Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday musings...

Well it's the wrap-up of another weekend, this one was lovely. I recall sitting in my recliner yesterday next to my favorite window feeling the breeze on me and listening to the leaves rustle and thinking "man it feels good to be alive". I can tell you its' been a long time since I said those words! I really felt happy to be on this earth. I have for a few months now, see life is getting better, not just because of the meds, they help, but because I just see the colors in the world instead of seeing everything in a blur passing me by.

The weather was perfect, DH and I worked outside Saturday for alittle while in the afternoon. It's funny how even though we're renting someone else's property we (as always) take such good care of it inside and out, as if it were our own. Our owner has already stated that when he sells the place someday we'll get first dibs. I'd love to have it, sell the doublewide and build a house. Or just keep the place as an investment, knowing we'll always have a home to come back to no matter what. It's nice not being far from mom and dad, it's only a ten minute drive! And I'm close to KY, Susan and Julie too...old high school friends I've reconnected with over the years.

The new school week starts tomorrow and I already have the reading assignments for both classes finished. I have done the terms, chapter reviews, summaries, etc. I have already taken the Bio test which I scored 100% on and it isn't even due till November 6th. The Sociology exam opens up tomorrow, I will take it tomorrow night while DH is in class, and so I will be done with it early. I also finished my internet writing assignment #2 about the status of the education system in America and I will submit that tomorrow as well. I suspect most students in the class won't submit theirs till the deadline Friday. Most probably won't take the exam till last minute Friday or Saturday. We have four weeks to go, I have an A in each course, I'm really ready to be done with this. It's been a short semester but six hours is a lot of work. I am ready to register for spring but a lack of evening instructors makes the offering of some classes I need, nearly impossible. I will work around it for now.

Pebbles and Peepers seem to get along fine. As you know Pebs is the newer kitty. She's funny, I tell you she is AFV (Americas Funniest Videos) material. She has this new thing where she jumps onto the back of the office chair and sits on the back of it, right there on the top behind your head. And unfortunately for me, she finds fun in playing with my hair. Tonight she pulled a Buddy, and pulled the scrunchee right out of my hair and proceeded to run around the room playing with it. If you have never had a cat's claws dig into your hair, don't, it can be brutal if the nails hit you scalp! So now Pebbles spends some quality time sleeping in our office chairs. In fact as I type this at DH's desk, she's sitting behind me in my chair, zonked out.

These two cats have such distinct personalities. While they are only a year apart, it seems more like YEARS. Peepers is playful but when SHE wants to, and she's quick to swat you if she's had enough of you! She's the "wise older sister" who is practical, secure, and sassy. She runs the house. Peeps has been with us since February so she is the boss without a doubt. Now Pebs came to us when mom and dad found her homeless and coulnd't keep her. She has some serious kitten-like personality. She always wants to play, is very active and if NASCAR had cat racing, she'd win. She's like a bat out of hell, a flying ace, out of nowhere she leaps and bounds, she's amazing with extraordinary energy. Not quite high maintenance but thank goodness a friend gave me some toys her older cat didn't like because Pebs plays with these constantly. I can tell that Pebs is going to require more stimulating toys to keep her out of trouble. Time for a trip to Petsmart I think. One great thing about Pebs is she actually uses a scratching post for her nails. Peeps doesn't use one, she uses those corrugated cardboard thingies.

We love these cats, they are part of our family and even though Peeps emits an occasional "Hiss" and chases Pebs under the futon, for the most part they seem to leave one another alone. They may never be best friends, that's fine, DH and I just want them to be happy, have food in their tummy, be healthy and have a warm place to sleep---in our house. DH even went above and beyond and built two window seats and put them by their favorite windows so on any day when we have all the windows open you can best believe there'll be a cat in at least two breezy windows. And now they have taken to laying on the nightstands in front of each of the bedroom windows so on the weekends, I clear them off and the kitties like to lay on them and look out the window, sometimes they lay there and sleep for hours.

All that matters is they are safe and happy.

I am hoping we have a good week. We are off Friday for the Veteran's day Holiday which is Saturday. I've been pondering my life a lot lately. All I can say is that today as I was reading the Sociology notes about education in America, I said out loud (because DH was gone, I yelled it). HELLO GOD IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO? YOU WANT ME TO BE A HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER? Because the entire time I was reading about the state of education, I felt like maybe just maybe I can make a difference and then I started thinking about all the good teachers who go into teaching because they want to change things and be a positive role model and the system runs them into the ground and they wind up miserable. I don't want that to happen to me. Why do you think I have fought the urge to teach public school? Because the system sucks, it sucks the energy out of good teachers and those people leave the profession for good. Look, I'm 37, by the time I get my PhD I'll be in my 40's and I don't have time for that crap---beign bullied around by some school board and being told that I have to be PC or else, or being told that I can't be honest with my students and teach them the side of history nobody wants them to know.

Being a good teacher is about more than just teaching out of the text and assigning homework. It's about LIFE, teaching these kids how to apply this knowledge to their own lives and then when you do that, when you show them how the subject they are learning affects them, how they can really apply it, then it becomes fascinating to them. And above all it is NOT about the degree, it is about the KNOWLEDGE.

Anyone who is in college right now, who is in it solely for the degree and not the "learning" is a lost cause in my opinion. I wouldn't want them teaching my kids. The kind of person I would want my future kids to have for a teacher would be someone like me, someone who could teach them the how and why instead of just the what. You know what I mean?

Let's all have a great week!!!!

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  1. Anonymous11/05/2006

    You would make a fabulous teacher! We need more GOOD teachers. The kind who really care. That's what Lauren wants to be. I do worry about the burn out for her, but if that's where the Lord leads her, he will give her the strength she needs.

    I love hearing about Pebs and Peeps.

    Question: What do yo get when a 60 lb. bulldog is soundly sleeping in your lap and a cat knocks a box off a near by chair? Answer: Loss of skin and blood. Ouch!--ST