Monday, November 20, 2006

Lazy good-for-nothings...

I believe that common sense is not something one is born with, it's acquired through one's own experiences and through what's learned through experiences of others, but generally it's a learned behavior. Not having studied psychology I am unsure of the age at which common sense begins to set in, all I know is that at some point, for most people, it does set in. So what is it when a seemingly mature, married, twenty-something with a higher education can't seem to follow simple instructions? This person disappears for months at a time willy-dicking around doing their own thing and then only when they fuck something up, they show up needing your help. I don't get it.

And speaking of not getting it, what's with lazy good-for-nothings who can't be fired because of their skin color. At least that's the impression their coworkers get. Why else could it be that so many employees of a particular ethnic makeup in federal, state, and local governments as well as at other institutions who can't do their job right, spend most of their time with friends visiting in their office, on their phone making personal calls, or doing anything but their job, get the same raises, bonuses, and privileges the hardworking folks get. Nobody said life is fair but this goes beyond fair, this is a system afraid of writing up or firing certain employees because of their race. It runs rampant through these institutions and nobody can do a damn thing about it. People in positions of power are afraid of the lawsuits. And the supervisors aren't helping things. By giving a lazy no good slacker, a good evaluation, you set the institution up for lawsuits when the person is written up or fired. And how can any complaint be considered valid if their evals are pulled out and all the marks are good? Lazy slackers get good evaluations year after year and nobody gives a damn. Meanwhile the public's hard-earned tax dollars are being wasted paying salaries and benefits for these people. It's gotta stop. Not only is it a waste of taxpayer dollars, it sets the tone for poor morale in the workplace.

The thing is how do you put a stop to it?

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