally posted some pictures. They are very lucky kitties and you are a very lucky owner. Actually, you may have adopted Pebs, but Peeps adopted you.--ST

  4. They're both beautiful and very lucky to have found a home where they are well-loved.