Monday, November 06, 2006

One more day and it's over!

One more day and its over. Well at least at 7 pm tomorrow night it will be over. I can't stand all the hypocrisy and nastiness in these elections. It's to the point where every time I hear or see an ad I turn it OFF! I can't believe these candidates actually think the way to get votes is to slam the other guy. What ever happened to running on your values and your record?

Ed Jennings Jr., Mackie Thurman, Steve Oelrich, David Pope, Bill McCollum, Jim Davis, Charlie Crist, and the rest of them with the nasty ads all SUCK! I am sick of their crap. Add to it all the "third party" electioneering by the Citizens for this and Citizens for that and Republican this and Democrat that.

You want to know why there is low voter turnout? People just get sick of this shit and they know that in many cases it doesn't really matter WHO they vote for, nothing is going to change and like me in the case of the State Senate race, I could not in good conscience vote for Jennings or Oelrich. Both participated in filthy dirty campaigns and I don't want them representing me. One of them will but at least my conscience is clear. I voted in this election but I refused to mark a vote for either one of them.

There are usually so few candidates who represent the interests of your average American like me and you, it's really disheartening. I'd say that "disenfranchised" would pretty much sum up the way I feel right now.


  1. I was on my way to work this morning and at the corner of 41 and Baya Ave in Lake City, stood Steve Oelrich, with his sign, his wave and his smile. I would have stopped but the traffic was too heavy. I understand what you're saying, and I agree about all the berating of opponents in this and other political races, but for some reason I've always liked Oelrich, maybe it's his silver hair, who knows. I know he was Alachua County Sheriff for a long time and he did a good job. I also know that there is no way he was personally responsible for what happened to that underaged inmate. That was the fault of the officers who were on duty at the time. I can say this because I've been working at a prison for two years and I know who should be doing what, and most of the officers could give a shit less. I am 60 years old and voting for Steve Oelrich was the first vote I've ever casted for a Republican. Ever. Just shoot me.

  2. Anonymous11/07/2006

    I agree with SMA. I've always liked Steve Olerich too. Maybe it's because he keeps those Alachua County Commissioners ticked off. But you are right. The commercials were horrible. Someone called here a couple of nights ago campaigning for Steve Oelrich. Robert told them he was voting for him inspite of the terrible commercials.--ST

    PS. Since we are confessing, I've voted for one or two democrats in my life:)

  3. Those are good reasons to like Oelrich. I do not particularly like him because he approves of (in my opinion unconstitutional) asset forfeiture laws.

    I didn't want to vote for either him or Jennings.

    We, the ticked off voters should get an amendment on the next ballot to compel the State of Florida to put a none of the above selection on every ballot item in every election. It will be really interesting when the 'none of the above' votes are greater than the plurality that put the winner into office; maybe then people will really start to notice that the system is broken. Without hard statistics like that, politicians can still pretend it works.

  4. Yeah I am not in favor of asset forfeiture laws either!!!

    I think Ed Jennings Jr was pretty low to use that college student rape thing against Oelrich. I wonder if the student even ALLOWED them to use him in the campaign!! I sure as hell wouldn't want someone using MY misfortune in a political ad!!

    We all did what we thought was best, we all voted our conscience that's all we can do. But I like AC's idea of "none of the above" it's about time we voters had a third choice.

  5. I feel the same way you do. I wanted to vote for "other" in just about every race.